vendors still active or not

I have had multiple issues lately trying to get a hold of Vendors to ask general questions before i buy there products but get zero response. In one case i tried for over a week and sent emails to tell them i couldn't test there product on their site as demo user/pass was not working but still nothing.

I ended up buying products only to find didn't do what i thought or as described on their page!!

After i bought products 2hrs later they managed to respond to say your activation code will be there in less that 24hrs only after product was bought i get a response then when i tell them it wasn't what i thought it was as described i get you should have tested !! how can i do that if demo not working?? Anyway I should have know better as i check contracts daily for this shit.

I have not left any negative reviews or filed a dispute as i tried to work it out but i gave up because i was getting nowhere.

Also if English is not your native language vendors should make sure their description of product is correct before they advertise in market


Does boonex have a vacation mode in market to let buyers know they are out for 2 weeks etc.

what is normal response time for vendors is there a limit??

Should boonex post a limit in time for response for vendors i.e 24hrs to 48hrs max

If no response within the 48hr max limit temp close market account until response is giving

If no response from Vendor in a week or boonex cannot verify they are still active then close market account


sorry for long post but getting frustrated with the way the market has went over the years, seems to me there is only a few trust worthy vendors left, please let me know your thoughts on this vendor or buyer.


Also Alex T

i posted in product support asking if Andrew p was still around please feel free to delete post - and no i have nothing against Andrew as i have a few of his mods bad product support is other Vendors but Andrew did make me write this post as have been trying to get a hold of him for over a week.



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Most of their demo sites don't work but most of their extensions work. I can understand that while writing the modules or templates is much of a work than setting up demo site, setting up demo site is boring and I think is the reason most of the developers have demo sites not working.


Also I think the developers should be a bit serious to give timely response. It's sickly if you are not getting responses in time. Few of them give quicker response though. I support there should be measures to ensure quicker response from the developers.

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Developers can use the Auto Response feature on mails to give notification that they are on Vacation. The problem is that if a developer is sick, the last thing they will be thinking about is logging in Boonex and setting up an Auto Response.

Be more vigilant when buying products. Do not buy products that haven't been updated in years and for which there is no working demo site.

There is a major problem in the market presently where some developers are no longer active but their products are still listed for sale. I recommend that if you are in doubt or if you have not seen any recent activity from a market vendor, you should send a query and wait for a response before purchasing.

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I agree with you Modzzz that sometimes life happens and someone forgets to set auto response, but i also so believe Boonex should be taken a more proactive response on this as well and closing accounts on these vendors that are not active and updating there mods.


The other part of what i was saying is not just about non active developers it is about Active developers where products are updated and they will not reply to general questions or reply when you tell them there demo site is down- you only get reply's when you buy products and even then have issue when you tell them something is wrong they will not answer but if you ask them to modify it they will respond straight away.


As a buyer we should be able to trust our Vendors in the Market community and vice versa Vendors should be able to trust buyers but unfortunately the time we are in now seems like the wild west again.


My opinion now the market has went way down hill and boonex has lost control of it, I am of mind now that i would rather pay a developer i know and trust to develop mod or completely customize site rather and take chance now in the market.

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My opinion now the market has went way down hill and boonex has lost control of it, I am of mind now that i would rather pay a developer i know and trust to develop mod or completely customize site rather and take chance now in the market.


Valid point. Actually, I've known of more than a few devs who would prefer to work with a modified module rather that one developed for the masses for the simple reason that support of one is easier than supporting many with a myriad of requested fixes/updates.

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If you don't get a reply. Don't buy.

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I think it needs to be more than just dont buy, there should be someway of check mark after 24 hrs thumbs down something like this to say not replying 

Maybe boonex at every upgrade should notifying all developers to check responses and see if they are still active or not and if no reply after 48hrs say put them on hide till they reply and if do not reply then deactive market account and remove mods 

something has to be done to clear it up and make it more responsive or the few good developers in the market are going to get flooded with work and wont be able to be as responsive as they would like to be.

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You have a good point. However there is still a lot of devs willing to help.

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