when i use contact how do i do this copy of messag

when i use contact on profile.

i check all three check boxes and it sends me

a copy of the message. a notification to user and a copy of message to users


says you wrote a message: then the message


it does not tell me who i wrote the message to.


is there a parameter or variable name so i can find out who i send the contact message to

when it gets sent to my email as a copy of message.


i have been at it all day and can not find out what to use to get the message sent to <person> working on all copies of contact messages sent to my email as a copy of message

thanks if you can help

Quote · 27 Aug 2021


You need to add the pair of variables like:

$aPlus['ProfileReference']    = getNickName($this -> aMailBoxSettings['member_id']);

$aPlus['ProfileUrl']          = getProfileLink($this -> aMailBoxSettings['member_id']);


after other $aPlus variables in the following code of the inc/classes/BxDolMailBox.php file

// allow to send message to phisical sender's email;

                        if ( $aComposeSettings['send_copy_to_me'] ) {

                          $aSenderInfo  = getProfileInfo($this -> aMailBoxSettings['member_id']);

                          $aTemplate    = $oEmailTemplate -> getTemplate( 't_MessageCopy', $this -> aMailBoxSettings['member_id'] ) ;


                          $aPlus['your subject here'] = $sMessageSubjectCopy;

                          $aPlus['your message here'] = replace_full_uris( $sCopyMessage );


                          sendMail( $aSenderInfo['Email'], $aTemplate['Subject']

                              , $aTemplate['Body'], $this -> aMailBoxSettings['member_id'], $aPlus );


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