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Purchased SEO Mod from member in January 2010.. As of today April 22, 2010 this member has not fixed the issues with the mod messing up page titles and section titles. After many emails and getting many excuses from this member, he has not fixed or refunded my money as per my requests. After numerous emails requesting him to remove his mod so it would not effect other members, he has finally removed his mod from the market. If any members have issues with titles and content in About, FAQ's, etc... see more remove his mod and it will be fine.

Stay far away from this member as he will take your money and not communicate at all with you.

Here is his last email to me February 10, 2010 --- No emails or responses to my emails ever since......

Hi Dan,

I will release a new version. Please send me all errors you found it. Then you will receive the new version for free.

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