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Creative Designer and smart developer. Flex and C# developer. Busines CMS, CRM and DMS developer. Professional PHP, MySQL, AJAX and XML programmer. SEO-Expert and E-Marketing consultant.

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i use a different port for security reasons, how would i go about adding to this to the code?
this guy has taken $500 from me and was really keen to do the work, he sounded professional etc. great communication until he got his paypal money and then he vanished. no word, i have skyped him, facebooked him everything. no joy. people like this really make me sick. surley there must be something that can be done about this guy
Did you pay him via PayPal?
If so - open a dispute with him. It will freeze his PayPal account until he works with you to resolve the issue.
I paid Erion for work to be done - sent him specs and mockups - and then he dropped off the map and has failed to respond. I froze his paypal - and he instantly responded that he was back on the job and working on my stuff - then vanished again. I still haven't heard from him.

Do Not Do Business with this Developer!
I sent this user money for a Job that i placed in the Market Place, He seemed professional, and even told me that I could watch the mod progress on his test server ( that i never got a link to ) But nothing happened.

It has been a month since I sent payment and heard from him, until this user can come up with a good reason why he had neglected me and others, DO NOT WORK WITH HIM!
I haven't heard from this user since my original review. Wish I could change my review above. Please don't use him or send him money in advance.
Poor response, keeps giving promises but does not deliver anything. I wished you would have done work as promised! Thanks
I hired Erion for some custom work on my Dolphin site. Not only was his pricing reasonable, but he was incredibly flexible in meeting my needs. I would highly recommend him for your custom Dolphin needs.
Nice one! I made one myself, it's working but I'm not such a good php programmer, your code is smokin' :)
Purchased SEO Mod from member in January 2010.. As of today April 22, 2010 this member has not fixed the issues with the mod messing up page titles and section titles. After many emails and getting many excuses from this member, he has not fixed or refunded my money as per my requests. After numerous emails requesting him to remove his mod so it would not effect other members, he has finally removed his mod from the market. If any members have issues with titles and content in About, FAQ's, etc... see more remove his mod and it will be fine.

Stay far away from this member as he will take your money and not communicate at all with you.

Here is his last email to me February 10, 2010 --- No emails or responses to my emails ever since......

Hi Dan,

I will release a new version. Please send me all errors you found it. Then you will receive the new version for free.

Million Thanks for saving our time and doing the wonderful effort with kind heart.
I think I am the first client to work with this mod. I am in awe of his fast work! Extremely pleased with this. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Thanks a million, ecKREATIV!
yeah, got the chance to put this thing to task, and yes indeed, i would grab this and use it where you can. as he mentioned, if ftp_chmod() is off, then this will not work for you. but those who are lucky enough to be able to use this, its a great peice of work.

SEO Site Manager Premium was easy to buy, and works as advertised. It is just like the Demo that the developer set up. I am brand new to SEO and Dolphin & and ecKEATIV was very helpful and understanding while I asked question after question. His native language is German but he write near perfect English. I would recommend SEO Site Manager Premium to anyone who needs a plugin to make Dolphin 7 site SEO simple. It is a great product. I would recommend xelaun produce a manual .pdf.
Please give me more infos and maybe your access data to solve your problem.
bambieleft feedback on User2Admin2nd of January 2010
Got a Database query error on your install.
Well written good lil will be happy
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