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Creating A Business Community

I'm planning to run a business community for professionals (lawyers). For this project following customizations is required:


1. Two kind of profiles:

a. Lawyers



2. Different Profile Fields for these two kind of profiles:

a. Non-Laywers: Minimum information will be filled in ( username, country, city, password will be enough).

-Non-Lawyers will be able to be a member but they will not be visible to others (non-laywers will not be visible for lawyers or non-lawyers). They will be private. They will not be searchable.

-Non-lawyers will be able: to search lawyers, send message to them and post legal jobs, or ask questions at forums. In this case they will be visible to lawyers.

-They will not be able to create blogs, write articles, post ads, add sites etc. except for posting legal jobs and ask questions at forums..


b. Lawyers:

-Only lawyers will be visible to all.

--They will be able to create a professional business profile (law firm or attorney profile)..For example: Full Name, Firm Title, Practice Areas, Contact Information..etc.


--Only lawyers will be searchable by country, state, city and practice areas.

-All matchmaking (dating) feautures will be deleted.




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I will help you installing your dolphin to start with your project.

Im Interested to work on this task.
I can do it fast and pro! Regards.
My name is Alexander.
If you still interested in a Business Community can you please provide more information about your needs?

Basically it can be done in 2 weeks max.

Have a great day!
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