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Fresh install of Dolphin on a server, which doesn't support Dolphin

I have a domain reseller account with a UK based hosting company (  They don't have the Dolphin install and won't support it.  However, I like this company and want to install Dolphin on one of my domains there, totally from scratch.


I don't want just the installation, but I want a theme of my choice successfully installed, daily backups and I want no warnings or errors on the Host Tools report.  


Most importantly, you will be responsible for communicating with the hosting company (namesco) on my behalf to discuss technical requirements and additional things, which may need to be installed, etc.  You should probably think carefully about this before taking on the job.


About you...


You must have done jobs the same as, or similar to this before.  Preferably, many of them

You must have independent references that I can talk to myself to verify this

You must be available to support your work for 4 weeks after completion of the install

Where possible, you will be able to advise me (consult) on additional modules I may need, etc.

You must give a realistic price!





exnihilo14th of February 2013bid: $50  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
As long as your server has the technical requirements to run Dolphin. :)
Nighto200717th of February 2013bid: $30  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
I'm ready for do this, and give you some support, tips and continue to your project is done.
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Hi Simion. Am I missing something? This is the first time I've asked for something like this
i have an install service here if you are interested....
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