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My Dolphin " Wall " Module isnt working

Since i had got my Dolphin 7.0.8 installed, my Dolphin " Wall" Module has never worked correctly ..ex:

when someone presses 

-add photo, video etc..

the loading circle just continues to spin and nothing ever happens...


so today i ordered the ilbellodelweb Facebook style news feed..and installed seemed to not be working correctly because you werent able to see any activity going on my site besides your own...


i asked him and he said to try reinstalling original dolphin wall files via ftp, but i dont even have those files anymore and i can only download 7.0.9 on boonex products now.


someow while trying ti edit a file, i messed up my search results so now you cant even search for anything on my site without an error


Now seriously i been working on the freakin site for ever, takin a couple bucks from each pay over the last yr and half to put this thing together and i am soooo frustrated..i just want to get the site up and running because i HAVE a market right here in the united states that will feed right into this idea and utilize the features daily / weekly.


Can someone PLEASE just help me out 


message me, call me whatever


the site is located at


Thank You


John Joseph

Splurgin Inc.


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hello, I can help my website
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