cisalemIntegrationinstallations, modification, upgrades$300-5000 bids$0 average bid25th of January 2012

Need Developer to finalize existing site for beta testing

Non-profit with bi-lingual Eng-Fr. website ( ) using Dolphin 7.0 . Needs Developer for 


 Immediate Needs

1- install new Tokbox API for existing video setup & liaise with Tokbox if needed - 

2- verify that all video functionalities ( adding videos file, using video chat, sending video message) operate properly and fix wherever necessary;

3- install more protection from spam registrants ( e.g. captcha or some such filter )

4- install routine to keep track of information entered by new members on Registration Page. 

BId to cover only 1-4 items above 

But  FYI  later  Medium-term needs : 

1. Minor redesign of Home page layout 

2. Estimate what is involved ( time and charges) for upgrading to more recent version of Dolphin

3. Estimate ( time and charges) for a Mobile App with reduced functionalities from existing site. 


No bids so far.
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Send me your site address
Got it! How you would you pay?
I sent you an Email on this. Our company can assist you
Hi Simion

Thanks for your response.
Kindly let me know of a good time for us to connect on Skype.
I am actually free this am until 12 noon PST. If that doesn't work out for you I will be free tomorrow am starting 9:00 am PST .
At least this way we can share screen and save some valuable time.
Looking forward to our meeting

Claude Salem
Partnerships for Capacity Develeopment
Skype name : cisalem679
phone: 949-544-1948
cell: 202-352-1431
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