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Need fix/reinstallation of Events, Group and Forum Modules

I need someone to fix/reinstall my Modules. Also need a fix with my Flash upload( Cannot play sound.- Just keep on loading).

I upgraded my dolphin 6.0.5 to 6.0.6. All installation went on smothly.The only problem was the part that i have to recompile Orca Forum language file from admin panel -> Modules -> Orca Forum -> Manage Forum. When I did that noting happen. The screen went blank. When i go back and click on the Orca Forum I goes blank not even showing the parameters. So I decided to uninstall the Orca Forum and reinstall it but it gave me an error that "Event" and "Group" madule needs to be uninstalled before Orca can be uninstall so I uninstall all the 3 (Orca forum, Event and Group). To my supprise the 3 uninstalled madules completely disappeared. I believe they were suppose to go to the "Not Installed Modules" section right below the "Installed Modules" so that I can reinstall them again. Previously that is what it use to be but this time nothing is showing. The 3 modules I uninstall( Orca forum, Event and Group ) DO NOT show in the "Not Installed Module section". My sound is also not playing. Need prof. help.

smile4sammy18th of July 2011bid: $50  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
We can fix this for you quickly, Best Regards, Global Solutions www.gsgroup.info
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I'm her to help contact me thru skype so i can help you right away with agreed cost. Ty
have you gotten this issue resolved?
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