JEREMYTModificationcustom, moduleOpen budget3 bids$1466.67 average bid30th of May 2011

need this cool mod made

this is a mod ideal i wish could be made . with mebership level activation. this would allow members once upgraded to view videos on the website but not normal videos listed that regular member view. but adult uploads. that you must upgrade account in the membership to even view this mod .

this mod must have categories, and for videos. no one can access these videos uploads or video them unless they upgrade their membership. please contact me if it may be done.. my site

Simion31st of May 2011bid: $3500  timeframe: 30 daysPermalink
We can do this for you. Will not be an overnight build, but it can be done.
YobiLab31st of May 2011bid: $600  timeframe: 15 daysPermalink
This can be easily done.
smile4sammy1st of June 2011bid: $300  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
We have already built this module. . Please contact us to see a live demo fully working. You can pay and download the module immediately from SWREG after viewing the live demo. (we offer free installation for clients) Best Regards,\ Global Solutions Programmer Email:
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