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Problems retrieving password

I have problems resetting my password as admin.

I guess non of my members can reset their passwords either.

There might be a problem with SMTP settings.

Screenshot of error-message includes.


My site:


What's the problem

If i try to reset my password (entering my email address).

I get an error message that said that i was recognized as a member, but it is not possible to send the credentials.

(look at attached file).

So I stuck on this step.


What I already did

Resetting the password in the database does not seems to work aslo. (I already did this).


Can anyone help me out?


Way of working.

Of course I am prepared to pay for work with rusult.

I expect that you are an expert an can solve this problme (familiar with this problem).

So I don't expcet that you have to put ours on looking for the problem and after that, I have to pay for work without result.

If it takes 'to long' for you to find the problem, I expect you inform me before you bill me.


If you you can succesfully resolve the problem, you can expect from me I pay you the same day.

(via paypal).









smile4sammy9th of January 2012bid: $20  timeframe: 1 daysAssignedPermalink
I can help you fix this asap.
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Please pm me. I can help you. Regards
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