yayadkUpgradeupgrades$100-3000 bids$0 average bid16th of July 2011

Upgrading my site to the latest version

PLEASE do not bid if you do not have prooven expirience with upgrading big sites before!

Looking for the absolute top upgrader in this forum.

My site is 6.1.4 (i know.. wtf, right? :-) ) and have about 40,000 users.

The site have quite a few mods and i am not 100% sure about all of them and where ther are. Therefore you will need to make a very thoural deep looking into the DB and site's pages in order to make ALL work on the new version.

One of the most important is the CCbill mod (unless you will recomend me another solution)


You need to have a lot of expirience with Dolphin old and new and provan examples of past upgrades you did before.

Looking forward to hear fronm the best of the best.


No bids so far.
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You posted the same job 81 days ago. Did it not get taken care of then ?
i can up date ur site what ever u can pay i'll accept

here is my odesk profile

you can send me mail on


thanks stay cool.........


6.1.4 --> 7.0.6
$45/per version
as for your modules, kiss those good bye, unless you have the mod developer at the ready to provide you with the latest releases and upgrade your module, you are most likely somewhat doomed.

40K users, not a real problem, just hope your server can stand the strain of the migration script.

as for ccbill, my suggestion on that would be to get the addon module from martinboi dolphin subscriptions, and i do believe he has CCBill written into there, see more if not, you can use authorize.net
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