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Upgrading to 7.06 and customization

I have built a website with boonex on 2007 and kinda just let it do it's own thing.  Well it seems like  it started it's own life. It has now more than 5000 members and constantly overload server.  So I pick it up again, got a new VPS and  I'm now more clear on what I want to do with it.  I would like to upgrade to the most recent version and do a little bit of customization as I go to a different direction.  

Pls. email me if you can help and send me your qoute.



smile4sammy13th of July 2011bid: $50  timeframe: 2 daysAssignedPermalink
We can do the upgrade of your site for you and transfer members to the latest. dolphin version also and advice on the customization of modules. Cost of upgrade/transfer of users has been quoted in our bid Best Regards, Global Solutions
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I sent you an email to look over.
i can up date ur site what ever u can pay i'll accept

it would be better if u will pay 25$ or what every u want

here is my odesk profile

you can send me mail on

thanks stay cool.........

have a look at my site at i can help you do whatever u need contact me at to talk about fees and costs thank you
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