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Added: 21.01.10

Updated: 15.11.12

Category: Advertisement

Tags: flash, banner, ray, widget, dolphin 7.1


License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

Technical Checklist...


Compatible only with Rayz widgets ("Youtube", "Radio", "Games", "Slideshow", "Live Camera", "Internet Photos", "Global Videos" and "Chat and Messenger Banners").

Allows web site admin to control banners shown in the bottoms of Ray widgets: enable/disable, remove, edit, change showing order and add new ones.
JPG, GIF, PNG and SWF files can be used for banners.

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unfortunately i still do not have any widgets from Rayyz. Hope he will sponsor us one day .
Everything went fine on install, it shows banners as active... yet no banners are showing up on the chat room. Help?
I have purchased 4 mods from Rayzzz none of them work so far its been a month, Dont know if he even cares about the Mods he has on the market anyone, Is this a scam???
Working fine. Its good but you make it best by implementing some improvements as it is not supporting html, javascript, flash, or banner adverts.
Many-many thanks to u.
downloaded this banner manager, it wants me to register the app, but does not provide me with a reg code.
Great facility and a fantastic module. Works perfectly and support is excellent.
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