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Profile Generator 2.5

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Added: 15.01.10

Updated: 27.12.12

Category: Tools

Tags: generator, profile generator, profile database, user database, mods, extensions, nextgate, profile, dolphin7, modifications


License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Paul Weber and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This product cannot be redistributed or used for multiple customer websites for free or a fee without written permission by the author!

Technical Checklist...

Unlimited Profiles for your Website! Who will register on your website, while no one else is registered? This mod generates a huge amount of profiles, so people start to register, later you can delete those profiles if you want. With this addon you can create unlimited numbers of profiles with profile images. Great if you start your business or want to enhance the page traffic. You don´t need to hand out any database information, just run the script as often as you want . See image to take a look at the options.

Newest Features of this Version:

# Generate worldwide profiles - Postcodes for every country can be generated with this version (see screenshot)
# This Package includes a version for dolphin 6 and 7!
# No need to generate cronjobs with dolphin7
# Stats for generated profiles, sex and more

All Features of Profile Generator 2.5:

# Generates user profiles for your website
# Can generate profiles automatically every day/hour or at a special date. This feature simulates registering users.
# Settings will be saved
# Scans profile fields and randomly selects items
# Adds email addresses to all generated profiles
# Can add a default friend to all generated profiles
# You can delete generated PG profiles
# Inserts nickname, country, zipcode and city, age, birthday (with Profile Grabber also description and new images)
# choose how many women and men you want
# choose ethnicity (black, white, asian, european)
# Easy installation.
# Quick support
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great mod, install was very quick,
communication with nextgate was perfect
This was perfect for us. Any new site needs members because nobody joins an empty site. Easy to install and functionality was well thought out. Not many mods offer this much control.
Will this get a 7.0.6 update???
I bought this mod and I like it, because it has generated new members for my website. I mistakenly bought the update first, then the mod later. However, now I cannot re-download the update even though I did buy it a few months ago (I lost it when my other computer crashed). I did write to nextgate and asked him to install it for me with the previously purchased update....but not a word from him. I finally got the mod installed myself but still don't have the update. This is not necessarily a bad see more review because the mod is great, I just wish I could get some support here.
Module has major issues. Also not correct running under 7.0.9. Code is lousy. No support. No answers to mails after bought it.

Don't buy!
It works nicely I would wish for more profile photos and a description to be added, otherwise it's nice.
The code you need to add at modules\boonex\avatar\classes\BxAvaModule.php should actually look like below to be proper
function serviceMakeAvatarFromSharedPhotoAuto ($iSharedPhotoId,$iOwnerId)
if(!empty($iOwnerId)) $this->_iProfileId = $iOwnerId;

I would like to give you 5 stars but it is somehow not working here at Boonex to give you stars :-(
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