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Simple chat mod


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Version: 2.3.1

Added: 16.01.11

Updated: 02.07.16

Category: Communication

Tags: free, simple chat, modifications, chat

Demo: not available  username - no need,password - no need

License: GNU General Public License

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This simple modification shifts the standard simple chat placements to another position. Now, it is not in the bottom menu bar, but on the left side (as a new floating element).

This modification is compatible with Dolphin 7.0.x - 7.3.x (any subversion) !

You may test my mods, plug-ins and modules on my dolphin products website
And if you have some questions feel free to ask.
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For me, this is a very welcome modification. I don't know when having the member menu enabled, became necessary if you wanted to use the simple messenger on your site, but I didn't like it one bit. In my opinion, the member menu just adds more screen clutter to new generation laptops screens, where vertical space is already at a premium. There's nothing on the member menu that your members can't get to from the main menu.... other than the simple messenger window, that is. The majority of today's see more laptop screens are a wide screen format, and websites need to make efficient use of vertical space. I wanted the simple messenger, but I couldn't stand the thought of having the member menu constantly cluttering up the screen for every single member.

This small, but clever mod by AndreyP, allows me to use the simple messenger on my site, without having to clutter up the screen with that huge member menu. This adds an unobtrusive button on the left side of the screen, where you can access the messenger in the same way as you can on the member menu. The button will change color when someone messages you.

If you don't like the look of the button, don't worry.... you can change everything about it in css to match your custom templates. You can make the button text smaller, change colors, make the entire button smaller, give it less opacity so it's less obvious... anything you want to do. The space on the sides of the screen is unused anyway, so this is a great place to put something like this. Boonex probably should have done the entire member menu this way, so that it slides out from the side, but until they do, this is a good solution for those that want the simple messenger, but do not want to use the member menu.

Nice work Andrey!
The member menu is a resource hog, at least in 7.0.3 and under that I have tested it with. Because of this I won't even enable the member menu on most sites. Maybe it is better in 7.0.4+. I haven't had as much time as I would like for 7.0.4 yet...been putting it off for all the 7.0.5 talk I have been waiting for.

So If this will allow chat / simple messenger without the member menu bar 2 thumbs up.

I will check it and test more in my spare time, but it sounds like a much better alternative see more to the standard member menu/simple mesenger.
very good mod. Makes a bif difference. Congratulation and thankyou!
Tried this and it seems to disable the "online" notifier for members online (little yellow bubble on avatar).
Perhaps I installed it wrong?

Anyone else have this issue?
My changes not related with 'online' notifier at all, my modification forward location of simple chat to new location (into nice popup element), it not doing something extra.
This is an awesome addition andrew. and it is free
awesome modification at free of cost

hey Andrew again great job,
Thanks for this mod.
Site Users love new gadgets and toys. Mods like this one gives your site that extra technological feel because you don't see this often.
Great work
Thank You, Did I mention it was free? WOW
please help it says me this error :

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting T_FUNCTION in /home/******/public_html/modules/boonex/simple_messenger/classes/BxSimpleMessengerConfig.php on line 1
Make sure that you made proper changes in this file, and not erased here anything
Please help me, want this modification, because the user not look alltime to the member menu.
make all changes correct, i think.
but when try to write message get error box "undefined".
my english is not the best but think i understand the instuctions
This is great mod. I love it :D
But still i have one problem... seems that this mod works only with UNI template and not working with custom template for me. How i can to fixed this, if it is possible.
Commonly this is easy, check third step of installation. Here are small change for base template, Your custom template possible using another (own) _footer.html file?
It appears on the site Ok, but the pop out box is always empty, even though I have friends currently online.
This is same empty as empty bottom menu bar. Someone should send you first message - only in that case in popup element will appear recipients
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Thank you Andrew for be see more there!!!
Hi, very nice modification... but i need little help... With my template the color of the text is white... and i cannot read nothing, how i can change the text color to black?

I try to modify this file : modules/boonex/simple_messenger/template/base/css/simple_messenger.css
at the" div.simple_messenger_chat_block div.messages_history div.messages_section div.message_wrapper div.message but nothing change...

Check the picture :

Thank see more you
Can you send me (PM) your website url with login details, I`ll try to help
Wooonderful job as always. Thank you Aramis. Your mods are most excellent!! I do have a question, so I'm gonna message you, ok...


thx, really good mod
Thanks Andrew, this mod make our site better. Excellent display, much more better than the default chat bar. Thanks!
Awesome this is what I needed!!!! hopefully in the future this can be done through the foot bar, still that doesn't take the awesomeness away from this! :D THANKS A LOT!
After making the mods you suggested I got the following error :

"Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting T_FUNCTION in /home/hangspot/public_html/dolph/modules/boonex/simple_messenger/classes/BxSimpleMessengerConfig.php on line 1"

Good thing I backed up my files.
You should make sure that you made correct changes at your side (check - possible your BxSimpleMessengerConfig.php is corrupted)
Hi Andrew, I installed this great mod a while back but now there is some sort of problem which I think i caused by trying to change something. I was wondering how to uninstall this and then re install it again as its not on the read me doc.

Hello Meme, in order to uninstall - you have to revert all the changes you made during the installation - this is very easy, or you can re-upload all the affected files from clean dolphin package.
Looks pretty cool thanks bro!!
Is this available for 7.1?
Yes, not it is ready for 7.1
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