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Smart Communicator 1.1


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Added: 23.05.08

Updated: 25.10.10

Category: Communication

Tags: communication, messenger, information, ajax, interactive, aqb soft


License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by AntonLV and cannot be modified for see more other than personal usage. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AntonLV. This notice may not be removed from the sourc

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Adds 100% AJAX based communication feature to your site. Each user could easily view profile's info and send a message to profile's owner directly from the information window.
The plug-in consists of two parts: AJAX based informer and AJAX based multi-person messenger. The one of the main advantages is the ability to send message to the user you like directly from information window. Information window could be opened by clicking on a little icon in the left top corner of profile's thumbnail. It's easy and comfortable.

1. You don't need to buy and install any additional software.
2. The page does not reload when your users send or receive messages.
3. Each user will be able to have private chat with different users at the same time using only one messenger window.
4. Your users don't need to care about popup blockers in the browsers, because the messenger doesn't use the common popup window.
5. Your users don't need to switch on between different browser windows searching the messenger window, because this messenger builds in into each Dolphin page. But it is not a static part of the window.
6. The messenger automatically shows when new message is received or it can stay opened if user didn't close it.
7. Your users will be able to send messages to each other without warring about online/offline status of recipient, because the last on will receive the message immediately after login.
8. Each user will have capability to create own contact list for using in the messenger. They will be able to use build in search for adding user in the list. The user's online status can be determined in search result. Search provides correct information about user's online status (accuracy to 1 minute).
9. Your customers could view profile's info in search results or on the main page by easily moving the mouse cursor over the profiles thumbnail and click on the appeared icon. It is created using AJAX technology therefore information will be shown without page reloading.
10. Send a message to some you directly from information window.


You will be able to manage plug-in's settings via Dolphin administration panel -> Plug-ins -> ALV Smart Communicator. You will be able to do the following:
1. Enable/disable the whole module by easily clicking enable/disable link. You don't need to press save button, because your changes will be saved automatically when you click the link.
2. Enable date printing in the message and change the format of the date.
3. Change update interval for messenger.
4. Change the order of fields in the informer window using up and down arrows for this purpose. You don't need to press save button.
5. Show/hide different fields. You could arrange your own list of fields to be displayed using the default one. For this purpose you need to check/uncheck checkboxes near necessary fields and then press save button.

6. Installation/Uninstallation Wizards are included.

If one of my modifications doesn't support your version of Dolphin, you may contact me via email ( I'll create a patch or integration module for your version of Dolphin script. You can view my demo site using this link



1. Information icon

2. Quick Informer with sending capability


3. Messenger and Search windows.


4. Administration panel.

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