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Ultimate Groups - Deprecated

Product isn't selling, further product support and update maybe unavailable.

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Added: 08.06.10

Updated: 27.01.13

Category: Core Changes

Tags: extensions, groups, sponsor, broadcasting, invitation, states, modzzz, modzzz team, meetup, clubs

Demo: no longer sold  username - no longer sold,password - no longer sold

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License: no longer sold

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This module has been discontinued for future purchase but is still available for download to existing clients. See the Premium Groups module
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this is a very nice mod. great extension of the groups. Excellent service, fast installation at a very reasonable price.. highly recommended if you care about the groups part of your site. His other mods are also excellent. You get a lot for the money he charges. I have several and very happy.
Great mod! With this mod, it makes your group page much more exciting and VERY easy to find a group you want to join. It's worth the money. Thanks!!
What can I say. The mod install had a couple of quirks (my site for the most part). However, he was tenancious and willing to troubleshoot until my site was installed. The value of the mod is really in the person standing behind the product!. My hat is off to MODZZZ! Oh yeah, the MOD is a great one and like the others in his "ULTIMATE" series!
Truly, a great module for any site and if you have a site like mine which is strictly for the purpose of Online Mastermind Groups then it is a blessing and a must have. Great job! I have other mods from MODZZZ and the support is great always! Regards, Daniel
I host Marijuana Dispensaries, and they list them selves in my groups. Thank you Modzzz, now they can now be localized to their customer base and actually gain patients!
Very excited about this mod! It is exactly what my mebers need. The navigation is seemless!
Superb and helped me out really quickly when I came across a language key issue.

Top add-on, top service!


well what can I say about Modzzz that as not been said already.

Can not get enough of he's great mods. My members have started to use my site more now.

I now have over 25 mods from him now on my site, which all work great and the members love them.

The only thing is that he makes so many great mods it's hard to pick which ones I want first,. :D

can not wait to see what's next.
This mod adds incredible features and installs without any issues, had it up and running in less than 5 minutes. Thanks modzzz for another great addition to my site!
Another great mod by Modzzz. I had a couple issues and he responded immediately. Great support. Easy install. THANK YOU!!!
I read the ratings before buying and saw Modzzz had pleased his customers. When I purchased this module from Modzzz, he went above and beyond anything the previous raters and I can write. Incredible support and expertise. He devoted a lot of time to modify this module for my groups who want extreme privacy. The portion he added for me because of a need that I have is quoted below. Thanks again Modzzz, I guarantee I'll be making more purchases from you and seeking your assistance in making my see more website better.

"Adds the ability for members to create "Invitation Only" Groups. Access can be restricted to Fans only and the Group Admin will have to send an Invitation for others to Join. The Invitation will be delivered to both Internal and External mail and will have an Accept Invite link."
As usual what ever we say is less for this programmer.

He is simply great and i would like to give him more than 5 stars but unfortunately Unity doesnt allow...

Fully recommended for whatever reasons.

This mod has taken our online community to the next level and continues to give our members a great experience when it comes to creating and promoting their groups. They especially like that they can add their contact information and how easy it is for members to find their group. Modzzz is very professional and provides excellent customer service. He has supported our organization by providing this mod and we think he is top notch. We also have the Ultimate Events mod and plan to utilize his other see more mods as we grow our online community. Thanks Modzzz!
I got more and more mods of modzzz. Its a real pleasure having those pro mods on my site. For me to install them and the speedy support as well as the happiness of my members.

I definitive agree to the above mentioned reviews!
It feels so goooood having your modzzz on my site! Thank you guys sooooo much!
Just like modzzz other mods, this one also makes the basic dolphin mods now feature-filled. Great product, great support!
This mod is what i was looking for...great. I messed up the installation myself but modzzz replied to my mail in a hour and cleaned up my i can enjoy this great mod. many thanx!
Does this mod work in 7.07 ? i have problem with video s ? does this work ok wit h group chat mod and advanced video embed
This is one of over 30 different modules that I've purchased from Modzzz and I've been very happy with every purchase. Overall I've found his modules are well written/coded, they install easily, his support is excellent, and he updates his modules often. One of the things Modzzz does that I truly appreciate is the Support Forum he's setup for each module. Once you subscribe to it you're automatically notified of any issues or updates... and he monitors his forums regularly.
It sure would be nice to be able to embed video's into groups instead of uploading.
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