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Added: 03.02.10

Updated: 05.02.12

Category: Video

Tags: extensions, youtube, flash, ray, widget, video, free



Technical Checklist...


1. Video playing bug is fixed.
2. New player is embedded in all applications.
3. Video playing in fullscreen mode.
4. HomePage Videos: Youtube Videos on your site homepage, you can select any Youtube category to act as a feed for HomePage video player. You can have Top Rated, Most Recent, Most Viewed or any other youtube.com video feed to be displayed on your HomePage.
5. The same player is integrated into member's profile page. All youtubes shared by a member can be played on his profile page.
6. Playing Youtube videos in original youtube.com player. This allows your site visitors to enjoy higher quality of playing.
7. Video's original page link and embed code is now available for all videos. That allows to easily embed all youtube videos to any place of your site.
8. Every Youtube category link and embed code is now available. That allows to easily embed all youtube categories to any place of your site.

New: categories are now multilevel with unlimited number of levels.

- AutoCategories + easy management;
- Help window in each application;
- Your own banners in the bottom of the applications.
And many others.

Go to http://rayzzz.com/m/youtube/ to see Youtube in action or test it here:


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