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Version: 2.0.4

Added: 12.08.13

Updated: 19.05.19

Category: Other

Tags: extensions, mass mailer, newsletter, messaging, communication, greetings, notification, modzzz, email

Demo:  username - dolphinmods,password - jbgjbg

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License: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified for other see more than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

Auto Mailer allows you to create messages for mass delivery to your member base. It is extremely flexible with options allowing you to select specifically which subset of members can receive a message. This means that you able to reach you target audience without sending non-meaningful messages to other members.

One of the biggest issue with the default Mass Mailer and other Mass Mailer modules on the market is their inability to really send messages to all members. This module gives the Administrator the option to override the individual Email Notification settings of members so that important messages can be delivered to even those members who configured their Profile to not receive any notifications.

The module is Multi-Language compatible, allowing you to deliver the same message to members of your site that fits your selection criteria but differ in language spoken. It will automatically detect the various languages on your site and allow you to create a different version of the message for each available language.

NEW FEATURE ! - Administrator now have the ability to override the cron job scheduling and force messages to be sent immediately.


Registration - The mod has the capability to send one or multiple messages to members who have just registered. This is highly desirable when you need an automated way to provide informative material to new members.

Registration - Do you want to provide members with offers that may woo them back if they decide to leave ? or do you want to have any other form of meaningful communication with a member as they un-register ? This mod provides that possibility.

FILTER - State which Profiles should get message (message is sent to every one if not specified)

Filter based on Gender (Males, Females). For example, you can create a Father's Day greetings and configure it for delivery to your Male members only.

Filter based on Country. For example, you can create a Thanksgiving Day greetings and configure it for delivery to your United States members only.

Filter based on Profile Status (Active, Unconfirmed etc.).

Filter based on Couple Status.

Filter based on Age.

Filter based on Membership Level.

Filter Profiles With or Without Avatar/Photo.

SCHEDULE - State when the message should be sent (Sent every day if not specified)

Send X day after Profile Registration. You can choose to resend this every X days and Repeat X times.


Send X day after Last Site Activity. You can choose to resend this every X days and Repeat X times.


Send X day before Membership Expiration.


Send if Not logged in for X Days.


Send if Unconfirmed After X Days.


Send on the Member's Birthday.


Send on a specific day. (eg. Thanksgiving Day).


Send on Profile Anniversary. (eg 5 years after signup).


Send to new member upon registration.


Send to a member that has unregistered.

Additional Options

You can configure exactly what time of the day messages are delivered.

Delivery Mode can be set to External Email, Site Inbox or both.

You can choose to award a member Points whenever the message is delivered to them (eg. Give them some bonus Points when you send a birthday greeting). Our Points mod is needed for this.

Message can be Activated/De-Activated.

You can view my full list of more than 200 mods at
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I want to say I am thrilled with this product. I requested a couple of sensible changes and they were completed in 24 hours. If you want to keep in touch with your membership, this is the way to do it... This has been a long time coming!! Thank you!!

really a Great Mod

But maybe you could add two functions?

Members Delete after X days Last Site Activity
Delete X days Unconfirmed Menbers

Thank you for the feedback but these are not functionalities that fall within the scope of a messaging module. Also dolphin does have a setting that deals with this already. It is called "Delete profiles of members that didn't login for x days"
I can't believe I've looked over this in the past. This is not a module you want for running a great site; its a module you NEED to run a great site. This will undoubtedly when utilized to its potential bring my site to new heights. I'm thrilled with this!
Just purchased this mod and it does what it says. Its a must have and it makes life a lot more easier, awesome mod!
I love it! One of my favorite mods to make your site more personal.
Much more powerful than the default Mass Mailer.
Easy to install and to use. Modzzz is giving very good support and I am very happy with the 8 modules I have bought so far from him.
The mailer works beautifully, nice layout for the recipient. am happy with it!
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