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Dolphin 7.4.2 - Facebook New Responsive Template "10 Colors" - 10% OFF


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Version: 1.0.6

Added: 04.12.15

Updated: 08.07.19

Category: Template

Tags: templates, facebook, responsive, dolphin 7.3, dolphin 7.3.4, dolphin 7.3.5, dolphin 7.4


License: IMPORTANT: These are commercial template made by Giovanni_m and cannot be modified see more and redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Giovanni_m. These products cannot used for multiple customer websites. The license is for one domain name.

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10% OFF ($53, full price will be 59$). -->

Facebook Professional 'Responsive' Template available in 10 Colour at a special price

Compatible with Dolphin 7.2.X, Dolphin 7.3.X and Dolphin 7.4.X

To see all my templates and Splash Page click here:

Demo Site Dolphin 7.3.X

Profile Cover "completely redesigned to facebook style"

Demo Site Dolphin 7.3.X

Demo Site Dolphin 7.3.X

Demo Site Dolphin 7.3.X

Demo Site Dolphin 7.3.X

Demo Site Dolphin 7.3.X

Demo Site Dolphin 7.3.X

Demo Site Dolphin 7.3.X

Demo Site Dolphin 7.3.X

Demo Site Dolphin 7.3.X
  • Free update for all versions of dolphin

  • Optimized for the latest versions of: IE, FireFox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari

  • Readme file detailed included

  • The installation is very easy, anyway I can install this template for free (only the first time). For installation request, send a privat message containing the credentials for FTP and for the Dolphin administration area.

  • For any question or problem, please contact me (my Boonex account is Giovanni_m), I'll answer within 24 hours.

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Thanks for the installation and for very beautiful template.
very nice's the best choise for who is searching a facebook template
Thanks for the very nice Template and the perfect service you provide.... not only for this module but others as well

I love this template however have an issue with the mobile friendly view.

My members cannot logout of their profiles while using this template.

I would reallly appreciate your help getting this rectified

I answered you via private message, it works fine, if you have other problems, contact me and I'll help you.
Best Regards,
Great template! I love the look and feel. I truly appreciate it. Has anyone used this with SSL/HTTPS? I have a few issues when testing it, mainly with images. I'd love some pointers and feedback.
nice template, installed too however let me know if we can make it better responsive.
Template is fully responsive, I wrote email to you to understand better your question, I wait your answer.
Best Regards,
Excellent work. And very good support of the technical service. 5 stars
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