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FB2 for D7.1 + Orca skin


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Added: 25.12.12

Updated: 31.07.13

Category: Template

Tags: templates, facebook, dolphin 7.1, gorpus, custom designs, gorpus team

Demo: http://gorpus.com/dolphin71/?skin=fb2  username - user55,password - 123456

License: * IMPORTANT: All rights reserved * This is a commercial product made by GORPUS. CO see more * This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from 'Gorpus Team' * E-mail: info@gorpus.com

Technical Checklist...

"FB2" - NEW Look - optimized for Dolphin 7.1! (ONE FREE INSTALLATION!)

- Modified Top Menu Structure!
- Custom Login form!
- Orca skin included into the pack

NOTE: all those who allready bought "FB" skin for the previous Dolphin Versions, will get 50% discount! (just pm me).

Optimized for the latest versions of: FireFox, IE, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari

NOTE: the template pack will be updated after EVERY Dolphin 7.1 update, so you'll be able to download here the current template version - sure for FREE!

Happy Client - deanjones - www.christianprofiles.net/index.php
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This product is exactly what we have been searching for. We are a small independent christian charity who run a small social networking site. The customer support has been first class from beginning to end as well as the technical support in implementing the template and navigating any issues. The product itself is first class. We look forward to future updates and working with you again very soon.
Wonderful work. I’m really amazed. Congrats!!!
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