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Version: 2.0.0

Added: 10.06.15

Updated: 19.05.19

Category: Other

Tags: extensions, photo, video, sound, file, media, modzzz

Demo:  username - dolphinmods,password - jbgjbg

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License: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified for other see more than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

The mod allows you to place media blocks (Photos/Videos/Sounds/Files) anywhere on the site based on specified criteria.

When creating a block, you can select the following :

a) The page that the block should be displayed on.

b) What type of Media should be displayed (Photo/Video/Sound/File).

c) Customized Block Caption to adequately describe the content. For example, you could create a block called "Trending Female Handbags" and it will display Photos uploaded in the "Handbag" category by female members.

The admin interface allows you to filter each block content based on the following :

a) Category
b) Tag
c) Featured Status of Media (you can chose to display on featured items etc.)
d) Poster (show only media posted by a particular member in this block)
e) Gender of Poster
f) Membership level of viewer (you can create blocks that only certain membership levels can view)

This mod is very useful in aggregating and displaying media that is related to a specific subject on a particular page. For example, if you have a section of the site with Photography information, you can place media blocks on that page that will display photos,videos etc. that are tagged with "Photography" or have been uploaded in the "Photography" category.

Please note that the module deals with media uploaded through the Photo, Video, File or Sound modules that comes with Dolphin.

You can view my full list of more than 200 mods at
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