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Video Phone 2 Trial


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Version: 1.2.4

Added: 23.01.13

Updated: 13.08.13

Category: Communication

Tags: dolphin 7.1, flash, video, sound, phone, talk

Demo: http://rayzzz.com/dolphin/  username - test,password - tester

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Rayz expert and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Rayz expert.

Technical Checklist...

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Your site members can easily talk and even see each other with this application - Video Phone. It works as the real video phone indeed except an ability to call on real phone numbers, just inside the site.
The most powerful feature of this application - it doesn't use RMS at all. Video and sound goes directly from one user's PC to another's. That means you can save a lot of money without wasting them for VPS server.

It works the following way:
A user receives a phone "calling" signal when someone is calling to him. He has 2 options: to reply the call or to reject.
Video phone conversation can proceed in 3 ways (is chosen by the user):
1. Audio and Video
2. Just Video
3. Just Audio
Audio channel volume can be easily changed by user.
Video can be extended on the whole application.
All phone signals (calling, busy line and dialing) can be easily changed by the admin of the site.
Test this application at http://rayzzz.com. The registration is very easy and doesn't require the confirmation.
You need to get 2 different accounts on the site and login under them in the same moment from different browsers. After that browse online members by account A and click account B to view. The Actions block of that account should contain "Call Now" button. Click it to open Video Phone application.

Save 60$ buying my ultimate anti-RMS package containig this product and others providing audio/video capabilities without using RMS. Learn more here
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This module is great (I have bought the paid version) - I have also received Fantastic support from Rayz. Highly recommended A+++++
What are the limitation on the trial version?
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