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Are you for real? Man, I have requested this developer as you call him to solve an issue more than 2 months ago and he has not even bothered to acknowledge the problem being very careful to use the word "update" in his response when the issue is a problem rather than update required. I would not give him 0 stars as that would be too much
This is totally untrue. I acknowledged your forum post the very same day you made it and I told you that email notification will be added in the next update. When you followed up, I again responded the very same day and told you that the support forum will be updated when the patch is published. Since then, I have been working feverishly on realizing the Dolphin 7.1 version of this module (plus the more than 150 other modules that I offer). This sort of trashing of developers is the main reason why see more Dolphin has less than 10 actively contributing third party developers presently.
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