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Version: 2.0.5

Added: 04.07.12

Updated: 22.05.19

Category: Ecommerce

Tags: extensions, store, points, modzzz, ecommerce, marketplace, shop, cart, product

Demo:  username - tester,password - test123

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

This is an extension of the default Store module that enhances its functionality with many new features, making it much more useful and user friendly.

See sample list of improvements below.


The default store mod had to limitation where you would have to re-upload a file entirely in order to change it's price. This enhanced version of the mod has added a interface that allows you to easily adjust the price of files without re-uploading them.


Allows members to optionally make purchases with Points and/or Credits instead of Cash. The mod can be configured in multiple modes :
a) Points only (Points module is needed for this)
b) Credits only (Credits module is needed for this)
c) Cash only
d) A combination of any of the payments methods listed above


Store Owner can limit the amount of times a product is downloaded by a client after purchase. After the maximum download count is reached, the license is revoked and they will have to repurchase in the future if the product is needed again. This is entirely optional, they can choose to allow unlimited downloads (which is the default)


Similarly to how the Administrator can flag a product as featured, they now can flag products as deal for the day.


Members who have purchased a product can post Review about it.

Product main page displays listing of all reviews left by buyers.


Members can maintain a wishlist and add products that they may be interested in


Now you can organize your categories in a Main Category => Sub-Categories format.


When submitting a product, instead of uploading videos that uses a lot of system resources, members can chose to embed one or multiple Youtube videos which displays related product information.


Product main page has been enhanced with additional blocks to display :
a) Other Products submitted by the same member
b) Similarly tagged Products


Store main page has been enhanced with additional blocks to display :
a) Products recently viewed
b) Tags
c) Categories
d) Quick Search
e) Top Rated Products


Messaging interface is included on the Product page to allow members to send inquiries and find out more details about a product.


Members can share Product listing with other site members or external friends.

You can view my full list of more than 200 mods at
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Just installed, and want to test it, get a database query error
The issue was resolved. In the future, please use the proper support channels to report issues. This section was designed for leaving reviews only.
This developer is amazing! I have purchased over 10 different mods from them. All of them very affordable. I have had a few issues, but they were "my own fault for not reading the instructions". I will continue buying from them as long as they keep coming up with these great ideas. :-) My rating 10/10. You will never regret your purchases with them.
Are you for real? Man, I have requested this developer as you call him to solve an issue more than 2 months ago and he has not even bothered to acknowledge the problem being very careful to use the word "update" in his response when the issue is a problem rather than update required. I would not give him 0 stars as that would be too much
This is totally untrue. I acknowledged your forum post the very same day you made it and I told you that email notification will be added in the next update. When you followed up, I again responded the very same day and told you that the support forum will be updated when the patch is published. Since then, I have been working feverishly on realizing the Dolphin 7.1 version of this module (plus the more than 150 other modules that I offer). This sort of trashing of developers is the main reason why see more Dolphin has less than 10 actively contributing third party developers presently.
Just bought this yesterday, to say the least all i did was created a forum mentioning what i am looking for, next thing i know BAM!! modzzz comes out of no where offers me a solution that i been searching for and up until yesterday i was going nuts. I viewed this product, liked it, purchased it, and he told me that it should be completed within a day or 2. I wake up this morning and the dude has the mod installed already. For a guy who is swamped with work, and reply's the way he does and installs see more the mod, much power to you homie!!! AKA "MODZZZ!"
I purchased this Mod today. Had a little issue that Modzzz was all over it. Awesome support. I have Amazon store, ecommerce and store mod. I suspect that now that members can change price and receive inquiries, that the store mod will be used more often. Thanks Modzzz
Good module and Good Support
I really like this mod. Exactly what I was looking for. The category section is perfect for it you have multiple items and to easily assist the customer with pin-pointing them to the right area.

Modzzz really shows effort by acting fast if you inquire any issues with the mods. That goes a long way and I appreciate that dearly. Thanks for your help. This mod is among the best yet for Boonex.
They claim in this ad you get Credits and Points functionality. It clearly says


Allows members to optionally make purchases with Points and/or Credits instead of Cash. The mod can be configured in multiple modes :
a) Points only
b) Credits only
c) Cash only
d) A combination of any of the payments methods listed above

What it fails to say is to get those functions you must purchase two other see more modules for $65. This is a clear cut case of false and deceptive advertising. Complete bait and switch.
This is a great mod an I love all the stuff Modzzz has!! Just got 3 more..
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