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Boonex has integrated 2Checkout into Dolphin's Payment module. If you want to use 2co on your site you need to start from configuring your 2co account.

  1. Login into the account here https://www.2checkout.com/va/
  2. Go to Account -> Site Management (https://www.2checkout.com/va/acct/detail_company_info) Now you need to enter site related data.
    1. Demo Setting. It's used to enable/disable test mode. You need to choose Parameter value.
    2. Company Name, Soft Descriptor, Site Title, Site Description, Site Category. You need to fill in these fields in accordance with you company and site. Don't leave them empty.
    3. Direct Return. You need to select Given links back to my website.
    4. Secret Word. Fill in the value, it will be used in Dolphin integration.
    5. Approved URL, Pending URL. You need to use the same URL. It can be retrieved from Dolphin admin panel -> modules -> payment -> payment details block -> 2Checkout. URL is specified in the Data return URL field.
    6. Save the form.
  3. 2co account is configured.

Now you need to configure 2co in Dolphin admin panel -> modules -> payment -> payment details block -> 2Checkout

  1. Active. Enable/Disable the payment provider.
  2. Mode. You may use 2Checkout in 2 modes (live and test). If you are ready to go live select 'live' mode.
  3. Account number. You should receive it when you've registered the 2co account.
  4. Payment Method. This will set the default selection on the payment method step during the checkout process. You may select any one you want.
  5. Secret Word. You need to enter the same value you've entered during 2co account configuration on step 2.4.
  6. Save the form and configuration will be finished.

There is an example of configuration in live mode.
Active: checked
Mode: live
Account number: 1234567
Payment Method: PayPal(PPI)
Secret Word: tango

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Thanks a lot for these very clear instructions ;-)
Hola AQB
Gracias por la ayuda para configurar este modulo de pago. Hay gente que vende módulos de pago y finalmente no funcionan o simplemente hasta intentan robarte tu cuenta.
Con Anton, Alexander y Alexey hay total confianza, son muy honestos, responsables y siempre están cuando los necesitas. Yo los recomiendo al 100%
Gracias AQB Soft por toda vuestra ayuda.
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