Android App Released! [UPDATEDx2]

Andrew Boon posted 16th of February 2011 in News. 67 comments.

It took a good while and many have been patiently waiting, for which we are very grateful... Today, we release a new application for Android-powered mobile phones. Just as the iPhone app this one is called "OO" and it provides basic functionality for Dolphin-based site members.


OO for Android is an important milestone as we plan to be focusing on Mobile/Touch-friendly interfaces and solutions more in the future.


A few important points:

- Android app source code and re-bradning rights are only available as part of Prime package.

- Current holders of of Prime will be getting the Android app for free.

- Contact us to upgrade to Prime with a discount if you already have some BoonEx Licenses.

- The app has a new interface, which is currently also being ported to the iPhone App.


Android Market Link

Use this link to download, try and preview the app.





We've just released a small update addressing the issues voiced in the comments:

1. Automatic URL redirection added, so it doesn't have to have "www" in the site address.

2. Changed the icon set to a more generic one (customized for the app specifically), and yet it looks a little better on different phones.

3. Fixed the crash when location page of a profile without defined location was accessed.

4. Removed "add photo" button from the album pages of other members (not own).

5. Renamed Mail to Messages for better consistency of terms and association with the icon.

- the screenshot above is updated.




- app restoration from sleep/stop/etc.

- app crash on location (additional fix)

- app crash on profile view when profile view is denied

- app crash when site URL is wrong


Also, if you're ready to offer the Android app download for your site visitors - read how to do it here:


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Any screenshots of what the app looks like with the branding? (I don't have anything that uses Android)
Andrew Boon
The "rebranding" allows you to set your own name for the app, change logos to yours, change design and modify functionality if you want and submit to iTunes as your own app.
I just installed it work like a charm. well worth the long wait. You guys are awesome !
Nice job on the Android app. Have downloaded it to my HTC Desire HD and it seems to work well-ish. Early days yet. From a design aspect, the icons could have been created to look a little more professional. Obviously that is my opinion only. Would have thought it would be more in line with the default template.

Still it's great to have an Android app now. Well done on that!
Andrew Boon
Do icons look smudged or you're referring to style? Android is a little tricky for image sizes and we only check on Nexus One and the original "DevGooglePhone/HTC Magic".
No, the icons are crystal clear on the HTC Desire HD. I was simply referring to the style. It looks like they were created using Illustrator by using a hand drawn image with the "Pencil Tool", then the image was rounded off by using the Object>Path>Simplify function and then a simple gradient was applied.

I realise that Premium members can change all the styling but all the people that will hear about Boonex for the first time via the Android App from non-Premium Unity members see more will now be basing their first impression of Boonex on what they see when they download this app.

They are your future customers so it might pay to portray a better first image to them now cause as the saying goes, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

Don't get me wrong, the app is great to have and I am sure that lots of effort went into creating it, but it is let down by its presentation. Just my two cents worth.

How can you call the icons unprofessional? I think they look great.
good job.
looks cool and simple...
works hot and great :)

and WP7 app?
Maemo app?
i prefer a simple mobile site :)
Andrew Boon
Simple mobile site may not work very well, for example you can't upload a photo or set location using the phone's GPS via browser interface.

Maemo is now dead, right?

WP7 - we'll be developing for it as soon as catches up in market share.
sure, a mobile site is a handicaped form
still, the good thing about that is if there are some errors admins can fix it on their own
in case of android apps,ios apps etc we are handicapped then :(
when you can invest so much efforts in apps dev why dont you try to deliver a very basic, limited feature HTML5 minis site for D7.
i hope thats far better and easier to dev than apps :)
is there a test-side where i could login to test the software?
and is it recomended to have the 7.0.5 version of dolphin to use this app?

You can use site as test drive.
You can use oo android app with any Dolphin 7.0.x, however there are some bugs in xmlrpc interface in previous versions.
Thanks, Great to see all Boonex project going forward, almost 3 years since I started with Dolphin, not always easy, but finally looks like everything is coming together in a very clean way, Thanks again.
One for the iPhone would be super!
there already is an app for the iPhone. has ben out for quite some time. if you are running a Dolphin site, add the "Download" block to your homepage, you will see the iPhone app appear there where you can download it. =)
Installs, won't log in as there is an XML error. No element found on Line 1 column 0 (code 103).
i get the some error on HTC Desire ... whats the problem?
Make sure you include the w ww before your domain name.
I did this and i too have an HTC Desire.
Have downloaded it on the Samsung Galaxy and its working perfect.

glad this has come out. Android powered phones are becoming more and more popular and it is good to see BoonEx is keeping up with the times! will definitely give this one a test out very soon!
hi is there any chance of a promotion price for a limited time please because lots of people do not have funds like myself to buy prime you will prob find you make more money buy selling it cheaper.
Works good on my original G1!!!

Only suggestion I have or question rather is why did it not include Forums in it??
What notification options do we have, members don't want to open the app on there phone to see they have no messages??
Also how does it work with online status, does not show you up as on line, like the Wap template does.
Would be good that one logged in and if you need to move away from the app, to give a phone call for example, you don't have to repeat the hole process of logging back in.
well - problem - cannot see my videos on phone (Samsung Galaxy S, Android 2.2) - "not propper video format for mobile streaming" (on site I can see it without problem)...
I just tried the video function as well and it comes up with a message saying "Sorry, this video cannot be played." Through my site it plays just fine and that is through my PC or even through my phone.
so - pretty good platform for Android phones, but just a platform. The range of functions gives us no competitive advantage compared to other platforms. We´ll have to implement much more of functions, modules etc to give our users something serviceable. But as a base - great - thanks.
Is there a fix for this?
I have the galaxy indulge Android 2.2 and i get the same message
Many thanks! I love it!
Hurray maybe now that you have released the Android App you can get to work on fixing all the problems with the Iphone App! :)
After all Alex has been promising an update with every D7 update!
Promising, but still pretty let down with the iPhone app. If this one is anything like that one, best of luck to anyone who tries to tackle it and make it an offering on their sites. The iPhone app. experience was so horrible we wouldn't consider this as an option without some serious polishing... I feel like when I bought the re-brand license for the iPhone app. it was really a debug license. Good luck Android developers!

Can you guys make a demo video for those of us that don't have an Android phone?
works great on the GalaxyS, not a problem loading up
Not working on HTC DEsire. Get this error -
PI must not start with xml (position:unknown @2:5 in, inputStreamReader@4628fe98
Please try your domain with www. or without it.
Question about re-branding : apart from name and logo , is it possible to accept my website by default(hardcoded) , so that the users do not have to type the website - that way it looks really like a specific app...this question is both for Android and IPhone app?
Yes, it is possible, as usual rebranding includes logo changing along with locking app to one site only.
Theres loads of errors with the source code from prime. Any way to fix this?
There are no errors, most probably your dev environment is not setup properly.
will there be a blackberry app?
Sorry, not in the nearest future, however there are some plans to make some hardware independent mobile app, or at least only some features will be implemented using native code, for example photos upload. Then it will be easier to make and maintain mobile app for different hardware.
good question will there be a blackberry app?
It works well on my site - had the error, and removing www worked for my Samsung Intercept (Android).

SUGGESTION: It would be great if the OO app could allow you to take a picture with your camera phone and upload it directly to your album and/or wall. Is this possible?
OO app (both Android and iPhone) already can take photos from camera or gallery. Open any your album and it will be add photo icon in bottom toolbar.
Excellent job, some problems with photos uploading from camera or phone files..

troublesome to have to tell everyone to include the www

Over all performance? Top Notch, very professional looking!
@AlexT, Black Berry is bigger than Android and Apple down here in Africa. Do you have any plans on releasing a Black berry App?
Andrew Boon
We have to consider global browsing market share and prioritize accordingly. So far it seems to be iOS > Android > Windows > Blackberry.
@Andrew, I see what you mean. Thanks for the response.
How would you access events, groups or the forum via this app?
But, I liked the original icon set :(
Andrew Boon
Cheer up! We are working on the Blue Padlocks ;)
That was the best thing i read on here to funny.

" Cheer up! We are working on the Blue Padlocks ;) "
like the new button set, well done
I have a HTC Desire HD. When I try to download it i´m getting this error "There are no Android phones associated with this account. Please sign in with a different account." Why is this?
Try to install it using android market app, to find it - try to search for "oo boonex".
There are some problems to install apps using browser, this is not bug in the app, but some configuration problems with your google account.
Now it worked perfectly... This is awsome :) Thumbs up Bonex!!!
Is it possible to disable the Iphone ap. in the download?
Yes, put "0" to "Disabled" field in "sys_box_download" table and clean your cache. Also please post problems in the forum:
Android app doesn't work for mysite. I tried it on another dolphin site and it worked fine.
When I type the URL without "www." i get error: PI must not start with xml (position:unknown @5:5 in, inputStreamReader@480aca70
When I type the URL with "www." i get error: Exception. HTTP status code: 302!=200

Same errors if i add http://
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