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Mike posted 20th of April 2010 in . 14 comments.

It was suggested recently that I update "goings on" here, and it has indeed been about two weeks since our "upheaval." Time has flown by while attempting to put everything in focus and concentrate on finding places to shop, reorganize and carry on the routines of life. Banks and ATMs, which many of us depend on, are getting slowly back to operation. Stores are opening again - many after extensive vandalizing.Some seem abandoned.

Reminders are constant as one moves around the city. Burned out buildings, smashed windows and boarded up fronts cast a pall on spirits and hark back to "those days." Strife, danger, tragedy, unwarranted destruction, sorrow, fear, uncertainty and death are all still there to experience no matter where you venture, it seems. As with much in life, nothing will ever be quite the same.

Beneath the remaining undercurrents is hope, though, and many I talk to sense this. Another, more just society is desperately hoped and prayed for. Only time will tell. For all who wished us well and cared to send their messages of hope - we are very grateful. Thank you!

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Nathan Paton
I'm glad to see you're alright, Mike. I was worried when you stopped updating your blog post on the situation.
I guess we all are still with you there! I hope everything turns out to be better in the future ...
Hi Mike good to see that you are still alright and getting things back to normal as well as possible under the circumstances.
Hi Mike, and excellent to hear things are getting back on track there. Let's hope the new government will work out better than the old one!

In a curious (and little published) discovery last year, I learned that my maternal family ancestry actually tracks to Kyrgyzstan centuries back... Perhaps that goes to explain the strange sympathetic connection I have with the operations here. =)
Good to hear you are okay. Hope your friends and family got through okay too. Any news on the other 'Boonexers'?

I just became a Premium Member and donated $20 to the Boonex Kyrgyzstan developer war relief fund. =)

(When I returned from Paypal, the software here said "You did not purchase any product". Seems I still became premium. Someone may want to fix the confusing message.)
It's good to hear from you Mike. I hope the future is bright for you, your family, and countrymen. It is regrettable that senseless destruction of private property had to be a part of the upheaval in Kyrgyzstan. There always seems to be those without conscience who choose to take advantage of desperate situations for their own personal gain, and those who direct their uncontrollable anger towards those who have done no wrong.

Hang in there Mike.... it's good to have you back :)
Again - my heartfelt thanks to all..... really about all that I have to offer. @Magnussoft, hansgeorg, Lworld, Dee, Code and HL - it is just nature to try and keep going... knowing you're being "remembered" helps a lot to ease the way. Big thanks to all of you!
@Code - that is truly amazing! For such a small country (no bigger than South Dakota) the history of these people astride the route to Asia from Europe reveals even more amazing things.
@HL - you are very right! The "mob see more mentality" has pushed those innocents extremely hard. It is difficult to watch and hear of some of these things. Knowing that this country desperately needs outside investment to offer jobs and an improving economy - and seeing them destroy every good will effort to encourage that....just no sense to it. They are killing their own economy and future as well as innocent people.

Watch for another blog very soon - because, sadly, newer info requires that I "recant" some of what I posted here ....
Mike, I just wanted to chime in and say that I'm glad to hear that you and yours are ok. But even more important hopeful. There's nothing more dangerous than hopelessness.
@Mike; While it's interesting nevertheless, I'm actually originally from Finland, and the Finno-Ugric peoples ( being scattered all across from Fenno-Scandia to Ural, a Kyrgyz connection isn't as surprising for a Finn as it would be for an Italian, for example.
glad to hear things are returning to at least half-civil. I couldnt imagine living in conditions such as that which you have had to experience or any others who are here on this planet just trying to live their life, and met with such a fallacy in life. Glad to hear you are ok and hope all is well with all of the boonex staff.

my faults are with you all and i only hope this will bring a better change with less blood shed
Thanks Swin, Dawg, Wes.... Code - you're right - and I am still surprised at all the "wanderings." Will check that link for a nice getaway break - thanks!

Ok - what I was referring to in my last post about recanting was that I wrote before checking the latest news and found that there had been additional trouble in fringe areas of the city. Beatings, deaths, burnings (it is in the news) and seemed to apparently involve "land rights" issues directed against anyone perceived see more to not be ethnic Kyrgyz. Some say it is not racial, but that remains to be seen, and I'm keeping a very careful eye on that. Turks, Russians and others who were born here and full citizens were accosted, beaten, and threatened for being in the country and told to leave.

Personal interview accounts from some citizens were pretty shattering, and it is all too easy to imagine yourself in their place. More homes/businesses were burned and some 5 deaths occurred with 2 or 3 dozen injured. Details are scant.... but in some cases and certain locales, being seen as "foreign" isn't a good thing right now.

Fortunately, I know of no one on the Boonex Team who has had any experience as such so far, and we do keep in contact. Staying low, being smart and trying to do "business as usual" but it gets difficult to stay focused sometimes. Thanks again for all your support - wish I could express it better!
@Code - great link, and I can see the connection there. Here's one for you, too - and oddly enough - it has a 2010 riots section (scroll down) and near end of that article that is updated enough to reflect what I just wrote about and which happened only a couple of days ago! Amazing!!
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