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Mike posted 16th of March 2010 in . 17 comments.

I am in a rather unique position here. How so? My skills do NOT include coding or great amounts of technical experience with our software. That is a confession of sorts, and I admit that I could not write one piece of code if my very life depended on it. Therefore, I need to focus on making contacts with people who CAN do these and other things, and I have garnered a good bit of knowledge regarding who is able to perform needed services, who has truly good hosting, where to find that great template or detailed help for coding corrections and so on.

Years of mails with customers and service providers has resulted in good insight on where and whom to go to for what customers need, and conversely - where NOT to look. Perhaps one of the most overlooked sources is what we call "Our Community." Yeah, we say it, but give it little thought when doing so.

Take a look at the blogs and forums, and note the people who regularly contribute there. Forget the occasional arguing and pettiness, and focus on the real resources who regularly provide help by scolding, pushing, guiding, offering alternatives and general good and helpful assistance to newcomers who are truly still much better than I at this business. These are the ones who test our software and painstakingly reinstall new betas, bend and twist things, offer guidance, point out errors and make everything we do much better. This is the larger BoonEx community, which brings vast talent and experience to our enterprise.

To these people, and you know who you are, I unabashedly and humbly offer my deepest respect and genuine thanks for everything you do for BoonEx and its customers. Indeed, it is all of you who comprise the BoonEx All Star Team! Hats off and applause, please!

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that fine words - I totally agree with you - Fortunately there are good people to help us - it is a good community - thank you
Notice how he cleverly doesn't name the "All Stars" - he just says "you know who you are". So everyone who reads this thinks - "yes, I am one of the All Stars". You are a good politician Mike!
RE: "My skills do NOT include coding or great amounts of technical experience with our software."

So Mike.... Who else at Boonex wants to make that confession?
Thanks God you do not know anything about coding Mike!!
I simply cannot figure out what a "run by coders company" might look like!! And before anyone says "Google, Microsoft, etc", I do remind you that these companies are run not by coders at all!!!
Programmers would simply go out of business if it wasn´t for the team that does "the rest".
You´re a true pro Mike!
Yes a great post Mike, keep the spirits up and everyone happy. Along the lines of houstonlively, I'd like to however know the same; especially since you for example are listed as a modification certification officer responsible for reviewing mods for quality, security etc. whatever the criteria is.

This is AntonLV's blog where the certification info is:

We all stars would be eager to know what is involved in this certification process see more that costs money, and that you are for example responsible for doing. How do you review a mod, if you can't write a line of code?
Well I can say this for you Mike, at least you are being honest and up front :)

For those of us who do contribute alot of time helping other members here at Unity, I would also like to say Kudos. Its people like this that gave me the help I needed back when I first began too. I may not be the best at coding, CSS, or anything for that matter.. But I am willing to give what knowledge I do have to help a little..
@HermanL - I totally agree - Boonex is a company with a complete "developer mentality" - which is good, but they need other perspectives as well - project manager, product manager, customer relations, and especially I wish they had someone there with a "webmaster's perspective" - or some who was actually using D7 to make a system work in the real world. Maybe every employee at Boonex should start their own little site with a small part of their time/
@CodeSatory - Of course see more he can- he can review the functionality, the documentation, and coordinate the reviews with the coders as needed.
Caltrade; When I saw the list of certification officers, I got the impression that they just listed everyone in the house.

If you have a look at the post by AntonLV, the mods are "reviewed by a single certified professional", and "you are not allowed to choose the reviewer".

It also states, "The extension ... must be fully functional and meet extensions' requirements and has no potential security and other problems otherwise, it can not be certified."

This see more is what's said for the certification service modders pay for, and that buyers will expect the mods to have gone through. I'm a little confused here on how someone who doesn't know a line of code can verify the mod against a long technical list of "extensions requirements", and moreover screen it for "potential security problems".

If you don't know the code, all you can do is plug the mod in and see if it makes general sense, but anything under the hood would be beyond the certification officer's skillset. Even if he's as nice and charming a fellow as our Mike here.

Also, my question on what actually happens in the certification process still stands. I would really like to know how mods are certified; I assume there is some sort of a standard procedure. If I am to buy Premium Membership to put something up on the market, and pay for Certification to give it a gold label, I'd like to know what I get for my money.
I'd love a complimentary All Stars premium star banner! =)

Might even add in a couple of tickets more to TRAC and jot down a couple of solid solutions off the top of my head. Right now I don't have time to hack in mods for the market, and I'm not going to pay premium just to be able to be an All Stars free helper before I get a chance to put some of the other benefits into use. At least I made it to MyDatery's grand list the other day --- that's got to count for something! I'll make it a point see more to put all this into my CV.
Cute Tiger :) --- "Tigger" likes it !
Very true... I have been learning the aspects of Dolphin for 3 years now and met some great people on here. My greatest praise goes out to YOU Mike, for always being so amazingly thoughtful, and helpful ( you may not know code.... but you TRULY KNOW People :) .... and my second WOW is definitely to JTadeo.... He is above amazing..... and has been right from the start.

"Tigger" :)
Gang: no pretense here - just trying to deliver one "from the heart" by saying I, and others I know, appreciate all you do. Everyone who responded here - you are each a part of of the All Stars!
@Caltrade - yes - too many to remember and list, and if I left someone out .... just wouldn't be right. You're stars in my book - each one.
@HL- gee Dude! I'm just admitting that I am not good enough to get in there and kick the ball around with you big guys! (taking confessional survey, will see more PM)
@Hernan - you're right and we've seen it happen before.... everyone counts, and thanks for that!!
@Code - the deep, dark areas of certification I leave to the "real" guys. (too many mails anyway).. banners in dev mode - may take as long as D7, post CV
@Magnus - uniforms on backorder - state your size!
@Zarcon, DanM, and HD4 - dead on target - you are "the ones" who make it work....
and Tigger...always lovely - thanks!

Appreciate your responses - Really I do...... Mike
Hang on now...

"RE: "My skills do NOT include coding or great amounts of technical experience with our software."

Geezuz Mike. you're my support agent. Luv ya, but I need someone who can actually perform support... which in most places would include reading code, discerning proper and improper code.. problem solving of CODE... and TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE.

This could be why I haven't gotten any help with that cron error? Where can I buy someone who can read my cron.php see more file and tell me where the syntax error is? I know it must mean there is an unclosed something, but needed someone to read it and see what the error is.

"Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSE in domain/periodic/cron.php on line 206"

Anyway. I'm glad someone at least admits it. Your honesty skill is way up there in my book. Now , what do we do about support?
@ladybugn - Your wish..... is in your mailbox. Got the reply today. Mike
Mike, just got it, and that looks like a good catch. Will report as soon as I make the edit, which will be after this.

I was pretty freaked to find out my tech isn't exactly a tech. NOW.. let me propose something. If your main skill is in connections and knowing who knows what.. That's a viable skill. Your referrals might have much more value for the time it would take me to find and screen freelancers.

IF they'd re-name your position to "Support Liason", I still might have see more chosen you. A liason might be a better option because they could have a wider range of options to choose from. In it's single agent form, we might get an expert at dolphins template system, but weaker in PHP, or a js wizard that doesn't think of other ways to use the template system.

I wasn't bashing your skills or lack of, as much as I was reacting to the surprise of assuming one thing and finding it inaccurate.

Knowing I have a laison, rather then the hands-on coder.. I'd know to allow for extra days to track the right resource. Something I would not expect from one who can read lines on the fly.

This cron.php is a case in point. It did take a long time. But in the end, the reply comes from someone who seems pretty confident to have spotted the error quickly. So same end result, the only difference being time. I can deal with the time factor, so long as I know that it IS a factor. I think we're cool with this solution.

But you have to admit, this was akin to my Doctor saying "I really don't get how the body works, but I really like working in hospitals, and I know some awesome nurses."

Methinks your bosses have language nuance issues. Industry definitions and descriptions have to be consistent. Maybe they'll get the term Technical Embassador."
Hmm. To the all the "allstars" This new systems has left a very odd taste in my mouth. I have been a positive person withg everything that has gone on. I was turned on to Dolphin by a friend when I was first starting my site. it was 6.1 something. When I first started I was in need of help getting things started.
Seems everytime I need help I have to pay for it and it seems that everytime I try to contact someone to help me from the main company the time lapse is too much to handle .Maybe see more there is an indepth manual out there. But I dont know where it is. Maybe instead of cutting back affilate commissions and giving it to AGENTS. You should make an ALSTAR Manual that will answer questions and issues thats easy to use and has some worth.

I have to learn this system as much as I can while running six companies. I have four other sites two use dolphin the others use another software. I have no issues with the others thats not resolved quickly free with my membership or that I look trhough thier manual and find myself.

So Mike I appreciate that you thank the people that do good with your company I think before thanks is given you should really vest into a kick ass manual.
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