BoonEx and Unity members shaping the Future together

sammie posted 22nd of May 2009 in Community Voice. 40 comments.

Yesterday BoonEx (Andrew) and I made an agreement which we both feel will end a lot of the bad karma here at Unity and start a new begining. Instead of fighting each other, the time has come to work together in Unity to Improve and shape the future, and work as a team together to improve the one thing that brings us all together, Dolphin.

For my part of the agreement, i have agreed to never use swear words again on (i agree to forfit one of the 38 free licenses i was given, for each swear word i use, thats a potential $30,020 worth i could loose) Although loosing 30k is a good incentive for me, it is not the incentive that would stop me from using terms like "F you, or go F yourself". my incentive is the BoonEx side of our agreement.

BoonEx Have agreed to allow and promote 10 members to Pundit status, and give these members access to the proposed release version of any upgrade/new version release, 48 hours before the planned release day. these members will then download and install and test the new release and report back any bugs found, so that BoonEx can quickly fix them before the release day.

BoonEx have also agreed to review a list of 10 names i put forward to form this core group. Now before anyone starts to think i am going to use this to build myself a personal power group, you can put that thought out of your mind here and now. One of the members i will put on the list of 10 is MichelSwiss (wow you 2 guys hate each others guts i hear you say) i am not narrow minded or short sighted to see and know who has the most to offer this core group. and i will put my differences aside, for the better of the group and Unity as a whole.

I do not intend to list 10 Developers, (BoonEx has 10 of them already and look whats happend? they forgot the end users because they are burried to much in their work on the code) I intend to choose 10 people that i know that work with Dolphin every day, and know the History of Dolphin and its needs, and who know what they are doing. The list will contain people both from Here ( and

The people will really only have one thing in common, and thats working with Dolphin. i'll name a few now but i'll post a full list later and my reasons.

MichelSwiss (see above)

jtadeo has taken Dolphin to levels no other person has managed to do yet. he knows Dolphin inside out, yes he is a developer and programmer, he is also the nicest guy you could ever meet, and is well respected and liked by everyone.

DosDawg owns Terabyte-hosting, the really only choice for Dolphin hosting, he works on dolphin every day, he has a vast amount of experience and has SuPHP servers and RMS servers and can give sound advice and input with issues on the RMS, auto installer for cpanel and Dolphin its self.

mrpowless knows Dolphin and has done some video tutorials to help members, posts mostly on the forums but is well respected and liked

okweb works with code and has posted a lot of free code to help members improve their sites, knows Dolphin and is also well liked

mscott has posted security advice to help people protect their sites, knows Dolphin posts more on Expertzzz than here, is old school.

houstonlively has posted some great ideas and expressed a lot of his thoughts and although is a fairly new member, he has demonstrated he knows what Dolphin needs.

gameutopia is a long standing member that has made a lot of posts to help others and has also developed some apps for Dolphin.

Kosmic She is a smart lady that posts help and advice in the forums and is also well liked, she knows Dolphin and its Code and has offered her skills to help others here.

Above are just a few of the people i think would be a benefit to the core group, there are others i feel would be a great addition, but who have left or no longer post here, if they could be enticed back then it would be great, i will post a full list later.

i envision the core group to not only be testers and repsent the whole of the Unity membership, but i hope they will hold talks and present BoonEx with idea's and advice and report bugs.

I hope today is the start of something where we can all put aside our differences and work in Unity to build a better relationship between the members and BoonEx and move forward and build for the future.

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She is trying to help everyone… and that is the right way to do things. If you are unhappy then vote with your feet and leave. It is just not right to tear things down . There is no room for personal attacks in a community forum that is meant to help everyone learn. Hate, intolerance and ridicule have no place here. Yes Sammie is flamboyant and “colorful” at times. She may have even been guilty of expressing her opinions in a less than tactful manner to say the least, but that seems to be see more her way and it is certainly her right.

She has been a valued member of the community for a long time and if you read all her posts I’m sure you can take many things out of context. In the long run however the constant theme in whatever she has written is getting Dolphin to work right for everyone. You want to fight take it to a private area somewhere else. You want to disagree, which is your right as well, then make it meaningful not personal and hateful.
thank you. as you can see, i have put aside any differences and chosen people that i feel would be the best and benefit us all, even MichelSwiss, who really does hate me intencely is listed.
Thanks for helping us sammie..
thank you for your support, i have always supported BoonEx and Dolphin, and will continue to do my best to keep supporting them, i do post a lot of replies to support questions and if you think i post a lot here, you should see my inbox, its full with 100's of support questions i try to reply to.
It's a step. Let's hope it makes a measurable difference. I hope so... but time will tell.
2 things
48 hours isn't not long enough 7-14 would be more practical.
the list needs to have community owners on it who have a good number of active users that are make full use of their communities features * I don't have time for this though*

"hilarity begins at home"
****7-14 days would be more practical.****
everyone will have access to the code via the SVN, BoonEx will tell the core group 7 days in advance the planned date and version that they believe will be the one released, the core group will download it 48 hours prior to the release day and test it on their servers and report any bugs found, by this stage, there shouldn't be many bugs at all.
Guys thank you for your support. i'll explain a little about my writing style

i am Deaf, so i use text to express myself and my feelings more than normal people do. hence the somewhat colourful choice of words, wit and sarcasm. i am used to defending myself online and i can be as much of a bully as anyone else.

because i am deaf i have had to defend myself from bullies all my life, and this come through via my text.

as to TechnoBrains, i really cant help feeling sorry for the guy, clearly see more his personaity and OCD Disorders prevent him from living a normal life.

this was re-opend by BoonEx yesterday:
04.07.2008 by sammie

i rest my case.
If somebody gives up from the team above mentioned, i am ready to take up. I have much experience mingling with the webscripts, esp socnet scripts.
write to and let them know you wish to participate. i think this was just a shortlist, and there should be room for more. i have submitted a few names that i am aware of, whether or not they would actually do it is beyond me, but there are some good people on this forum, that would love to have a chance to contribute.
I think this is a great idea. Its another step in the right direction. Boonex has already showed that it is listening to the community and now Boonex is going to actively involve some of us too.
i think thats really all we wanted, a voice, a feeling of being heard.

this last 30 days has seen some huge changes and BoonEx have really shown us they care, but i believe the disaster with 6.1.5 and 6.1.6 and the now planned 6.1.7, has given BoonEx a wake up call, this has put Dolphin 7 back by 2 weeks i believe.
You dont read between the lines she wants to make her own decisions

(this whole blog is about her deciding on everything)

so wants to control BOONEX!
So it is!! Its the right way to come to a good and stable product. my 2 cents.
killer, i am in agreement with you. we have to start somewhere.

There is a wise old saying, "It is better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt."

Ever since you parachuted in a few days ago, I have seen nothing but a continuous stream of complaints and abuse from you. I'm usually pretty good at determining what someone's agenda is, but yours is an absolute mystery. Perhaps it would be in your best interest to simply remain silent.
Perhaps it would be in your best interest for you to remain silent.
Yes i agree with the sentiment behind this, nobody wants all this bad karma flying about, lets move on to something more constructive, thats what sammie is trying to do. We can all gripe about stuff, i for one am getting fed up now with all the bugs,and issues. but im more interested in getting these things sorted than having a constant slanging match... Gawd knows whats up with you Technoman, its become obvious to me that you have some personnel gripe with boonex,and just want to cause bother, you see more are behaving like some love scorn women out for vengeance and you really need to get a grip. i dont like people like you who attack people for no reason whatsoever,and you really need to STFU and let the grown ups do what they have to do. You need banning from here.
OMG 10 thumbs down on one post TechnoBrains, aint that telling you something?
yah and by the ip log from the sooftware i am using
its all from your 12 user nicks, good try and like i care that you have 12 user nicks trying to give me bad karma!

Your the bully and your the one that needs some growing up to do, stop trying to control me or BOONEX for that matter!

Peace ......
can you please please as mom to change your Diaper, you're so full of (save your licenses sammie) that you really think as webmasters and server and network administrators we know there is no way you can get an ip from a website other then the sites own ip number?

are you still not finished trying to look a fool?
.... is that done by to much and loud techno music to you? My votes you have! Better be quiet before talking trash and lies.
[quote]so its only fair that whether she is a women or a man i can defend myself and i aint going to get bullied by her or you or anyone else.[/quote]

I think its you who is trying to bully here. You know where i come from we have a saying, its takes a bigger man to walk away than it does to stay and fight and it takes a bigger man to treat a woman with respect no matter what. You arent defending yourself, you are having a temper tantrum like a little brat, seems you have a history for it too. see more time you wasnt here i think. Oh by the way "STFU"
Enough bickering already. Sammie I suggest you just ignore technoturd and hope that he just goes away.
Andrew Boon
Thank you for the list Sammie. We'll make an official announcement next week, and the list will probably need some work on - talk to the people in the list, maybe some additions and community opinion...

We're also preparing the release procedure description, which would include the rules on how we'd inform pundits and other members about the upcoming release.

As for concerns about control, etc... I'd like to remind everyone that Pundit status doesn't provide any control, per se. It's mostly see more a burden to be honest. Pundits are not Moderators. They are just a group of people who work on quality control and bug-reports a little harder than others. Initially the idea arised from the need to marrow down conversation to cut off posts from less informed members.

I believe that we could have an effective group of about 30-50 pundits, so I'm sure the suggested list is not final. Anyway, we'll process the case next week and will make proper changes and announcements.


p.s. Technoman, may I ask you skip to a more constructive tone now. Sammie is back on track and you can do so too.
Yeah another double post due to editing. I hope this problem gets fixed :P
MichelSwiss, DosDawg, mrpowless, okweb, mscott, houstonlively, gameutopia... I definitely agree they are all avid users of Dolphin and have stuck with it for a while.

When these guys post a blog or at the forum, I will naturally want to know what they said because it is usually something valuable or something that makes me think or rethink my own approach to doing things.

Good to see you've included gameutopia :D He is good with this stuff. I am sure there are many more we are missing.


hey see more how about gkcgautam? uhm...I think that was his handle...anyway, I found a lot of his contributions very valuable.
I would second that nomination on gkcgautam. He's a very talented person with some very good insights.
i have sent in a couple of names as well.


james thank you for your plug on my behalf.

Please give it a rest! Everyone should know by now, that if Sammie feels threatened or insulted she will fight like a tiger so PLEASE stop provoking her.

ALL OF YOU who are engaged in this constant bickering are no doubt good solid citizens but you should know that NONE OF THE REST OF US have time for this constant Bull-Shit.

Sammie - Dear Sammie - Are you saying that Andrew has appointed you to create a list of Pundits who will review new releases? If so, then I want to congratulate see more you, and I want to thank Andrew for delegating tasks to loyal members. No one can question your loyalty to Boonex.

I don't think that Ten Pundits is enough. I would like to see the Betas released to at least 100 top reviewers. Why omit feedback from guys like Simion, Aramis, and many others when they are available also?

Anyway - Let's get back to the business of building websites.

OK everybody. Whether you like Sammie or not, is irrelevant when you consider the bigger picture and the principles driving the changes that Sammie is asking of Boonex.

For Sammie to request that Boonex create a group to review a Dolphin version prior to it's release to the entire world, is in no way a self-serving interest. A small group with an agenda that focuses on quality assurance, is always a good thing. Sometimes a thousand voices speaking at once, makes it difficult to keep attention see more focused on the most important issues.

As it is now, the Boonex staff is shouldered with the entire burden of quality assurance, coding Dolphin 7, and managing the day to day operations of Boonex. Forming a group that functions to ease some of the QC burden, will certainly make Dolphin a better product. That is incontestable.

This is something that is good for the entire community. The community will benefit by having additional pairs of eyes reviewing Dolphin before a version release, and additional ears listening to the community. You may not agree with how this group has come to be, or the personnel within, but be assured that it is a step in the right direction.
I'm new here. I was convinced by one of your expert members that dolphin was the way to go.

After seeing all the fighting and one guy asking everyone to boycott Boonex if "Sammie gets her way" I am wondering if I have wasted my money.

This place is far from unified.

Do not DISPAIR!!! The ship is not sinking. I have been a member of this community for several years now and I can't remember having more fun.

Some of the brightest web developers in the world are members here and they have caught the Boonex bug and if you stick around you won't regret it.

Dolphin is a very sophisticated script and if you are a webmanager it's fun learning new tricks.
EJ, this is a very active website with thousands of members. When you get that many people in the same place, it is inevitable that tempers will fly once in a while. I'd be more worried about those sites where the forums are completely silent.
Whats been happening here lately isnt really a true reflection of what it is like here most of the time. ive been here a few months and on the whole people are helpful, or at least try their best to point you in the right direction. It's only a few that seem to pop in and try to upset things, and as ive said before, i really cant work out why some people emotions run so high and seem to be on some vendetta. I think the list that sammie proposed is a good one, they are some of the most helpful and see more expert members around here and this can only do good for the community and the software, and i really dont understand why anybody would attack the idea. I only want to see the software working properly as i suspect most people do, and you can only do that by having people to test it that know what they are talking about. This is a brilliant idea. Do you really think that anybody would boycot Boonex, no of course not, thats just silly talk, laughable really. all genuine members here want the same thing, for boonex to come up with software that works and is fully tested so it gives the end user a smooth experience, and thats it, end of story, you cant get more unified than that. IMHO
Sammi - Awesome. Its nice to see someone stepping up when they didnt have to. Nice job! Drinks on me! On the more serious side of things, I know I am kinda new here, but I must say, all families fight, and from day one this has felt like a family. If no one had any passion, no one would argue, etc. Congrats again and great job getting things started!
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