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sammie posted 18th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

I have my own Dedicated server and have been thinking about the poor quality hosting people use.

After the resent hacking of Dolphin sites on poor hosts. i have come up with a plan that's very attractive and a great investment.

lets look at hostgator reseller accounts

Aluminum plan 24gb hard drive space, 250gb bandwidth per month $24.95pm

Silver plan 60gb hard drive space, 500gb bandwidth per month $49.95pm

Diamond plan 100gb hard drive space, 700gb bandwidth per month $99.95pm

note for 5c a month less than the $99,95 package you can get 2 silver plans and get 120gb disk space and 1000gb bandwidth

my dedicated server costs me $230 a month its a AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ with 2gb Ram Its very powerful. Way over powered for my own personal needs.

So i talked to my datacenter and asked for pricing to add 6gb more RAM and 2x 1Tb RAID hard drives plus one 1Tb backup hard drive + some scripting so when you add new domains to your account, it automatically adds your domains to the RMS access file.

This will cost $1000, its a one time pay, i buy the hardware, not rent it.

What do you get?

You get 3x 100gb hard drive space from the Diamond plan 100gb on each of the 3 hard drives, 2 RAID and 1 Backup the 500gb bandwidth per month from the Silver plan and pay the $24.95 a month from the Aluminum plan.

in effect you are getting a $100 a month reseller account for $25 a month. on a RAID server with backup hard drive to retrieve any lost data you may have deleted in error

I am only offering this package to 6 people, one place has been taken already so there are 5 places left. This offer is yours personally, you can not resell hosting to others, i want only trusted and committed people to join the Cooperative for us, for a secure dedicated server the handful of us are going to share, not for selling cheap hosting to any Tom Dick or Harry that abuses the server or whats being offered.

So you get your $100 a month reseller account for only $24.95 a month, i need to buy the hardware, so i am asking for a 1 time commitment of $200 for the hardware.

I need no money now, just 5 people that are interested and willing to commit and accept the terms above. lets make the boonex ethos work (Bringing people together)

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Another one of your great ideas, Sammie...and as I have already told you! And as I have commented on Jerry79's post a few minutes ago I have no idea why this blog got a negative vote either! ;-)
Novel idea just look out for those crazy others that are certainly going to install other software and expect you to fix them or service them 24-7. In my experience expect the un-expected.
Good point Gameutopia. Hence, Sammie's decision to limit down to a select trusted group of 6 makes absolute sense. More power to you Sammie. From what I've seen here, you've been one of the more vocal (graphically at times, ;-)) advocates here.
This is why I have a server beach dedicated box.. it's the only way to guarantee performance...
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