Dolphin 7.0.2. Released.

Andrew Boon posted 14th of June 2010 in . 60 comments.

It wasn't exactly the easiest couple of weeks, and time is still tight, so I'll be prompt. Dolphin 7.0.2 is now officially released.

What's really important in this release is that we've changed all service callbacks to make sure your sites are not disrupted should go down. FFMPEG converter updated to a new version and a bunch of tickets (76) resolved. Ah, yeah, and we've changed that default setting in database pruning. So, it's more a service upgrade, but a very important one.

Links and notes:

Check out the list of bugs fixed in Patch 2

Download Dolphin 7.0.2

Download Dolphin Upgrade Patch from 7.0.1 to 7.0.2

Upgrade Instructions from 7.0.1-to-7.0.2 (upgraded with 7.0.2)

Report bugs, post suggestions in Forums

Check out Trac for the progress of the next milestone.

Note: RMS was not affected with this Patch release.

Good luck and thank you very much for your participation in the development, testing and planning.

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Good job guys.

Keep 'em coming.

(clap) (clap)
now to spend few bucks for upgradation...
Upgraded - so far so good.
Got a date for the next release?

14th of July sounds good to me.

Andrew Boon
No date so far. Depending on how 7.0.2 goes we may be able to work on 7.1. We have interesting plans and experiments waiting, so news are on the way.
Upgraded - so far so good.
Well done. Now this is more like it. Keep the updates coming.
Fatal error: Call to undefined function bx_html_attribute() in .../inc/classes/BxDolTemplate.php on line 673?
will you be able to make d7.1, d7.2 backward compatible or is it going to take a legal action? you have created us a great deal of problems with this. please read my previous post.

learn from microsoft or any other legit software company. All upgrades are back version compatible.
Andrew Boon
I've answered your question before. Dolphin 7 is backwards compatible, as much as a web script may be. Microsoft is providing desktop software, not open-source web software and still they loos compatibility over time. IE9, for one, won't run on Windows XP. With your 33 mods installed, there's no way we would be responsible for your upgrade troubles. YOu should either work with mods providers or merge updates with your code.
Nathan Paton
@hashemi: Many web software modifications and extra components lose compatibility with major releases, due to the large amount of changes that take place, such as the removal of a function, or a change in the way something works that makes a certain modification cease to work properly. As such, it is the responsibility of the developer to ensure they keep their offerings up-to-date and compatible with the latest release of the supported software. Even Windows and MacOS lose compatibility with certain see more applications over time, as there are changes to system components and API that leave certain functions, or even entire applications, unable to function. While such companies as Microsoft and Apple try to retain as much backwards-compatibility as possible, even they admit that by doing so, they hinder the true potential of their offerings, because they must support legacy applications for companies which refuse to adapt.

This is a natural part of software development, and must be done to ensure progress.
I get the following in the popupwindow when I try to compile language - Language files compilation have been failed. Please check folders permissions.

Plus an additional "Database error in querry".

I still can't post in forums and get this message "Access denied. You must have advanced status at least to access this area or you are not logged in."
Great update....good job you guys
I think my errors havee nothingf to do with CB but with the host. The cache files I deleted keep bouncing back.
First time I'm upgrading (from 7.0.1 to 7.0.2)...and I don't see the list of affected files and database tables...???!!! Or am I missing something?

Where is the list of files and database tables that have been changed from the previous version?
Yes you are missing something. The upgrade patch has all of that information

Sorry but I did not find any detailed listing of all the files and database tables affected by the upgrade. I downloaded the patch, and could not find such list to compare to list of files and database tables I've modded.

Maybe you can point me to where exactly is such listing?
perfect so far so good :)
Updated without a problem, Great work boonex!!
@Dezzy... The patch IS the list. It contains only the files that were changed from 7.0.1 to 7.0.2 You can look at the various sql files in the upgrade folder to see how the DB is affected. If however, you want someone to type out a list for you, expect a long wait.

Yes, obviously the patch IS the list. No argument there. But the point I'm making is that it's standard in software development (as I've seen in other product upgrades) to provide a separate detailed list of affected or added files and database tables. It's not hard to do if it's done as items are updated. Yes, we can all trawl through the patch to see folder by folder, file by file what files are included...and then do the same for the database. But that's not necessary if see more a consolidated and simplified list was initially provided. There's many advantages to having such list. For one, it says us time by allowing us to directly compare with our list of modded files so we may start to work on necessary files, and it keeps us from possibly missing a file or database item. Furthermore, the list isn't necessarily a long list depending on the amount of upgrades with the delivery.

I guess you just have not directly experienced the benefits of such list. See other arguments from Deano and DM. You'll see I mean:
Andrew Boon
We never provided a full changelog, true. It would be nice to have this though, so we'll consider.
Still can't compile _EN language in the forums.
Also when viewing Couples profile in General Info block the second users DOB still doesn't show up?
Very nice :) Thank you!
lol i think if we upgrade this breng more headech we will be busy finding errors and paying money
I am impressed with D7, an open source product that is second to none! Rock on Boonex!

Not as much addressed with this patch, and I like that fact. I also love that it came so much faster then previous patches.

Great job everyone at Boonex - especially with everything that has happened over the last week or so. Amazing job really.

: )
: )
: )
Dezzy.. I don't know if there is a benefit to a list of files with 250 items on it. I don't have any utilities that will know what to do with a list of files. I do however, keep a proper directory structure of only the files I've modified, which I can compare with the upgrade patch with a file compare utility. Beats the hell out of going blind looking a list of 250 files and comparing them to another list. But.... if you prefer working manually from a list, that's OK. Just seems a little tedious see more to me.
bx_html_attribute exists in inc/ file in patch. Check properly - did u replace this file exactly?
Is there any solution to language compilation?

... and why can't I post in forums. I get access denied!!!

If you like dolphins you will like this ...
Andrew Boon
Lovely photo.

Unfortunately Dolphins are not as happy in captivity as it may seem, and it turns out they don't enjoy interaction with humans all that much either. It would be nice if we could appreciate their beauty when they are free and in their own natural environment.
Can I upgrade from 7.0.0 to 7.0.2? Or do I have to do it in 2 steps?
@ ronklein3 you can upgrade with out problem : but you going to add more bugs to your old version if im you I don't to the upgrade

and wait for Dolphin 7.0.3 new year
I think I'll wait.....
Fatal error: Problem posted in blog instead of proper Dolphin 7 forum.
Andrew Boon
Ladies and gentlemen, if you have a bug to report, a problem to discuss or in any other way want somebody to respond to your comment, PLEASE USE FORUM. Normally BoonEx technical team does not go through Blog comments.
ANDREW - even if you post bug reports in the proper forum - no one answers them
Andrew Boon
We almost always react, one way or another. We may have different views on how things should work though (like with the DEBUG mode). Before every release we make sure that there's no bug report post in forum left unread.
agree >>> DeeEmm i have like 50 post with no reply or respond
@ Earlier reply - Why work on 7.1 when there are still unfixed issues with current releases??

It's good that this release has been well received, but there are still many things to do before concentrating on features.

Fix the bugs first. You're going in the right direction, but you still have along way to go.

Andrew Boon
We sure won't be working on 7.1 until there're reports of significant problems with 7.0. There's always a place for hope, though ;)

7.0.3 is now being worked on. I will provide deadlines in a couple of weeks.

they remove all my comments that's one of the reason why some people don't like boonex because we don't have respect on this community
Andrew Boon
Has nothing to do with respect. Comments should be only that - comments. if you want to report a bug or start a discussion, use forums. I delete bug reports to make sure you repost them to forum AND for other users not to be confused into thinking that this is a place to post bug reports.
@ UFO361

not all of your comments were removed only a few lol.. that didn't belong here ;)
I did everything they said I should do, but now nothing works anymore . I dont get a list of updates when I enter my path followed bij "upgrade" I only get the message "Profile hidden"

I think I will start all over and clean everything up. its a big mess right now and I don't know how to get it right.
Wow - my post asking if the issue with the multiple select search and join form issues have been fixed got deleted - it was completely polite. I did point out the the Trac item on this was incorrectly closed - you can just look at it to see how many times it was open and closed to see that - HL did a good effort to try to get Boonex to listen to this issue. I wrote a detailed blog post describing this issue that was also censored here, and even put it in the "disputes" section on Unity. see more DeeEmm is right - there is a sense that when we are told to "post issues in the forums" it is because they want them to just go away. The bugs in the multiple select search and join form are serious, and won't go away because we pretend they aren't there. Anyone who tries to do anything slightly more advanced than the default install will find out about them eventually.
so, you mean I have to post the question "can I upgrade from 7.0.0 to 7.0.2 in one step or must it be done in two steps" has to be posted in a forum?
I started all over again (see previous post) and the site is running again. I didn't know what the bugs were so I cannot tell if it is better than the last version.

What I did found is that it is not possible to delete a membership level. The option is there (membership levels, scroll down "levels" -> "non-member" "standard" "promotion") . Also there is a button "select all" it doesn't work.
I don't want non-members or guests to do anything see more on my site. It is possible to work around it, just deactivate all actions for a non-membership and then at the buildermenu deselect all "guest" buttons. its a hell of a job, but allright, I've got it fixed allready. Just thought I should make a notition here for the fact that this doesn't work...
I do not have custom work done so the upgrade was smooth. The only only problem is there is still no way for admin to delete mail. I have been asking for this basic feature since 7.0. Deleting emails for good is a basic function that admin must have.
Since we update to 0.2, we have some new problem (facebook connect, embed video ...) 5 days posting on forum and contactng our agent, but nothing ... so we post here ... does we have to come back to 0.1 or does boonex take care of this situation and work on some patch ?
* status changed from new to closed.
* resolution set to invalid.

all messages will delete from trash every day (if recipient or sender also will delete message);


This is a backward way of thinking. Members do not delete their emails. If it was up to them they would have gigabytes of undeleted emails. Give admin the opportunity to delete emails in bulk. I have not been able to delete one single system email as they all collect in my inbox. This is a horribly inefficient and space see more hogging way to handle emails. Admin should have all control over emails. That is why they are admin. Why should users keep their inbox tidy? They are not admin. They will leave emails in forever.
I did change the predefined lists and add some things to it, just like I did in the 7.01, but my website doesn't get modified. Before it wasn't a problem at all, but now it sticks to the old lists. I switched off all chaches so I don't understand why the website is not modified with the data I changed.
I cant extract the files please help
Hi guys I am new over which dolphin you would suggest (less headache)7.0-7.1 0r 7.2 Thanks
I keep getting a database error since the change from .1

error in the file membership_levels_inc.php at line 505 (

$dateExpires = $arrMembership['DateExpires']; <----------------------------------------------------This is line 505

$arrMembership = getMemberMembershipInfo_current($memberID, $dateExpires);
ok dave is an idiot and had the old one in there ....

Do I transfer my Dolphin 6.1 license to the Dolphin 7 site when I upgrade?
Hello all,
Can I upgrade directly from 7.0 to 7.02 ?
Best regards
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