Dolphin 7.0.5, Dolphin 7.1 and Dolphin 8

Andrew Boon posted 14th of December 2010 in News. 41 comments.

A short update here, just don't let those numbers make your head spin. :)


Right now we're working on yet another "service" update (7.0.5) mainly focusing on stability and security. This update is likely to be available before NY and we have very high hopes that it would be the last in 7.0.x line.


Dolphin 7.1 development should commence in January, and we have no timeframes to share so far. We are looking forward to 7.1 release, since it should give a good inflow of freshness to current core package. Expect a new look, better speed and overhaul of some major modules.


Dolphin 8 - the ever-elusive, now almost mythical Trident-based update is not forgotten, either. In fact it may not be necessary to sacrifice a virgin to trap the unicorn.  It's not on track for 2010, but it's definitely not to far off in 2011. Interestingly, it turns out to be radically different from what we expected, in a good way.


Well, this post would probably win the prize as the most vague status report... perhaps resulting from mind twists caused by uber-hot pre-Christmas here in Australia.


Stay cool, mates!

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Nathan Paton
"In fact it may not be necessary to sacrifice a virgin to trap the unicorn."

I say we sacrifice one (a virgin) anyways.. hehe

I think that is a great idea Andrew.. Get 7.0.5 out, then focus on resolving any issues (if any) to make 7.0.5 as stable as possible. If an issue has been verified, post the resolution in the forums or something so that we can make the necessary changes/updates. This will allow us remain at 7.0.5 without having to upgrade to 7.0.6, 7.0.7, 7.0.8, etc. everytime a 'fix' has been put into place. This would also give you more time to focus on things see more like 7.1 or 8.0.

Judging by the amount of tickets created, ya'll are extremely close to getting this software where it needs to be. Shouldn't take much to make 7.0.5 a very stable package. It can be very straining to someone who has alot of mods on their site (like me) and the developer themselves, to have to upgrade the versions and 're-mod' what they have created so many times.

Keep up the great work and hope to see 7.0.5 come out with a bang! Luckily 7.0.4 didnt crash my site near as much as 7.0.3 did and I am hoping the same for 7.0.5 :)
Will Dolphin 7 still be maintained..,. or will everybody ditch it like D6?

If D8 will be so radically different, will all the heavily modded D7 Frankensites have any chance of being upgraded to the D7 platform?

I would like to propose a Dolphin 7.0.6 that gets rid of those ugly ass blue padlocks, through the use of more sensible sql queries. If that's all 7.0.6 did, I'd be happy.... for a day or so..... maybe.
i just paid for a licence will trident work on my licence
Hello ... I would welcome if there will be all old known bugs fixed before new enhancements will be made in 7.1
I will be here for the long haul!
The guys and moderators that help me with my site I thanx with all my heart you know who you are. This time last year I had not released my site to the public yet., and its been a hell of a year which I've learnt a lot of great skills.

Last 2 upgrades I have got my site as close to not being modified as much as possible. I did this upgrade in 30 minutes without unistalling anything without a single problem and without having to unistall anything. The secret see more is keep a record of what changes you make to your site.

Merry xmas
I may like to taste a vague description for "What is trident when compared to Dolphin?"
I hope 7.0.5 goes as smooth as 7.0.4 did, my site is not heavily modified so its not too painful and the added features/fixes are well worth it.

Andrew, thanks for keeping us updated. I've been here a short while now and have seen major improvements in communication to your customers. My previous perception on the dolphin platform was taking a negative turn, but with the latest updates I feel things are taking a turn for the better and now find myself waiting eagerly for the next post... kinda see more like waiting for christmas I guess.

I vote we still sacrifice a virgin.
So far i have seen nothing but positive changes for Dolphin. You folks at Boonex are doing a fantastic job. I will wait for the 7.0.5 update before i make my site live again. So far i am very very pleased with this software and have to say this is a major step up from the software i was using before Dolphin.

Andrew you talk about stability? Let me tell you that Dolphin is much more stable and offers the best for social network software. Nothing compares to it. I can say this with experience as see more i have used PHP Fox and Social engine and they both are crap compared to Dolphin. Just my personal opinion. Let's talk about the spam issue for instance. Dolphin combats spam far better than any software of it's kind and is 100 times easier to mod than other software i have used like it.

With Dolphin i am able to work every aspect of my site the way i want and the way my members need it to be. The only thing i think i need is to be able to make custom fields easily for groups. But this is a matter i will research and if i come up with a solution that works well i will surely share it with the Unity community freely. I have to say that this is also the closest community i have seen where everyone helps one another. This experience is the most pleasant one i have had in a long time.

No matter the releases that come out, i am here for the lifetime of Dolphin as i feel that my site deserves the best and here is where i find the best. The best investment i have made in the 3 years of this venture.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday everyone!
Nathan Paton
@okiewardoyo: What you're looking for is already available in the market. Also, stop abusing the caps lock key, it annoys me (and everyone else, I'm sure).
Great news...Andrew can you tell something more about trident or D8 instead of creating so much suspense so that we knew whether to wait for it or go ahead building our websites in the current versions.

Nathan Paton
I recommend you guys also look into testing this script using browsers other than Firefox. You need not look far into this script to find issues with Opera.
Great news..keep the good work going, motivates developers like us too :)
what are the "ugly ass blue padlocks" you're referring to?

Doesn't sound familiar but with a description like that, definitely worth asking about =)
@magnusoft : SORRY ..... hehehehe , i hope create mini dolphin as their default module for mobile site , not iphone app
@audanbal: goo post man...
After over two years of soft planning, setting up thousands of contacts on facebook, (my teens did all that) ... I'd hate to launch with the 7.04 current and wish I hadn't so we'll hope it comes out in time for a New Years launch instead of pre-Christmas!

We wanted to get it out since all the teens would be surfing MORE during holidays - but maybe we are just in time for e better plan so HURRY UP OK? lol!

..,.hope the 7.05 has some of the goodies we need.
Viva BoonEx...I can not wait!!!!!....You guys are doing a great job..And, I am sure you know that there are people from 4 corners of the Earth appreciate your hard work!!!

Thanks again!
Viva BoonEx...I can not wait!!!!!....You guys are doing a great job..And, I am sure you know that there are people from 4 corners of the Earth appreciate your hard work!!!

Thanks again!
I still don't feel you have the fundamentals and basics right throughout your platform. I really would just wish someone would listen at Boonex and get important measures in place before working on 3, 4, 5 versions ahead of what we are all currently using!
Well - I think Dolphin has no chance to become a platform for a professional websites without possibility to create a wide scope of lower level admin accounts, enabling to administrate just a part of activities (such as writing of news, moderating of discussions, checking of photos, videos, etc.) without chance to disturb the basic structure of site or change some of basic settings. To manage a site with thousands of users is impossible in one person or dangerous with more admins now...
I was expecting this delay regarding Dolphin 8, but what I have never expected is the continuous secrecy behind this project. You guys should remember that the success of Dolphin 7 was based also on the pundits and moderators testing, reviewing and ideas. If you make a product to please the clients than ask the clients!

Andrew you should make a demo website as early as possible before releasing the 8th version, even if it's restricted to a limited number of boonex members.. Do as you want but see more keeping everything covered up until the end can have two possible results.. a giant success or a big fail.

Adrian M.
re>>> even if it's restricted to a limited number of boonex members <<<

That would turn my stomach - who would be restricted and who wouldnt? We all paid the same fee right?
Dolphin 8 (trident) it is a uptade ? or a new logiciel?

please, please, please do not spent the time on system 8 until the nasty bugs in 7 are dealt with.

ALSO please have the 7.0.5 so that people have to put their email address in twice... please..
@teenzup In case you didn't know Dolphin 7 was tested by a group of people who volunteered to hunt down any errors.. that happened on the alpha phase. Don't judge a book by it's cover and don't take words as they appear.
Nathan Paton
@tevasas: Dolphin 8 will use a completely new code base that's powered by Trident. It's not based on any previous version.
@Magnussoft: Any Visual(screenshot) proof?
Nathan Paton
@tomakali: I'm going to pretend you didn't just ask that.
This seems to be the hibernation period of the year ... so I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year ... I'll be back in 2011 :-)
Congratulations !
But pls make your udates more universal ) 7.01 >7.05 | 7.02 >7.05 | 7.03 >7.05 but not like now 7.01 > 7.02 > 7.03 > 7.04 > 7.05
I think many people feel problems arount this bug )
If I have wordpres 2.8 and want to udate to 3.03 I will not uprade it 10 times with every version 2,9 3.0 , 3,01 3,02 and so on
I have to press one button and pabam all done ... But not in dolphin )
You have to make process more easy .
Thanks !
@Magnussoft: This means I must restart my site again?
Nathan Paton
@tevasas: If not a patch, there will be another migration tool that you can use (I'm going off an older blog post by Andrew).
@Magnussoft: Ok thank you
I am very happy that progress is being made..! And thank the Boonex Team for the hard work..!

However, I will also add some of my thoughts too:-)

I have worked with Dolphin before but I am waiting for the new 7.1 to be done before I start this next new project. It would be nice if we at least had a ballpark idea. I am also not sure why we are even working on or talking about a version 8 until 7.1 at least has assigned timelines.

Looking forward to the new versions. My wish list, fwiw. (1) Remove table-based layout, and use CSS. Tables should be used for tabular data, not navigation menus. (2) The language keys / strings is unnecessarily complicated. I'm working on a new module to simplify language support, but it better support should be native. (3) Gut the boonex template system. Use smarty if templates are really needed, or simply PHP. (4) Programmer documentation -- it's a complicated system, worthy of good documentation. see more Reading the code (which is almost completely without comments) is too difficult. (5) Better module support. Version 7 is a great start, but look to Wordpress for ways modules can be installed and maintained.

Tall order, and I hope to be able to contributed toward some of these things, especially regarding modules and languages.

Can anyone tell me if there is going to be an easy enough migration path from 7.0.5 to either 7.1 or 8?

Right now we're working on yet another "service" update (7.0.5) mainly focusing on stability and security. This update is likely to be available before NY

NY 2011 or 2011++ ?
Happy New Year! I wish you happiness and good luck!

P.S. Желаю счастья Личного и Наличного :)
7.0.5 full fixed today good 7.0.5 update ?
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