Dolphin 7 (Hookie) Beta 8 Online Demo updated

VictorT posted 30th of October 2009 in . 49 comments.

We have had a "Security Audit" recently and many changes have been performed in accordance with it.

We are having a huge amount of reports/logs on our Online Demo coming in. Lots of issues have been fixed after the Beta 8 release, but in order to not get buried in all of the coming stuff we have decided to UPDATE our Online Demo site with all fixes we have made and continue to analyze the logs.

We ask you to continue testing the Online Demo site actively, so we can go with a step by step analysis of incoming logs and fix the issues.

If you want to continue to test Beta 8 on your local version, you may use the  link to this revision to download and update your installation.

If, somehow, you still can't install the Beta 8 version, please contact me via PM with the details of your issues and the access to your site. Then, we can go ahead and check this individually.

Last, but not least - one thing that many of you have already noticed and discussed is that Dolphin 7 must now be installed on a server on which the PHP version is at least 5.2.0. We thought there wouldn't be much problem with that, because PHP 4 is not even supported anymore, and all hosting providers should have updated their servers with the fifth version of PHP long ago.

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Will there be updating scripts from this beta on or do we have to wait for the RC?
There will not be any upgrade scripts provided until you see an RC release. There are a few forum posts from Boonex staff that state this, although they are a bit difficult to track down, here is one for you.

Don't shoot the messenger...
Upgrades will be available from RC version only.
Hi Victor, thanks a lot for this helpful hints... I thought, my hosting-provider installed php 5.2.x on the server, but it's only 5.1.x (a little problem, cause I got a dating community based on Dolphin 6.1.4 installed with thousands of members)... :-/
I tried the installation on a different server with php 5.2.x and it works without use of the revision.

Now I can start testing... :-)
Still can't create the second person in a couple in the demo due to the birthdate popup in the second person being tied to the first.
I think that the "real time update" of the online demo is a very good decision :-) Congratulations :-)
Looks great. Has a great feel to it also. Was not able to login with Facebook credentials. That is a pretty cool option though considering how many users have accounts there.
Thanks Victor, I am going to replace the needed files with the revised ones as you suggested and try this again. Im sorry for getting a bit frustrated here but I hope you understand.

Looking forward as to how this going to test out this time :)

This actually has a logic problem...
Boonex provides us with the 6to7 script in beta 8
If someone tests the script, then he'll have updated to beta8. But since there won't be an update script from beta8 to RC1, what's the whole meaning?
Are we supposed to first create a clone site of ours and then try out the 6to7 script or something?
The logic here is that we have provided "6to7" script for you to make the test drive of it, but not to upgrade your site actually.

Means you do "upgrade", using giving instructions, of your site and see how the upgrade script will work or not (were profiles and their photos transferred and display correctly, etc, etc, etc).
If it works then report that, and if not then do the same, so we can do enhancements and fixes to it before the official announcement of the full-working see more upgrade script.
Of course you need to make a clone of your site to test on. Don't tell me that you would subject your users to untested beta software... If you do not want to beta test, then just wait for the final release to come out.
..... what's the whole meaning?

Very simple answer:

TESTING!!! Beta testing of functionality!
...we certainly aren't on the same page here...
if someone converts his site with the 6to7 script to D7b8, how is he gonna convert it to D7RC1 after?
Take a moment step back...

1. Your not upgrading your site to anything as your D6 site will remain exactly where it is and continue to utilize the same exactu URL.

2. It's only pulling the DB that is in your D6 site and copying it over to the D7 to make sure the upgrade script does in fact work.
There is no logic problem.

You are being offered the opportunity/option to test-drive a product in its production stage. It is your choice to do so. Nobody is forcing you to do anything. Hence, you are also invited to voluntarily report any bugs, issues and even suggestions to make the product better. Again, it is your choice to do so. You can test it on the live demo, or in your own server, at your own risk and free will.

The developer has repeatedly stated that under no circumstance you should see more use the current beta version of the project on a live environment and that you should wait for a final release to do so (i.e., final release of the product is not an RC version).

So, if you want expect full functionality of all features, scripts, modules, etc., then wait for the product to be finished and released as "final". If you wish to voluntarily take part on the testing and bug-reporting effort, then do so in accordance to the instructions and materials provided by the developer.

Yes, you may obviously suggest beta-enhancements such as the possibility to upgrade between beta versions, but, this is so old now. It has been asked over and over and the developer has clearly stated, over and over, that such enhancements will be included in the RC TESTING phase. Can't deal with the, indeed, cumbersome processes of installing and uninstalling beta versions, then don't, and wait for RC1 as the developer has said. It that does not work for you either, then... don't put yourself through it.

This whole business of DEMANDING such enhancements over and over (especially when the developer has stated, clearly, that those are not the plans), or continuously complaining about the development process and inferring that it (the development process of an unreleased software) is affecting your own private site development plans has got to stop. Revise your own plans instead for when the software is actually released to the public. There is a final Dolphin product released for you to use and request support for: the 6.X series.

If you are an extremely experienced user and have decided to use the in-production version of this software to start development of your own sites, you KNOW you are trying to get started with a software platform that is FAR from being released as final and stable, and you are doing so at your own risk AND against the advice of the developers of this software.

The logic problem here seems to be, however, that a few users are not observing the difference between a "beta" an "RC" and a final, public-released product.

I'd be surprised if a final, public-distribution-ready D7 is actually released before the end of the year, and I have the feeling that many here should wait for that to occur.
Well stated. I too, am tired of hearing all the whining about upgrade paths between betas.
I'll third that, well said.

I was wondering if a functionality for posting and searching EVENTS by zipcode could be included in D7 :D

thank you!
Trolled by a piggiotti... what can i say!

I do realise your "conspiracy theory" war on people that demand such stuff, but all i asked for is a REASON, and NEVER ever DEMANDED anything.

And a nice step by step (or paragraph by paragraph) approach to your coherent-totally agreed-not applicable on my case ranting...

1)I do find the opportunity overwhelming and wouldn't take it if i didn't see it as an opportunity.

2)I KNOW the developers stated so, since i can read, but i can also see more think as well.
What's the POINT of a D6-to-D7b8 converter, if the D7b8 is not upgradeable to RC1?

3)Did, do Will do all the time...

4)How democratic of you... Besides the fact i already chose to participate,which can be seen on all my posts and replies, i would really want to know which link the genes missed, so as to find the problem i mentioned,so difficult to understand?

5)Again... i don't demand, neither request more than the re-thinking of this matter. I never said it affected my business or plans, but i did ask for an answer that would help me make my plans IN accordance to the Developers Team Plans... Now how dificult or not understandable can that be?

6)I'm still Learning the How-to, and never said i would use the in-production platform for live sites. The fact that i also plan about deploying stuff for D7 is merely relevant, and not at all adjacent to one-another!

7)A few users do that, all i try to explain here is i am not one of them, i only try to figure out this contradiction.

8)You'd be surprised, i would be surprised... all the clients would apparently ... be surprised.
Why can't you upgrade from Beta 8 to RC1... Well because you can't... it's a Beta... You are way over thinking this... they are testing the script.. once it is good they release the RC... It is not a complex or perplexing situation...

Test the conversion before you release it...
Thank you for posting this ydrargyros. I think most people here agree with you, though Boonex has made it clear that they don't respect our opinions on this issue so no one is expressing it anymore. Are far as the "opportunity" to test this product, that is just ridiculous - we have had that "opportunity" seven times now. You are not going to win this one. Boonex has already made up their mind and they don't want to be confused by logic or the facts.
I have no idea as to the content of your comments. You may have even shared an interesting development or side to the discussion, but I cannot tell. The reason being, I started to read your comment, but stopped after your first sentence: "Trolled by a piggiotti". Then I decided not to go on reading.

What for? Only an ignorant, poor-mannered coward hiding behind a nick would engage in a discussion by insulting others.

I sincerely hope the admins of this site begin to take action to see more prevent this type of conduct here. It only reflects badly on the community the are trying to promote, and is by far worst than missing beta-release deadlines or dealing with bugs.
Victor: A few betas ago there were issues being reported by people with D7 installs on servers running PHP 5.3 +. Those reports involved the use of deprecated functions.

Have those issues been cleared? I don't recall them being reported to trac, but I could be wrong about that.
Yes, there are some, from old code, but those won't influence the functionality at all.

This will be polished as the time goes by.
Okay guys, I've seen both sides of the story and understand where each person is coming from, however, as a site developer, people would like to start their communities with the latest features and not confuse their users with a Dolphin 6.1.6 build to a Dolphin 7.0 because the structure is different and the whole user interface is better in 7.0.

Now for the people who are using 6.1.6 can see the Dolphin 7.0 is a lot better, with more features, so they would like to get developing on the new stuff see more rather than the old technology...i.e. they would like to develop on a beta and take the risk, but also have the opportunity to upgrade per release even if its beta or not, and go up in stages to developing a good working website/community. This way they would not have to have a 'fresh' clean install per version and loose all their hard work. And it can encourage the community to test harder for bugs, because it is their OWN work, that they want their users to like and to come back.

This could also be backed up by people are paying for their hosting packages/dedi/vps and secured their domains, they see fit to use for their community and do not want them to get taken.

To end it off, I know boonex are working hard to release a good bug-free version, but its up to the developer/webmaster/administrator of the site whether to take the risk or not, so why cannot boonex allow us to make the decision for ourselves.
Installed beta 6 on a production site, then evolved to b7 and b8..

While there is no update plan, I used a classic unix diff to upgrade. In meantime, whole system has been translated in french. You can see it working at site.

Latest patches fixed some annoyng problems, such as not verifying queries to database.

Thanks for the really good job.
Good Work on your site =)

What image file did you use to change the background or what css file did you edit?

Chat doesn't support special chars (ex. Alt+a = ą)
You need to post in forums, not here. You wont get help here cause you are breaking the blog rules.
I still stick with my prediction I made earlier this year...Stable Release in December 2009.
Does this mean no Poseidon in March/2010?
This page is having some .js issues (wink)

"Webpage error details

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Timestamp: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 04:22:43 UTC

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a problem is to add a website. after it is added to the site and you click on the title page gives error that does not exist.
I would like so I can add more pictures once the album and not one.

would be very easy to navigate if the application modules should be displayed on the right in the user page.

sorry for my engles.
i'm a little lost on this 6-7 migration thingy,
if its a cron-job where is it, is it the cron job line
i entered in the install of the beta 8 ?
and if anyone can point me to the info files so i can
change the look of this would help me

thanks Doug
the private messages don't work. It doesn't show you the message that is sent. just shows the subject

Chat Software
In the Chat Section is a folder called: Moderators
But how can I give special Users the rights to be a Chat moderator? What can a moderator do? Ban, Kick or gag bad users? It´s very, very important for a community, that chat software is able to do this.

Send Messages / Mail
One way to earn money in a community is a good software, that makes users happy. The key is not to give all options for free. So the users must have the ability to upgrade the userlevel by paying see more a "bigger" packet. In the standard level, I want to turn off the ability to compose messages. In the "Manage Membership Levels" is a option to deactivate "send messages" - but it has no effect. Is this a Bug or is a other option needed?

ZIP Search
It does not make sense to have a search option WITHOUT the possibility to restrict the results by miles oder km´s. If you have a community with more than 300.000 Users - as I own, I hope Boonex is implementing the ZIP / PLZ / GEOData restriction.

I am amazed with all the stuff in the new dolph 7 I am digging around and still finding stuff.
I do have one question. I have looked and followed 4 completely different tutorials on using Predefined Values, in profile fields.
None of them were the same, and none worked.
I dont know if I am doing it wrong or what.
Example: and following the looks of the already installed predefined values
I make a new list call it NewList
I click add
in the first box I put a 1
and the box next to it I put see more __wow
click add again
in the first box second row I put 2
and the box next to it I put __reallywow
i CLick save
I add the list #!NewList in a selector block in the profile fields. and add the new field to all areas of the profile

I even recompile the Language file

I go to the profile click edit and scroll down to where the new NewList profile field is
and look at my new selections and what I see is

ok for poops and grins I select one __reallywow and save the profile
it shows up on the profile as __reallywow in the section where it is.
I click on edit again, and scroll down to it, and the selector box has reset itself to the __wow

Is there an easy fix to this, or am I missing a step all together?? or am I doing it all wrong even though i am following the other System examples

I think I had the same problem in 6.1.4 too
see moreHey guys! I'm deaf and I run a deaf site. I'm very excited that they added "Record a video comment", so people can use sign language to communicate with each other using visual means. (They don't need to type anything). Way to go!

They didn't add "Record a video" or a button for easy upload to the blog. On YouTube, I notice that many people like to video themselves talking about things that interest them. Is it possible that the same feature can be added to the blog section?

And also, it is possible to add some script that can ban "scammers" who email more than maybe 25 members less than 5 or 10 mins automatically? Facebook has this kinda of script and it would be great if Dolphin has the same thing. :)
this problem when install module
Installation of: Desktop Failed
-- Check module dependencies:
-- -- The following modules should be installed first:
-- -- Messenger Module


Installation of: Events Failed
-- Check module dependencies:
-- -- The following modules should be installed first:
-- -- BoonEx Orca Forum Module
-- -- BoonEx Photos Module
-- -- BoonEx Videos Module
-- -- BoonEx Sounds Module

Installation see more of: Groups Failed
-- Check module dependencies:
-- -- The following modules should be installed first:
-- -- BoonEx Orca Forum Module
-- -- BoonEx Photos Module
-- -- BoonEx Videos Module
-- -- BoonEx Sounds Module

-- Check module dependencies:
-- -- The following modules should be installed first:
-- -- BoonEx Payment Module
how to install

module Desktop, Events,Groups,Membership
please help me
Are you blind or simply dumb?
ydrargyros, you have one of the most ignorant posts I have ever seen.

"Beta" is a nickname for software which has passed the alpha testing stage of development and has been released to users for software testing before its official release. It is the prototype of the software that is released to the public. Beta testing allows the software to undergo usability testing with users who provide feedback, so that any malfunctions these users find in the software can be reported to the developers see more and fixed. Beta software can be unstable and could cause crashes or data loss.

So, anyone? Last statement make any sense? That means DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR LIVE SITE! If you are not a programer and have a thorough enough understanding of Dolphin, then leave it alone and wait for the final release.

I have Dolphin 8 running running on WAMP. It is simply awesome so far. Given the time to work out the bugs, I'm sure it will be what everyone has waited so long for.
I just installed Dolphin 7 to 8 I have a problem I logged on my admin account (administration) not connected to me, it displays the incorrect password, and I installed twice Dolphin 7-8 always the same thing.
Is it just me or is the Search functionality extremely limited? For starters Couple accounts are now back in, but there isn't a way to Search for a couple. I don't see any way to add Search criteria either. The Quick search (even the Advanced Search) is extremely basic.
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.