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HernanL posted 16th of June 2009 in Community Voice. 12 comments.

Hi everyone!

I was wondering why does the dolphin in version 7´s logo seem to be angry?

Is it that this is a more aggressive kind of dolphin?

Is it that v6 was a funny one and this is not?

What´s going to happen with future versions!!!???

I would find it more appealing if it was smiling again, like in v6.

Just a thought.



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same with me, i prefer the older cute dolphin logo....
I don't thinks it's angry... it's more a determined, "I'm the leader" type of look.
Andrew Boon
We wanted it to look mature, determined and strong. It feels like a nice idea to change logos once in while to reflect the product changes.
It looks evil :) Agree with posts. Older logo looked more friendly.
I like the more aggressive look. It compliments the more aggressive attitude of Dolphin 7.

Besides, there are a lot of bad fish in the ocean. It never hurts to show that you are one Dolphin that shouldn't be messed with. LOL
The logo will not make or break Dolphin, this is a distraction & the old logo already looked "mature, determined and strong."

People Power ! Let the United Community vote
Id say the new logo for dolphin is fine... The cute little Dolphin has grown up, knows what it wants and knows how to get it..... A force to be reckoned with is what the new logo says to me.

Nice image change i say...


Maybe he's hungry! As long as it doesn't bite my server's head off.
It definitely looks more mature/serious. And as all other logos, it´s very cool.

Suggestion: put them for wallpaper download!

One more thought on the subject. In my native language, Spanish, dolphins and sharks are first thought of as males. This is because the noun´s gender is male (nouns and adjectives have gender in Spanish). So you have to specify "a female dolphin". Rays and Orcas, on the other hand, are females (as a whole) and male only if you specify it (because of the same see more reason).
So my question/thought is: Is this dolphin7 a female or a male? I guess I know the answer, but I´d prefer it to be the opposite... ;-)

What do you think?
I voted negative cause we can change the logo to our own needs, unless Im missing the point ?
I like the change of logo too. It' one of them simple changes that has no real issues with coding. The dolphin looks more aggressive, it knows what it's doing and wont let anyone get in it's way.

The previous was nice, happy and flipper! Maybe some of us remember flipper...he was faster than lightning wasn't he if I recall. Man I loved flipper when I was a kid...the good ol' days...where does time go...

Um...sorry that's another story.

Either way they are both nice. Change see more is good with logo's sometimes, it signifies changes to the script or program, and I think this is reasonable.

On a side note, I think the dolphin is a boy. I know that sounds funny, maybe because I am a guy I naturally think boy. The old dolphin I actually would probably say a girl before a guy, because it seemed kinder, gentler, and less aggressive. I know we are just talking about logo's but hey some of us call our cars she's/girls too right?
Flipper and Sissy!! They "toured" South America and it was my 8th birthday present to go see them with my parents!
I always suspected there was more than one Flipper!!

Sissy was "his girlfriend"!

Nice to see what you guys/gals think about the new logo.

Andrew, please put it for download as wallpaper!

Thanks & reagards!

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