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I like the change of logo too. It' one of them simple changes that has no real issues with coding. The dolphin looks more aggressive, it knows what it's doing and wont let anyone get in it's way.

The previous was nice, happy and flipper! Maybe some of us remember flipper...he was faster than lightning wasn't he if I recall. Man I loved flipper when I was a kid...the good ol' days...where does time go...

Um...sorry that's another story.

Either way they are both nice. Change see more is good with logo's sometimes, it signifies changes to the script or program, and I think this is reasonable.

On a side note, I think the dolphin is a boy. I know that sounds funny, maybe because I am a guy I naturally think boy. The old dolphin I actually would probably say a girl before a guy, because it seemed kinder, gentler, and less aggressive. I know we are just talking about logo's but hey some of us call our cars she's/girls too right?
Flipper and Sissy!! They "toured" South America and it was my 8th birthday present to go see them with my parents!
I always suspected there was more than one Flipper!!

Sissy was "his girlfriend"!

Nice to see what you guys/gals think about the new logo.

Andrew, please put it for download as wallpaper!

Thanks & reagards!

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