Dolphin 7... On the way! (Updated)

Andrew Boon posted 23rd of November 2008 in . 309 comments.

We planned for Dolphin 6.2, but while working on it we realized that we have to change so many things and the whole script needs quite a few structural improvements.

So, we've gathered all our programmers, including those working on Poseidon, and fired up a one month program for the development of this major update to the current Dolphin. This is going to be the last major update before Poseidon, and we will only have smaller subsequent updates (7.1, 7.2). In fact, Dolphin 7 is an attempt to create something very close to Dolphin 8 in a nutshell, while the core will be the only thing changing with the introduction of Poseidon.

As I said before - 7 is the bridge version, but make no mistake - it's definitely not a fast-baked or temporary update. Dolphin 7 is the result of more thought, more manpower and more planning than any of our previous releases. Moreover, its mission is to introduce some strategic shifts in technology, licensing and pricing strategies of BoonEx.



We'll be talking about features in more details when the first betas appear, so for now, just a scoop...

1. New design.

2. New layout.

3. New menu structure.

... good start, huh?

4. Completely re-built profiles, browsing pages, content search and user search systems.

5. Wall (think Facebook)

6. New integrated Flash widgets (some are very exciting).

7. Desktop agent based on Adobe AIR.

8. Iphone APP for your site users.

9. Google OpenSocial integration.

10. Re-structured media sharing components.

11. New live feeds, AJAX loaders, spies, notifications, trackers.

12. All new user accounts.

... and much more. We'll be rolling out betas very soon and this time we plan to work with you collaboratively untill the product is REALLY ready for release. Remember, Poseidon-based products will need a lot of time to catch up in terms of features, so Dolphin 7 should now be packed with everything you could possibly think of.


Now united

We are combining Dolphin, Ray and Orca into one single package, with one single license. Dolphin 7 is nearly useless without Ray widgets, but we don't want to seem to trick you into buying another product - so all widgets will now become part of Dolphin, and the same is true for Orca. You'll be getting a single package, which encompasses Dolphin, Ray and Orca - all properly integrated - and all under the new single name - Dolphin 7.

Dolphin 7 Free will have less ads/links, and once you buy a license to remove them - no need to re-install. We're also developing a more flexible pricing structure for the package, but rest assured that it's going to be more affordable than now.

Everyone who holds active licenses now will receive proper upgrade deals.


I have so much more to tell, but let's do this step-by-step. Next time, I want to back up my words with a few demos, so get ready for the upcoming testing race and the excitement of a huge software update.


Oh... and yeah... when...? We're talking a couple of weeks, or so.



In response to many of your comments, I would like to say we're reading every single comment and build a lit of features/reports to be addressed. We'll also try to answer the questions ASAP, but I'm afraid I can't answer every comment now. 

Many of your points, related to the upcoming release and BoonEx operation are very valuable and have already changed what we do, so keep them coming. 

Beta stage is close and we'll be able to talk even more about the subject, when we see it in action, together.

Thank you for your support, critique and participation - you're great!

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Please add Multi-Server Load Balancing Plugin Store - Convert video - music - images - database on an Unlimited Number of Servers
Convert non-latin char
More templates
Andrew Boon
All these things are definitely on the list.
i am writing

a dolphin for dummies guide, can i get an Alfa of 7 so we have some documentation i can start to write so its ready for when its launched?

i'll continue with the present guide but name it 6 so that the next generations can follow.
Andrew Boon
We'll publish an early beta very soon. Access t Alpha makes little sense, because we still make structural changes. Thank you for your great work! I hope we'll be able to join in and get it better together closer to the release.
the sooner i get to see it the more i can write. there will be changes yes, but i guess nothing more than just editing the guide and moving things about.

a head start would be an advantage, as their are new things that would need to be covered, the more i can write now the better.
Sammie - Good idea with the book! - I want to hear a good review from you and DosDawg about 7.0 so I'm gonna wait until you guys test your copy before I upgrade from 6.1.4.

You Go Girl!

i am reading this and its saying there will be a 6.1.5 but no longer a 6.2? is that correct?
Will released version 7, no more any subversions of version 6. Here very many features was added. So, just wait a little - all on way
This is a great Christmas gift!!
It sure is wonderful news
This news is outta sight! I can't wait. I trust the upgrade from 6.1.4 to 7 will be relatively straightforward.
Andrew Boon
We really hope to make the upgrade process as seamless as possible. There're some serious changes though, so upgrade of modified versions can be a little tricky, but we will definitely provide instructions and diff. files.
i know you do with your team a amazing job !!!!
let us know if the beta out
kind regards
now this sounds really exciting and the next 2 weeks will definitely be something that I look forward too! Well done with the good work. Dolphin 7! What a big leap!

Good news!
Q. How easy or otherwise will it be to upgrade from 6.1.4 to Dolphin 7?

Will the majority of widgets etc. work with 7?

Would it make more sense to start afresh with Dolphin 7??


Good points indeed... I was thinking of uninstalling any major/complicated mods and starting afresh as it allows for less errors during the upgrade process
Andrew Boon
Fresh install is simpler and is often a ticket to fewer problems, but I really hope that we'll be able to provide a clear and effective upgrade path.
it would be nice to do a fresh install and just have a SQL importer/converter for the new version also..

O.K. You Got Me! - What is Poseidon? - I like the whole idea of 7.0 but if I understand correctly Poseidon is a core database with plugins? I really think you folks are on to something because 6.1.4 is really not that bad and the upgrades to 7.0 sound good.

Thanks for a welcome surprize and Merry Christmas!

==========<quote = unoboonex>==========

it is the core of Dolphin 8, Orca 8, Barracuda 8 and Shark 8.

Why would you want, say, Dolphin 8? How about...

- 100% separation of core and functional modules. Poseidon treats everything as a plugin. Blog, search form, photos browser, comments, video player, you name it. Upgrade, modify, delete, activate or add new plugins and your site is still rock-solid.

- Super-simple upgrades. Thanks to full separation of plugins and core, you can upgrade see more separate plugins selectively. Upgrade the core with minimal impact on plugins and with proper compatibility verification.

- Ecosystem. We have Unity, Expertzzz and a few 3d party partners that we’re getting together to develop modules for Poseidon. Unlike Dolphin 6 mods, Poseidon Plugins distribution and installation is very simple. Ever purchased music from iTunes? It’s THAT simple.

- Designed for colossal performance. Poseidon is intended for massive traffic loads. Not “adapted”, but developed from the ground up with millions of users in mind. This is what so many of you have written about and have waited for!

- Latest technology. While Dolphin 6 is a product of evolution, Poseidon is based on the latest and greatest web-development technologies, solutions and practices. Completely new design, thought-out user interface, superior site structure and an all-new approach for the admin interface.

- Stability and security. Again, thanks to separation of the core and plugins we are building a lot more stable and secure core.

- Better code. Poseidon development is heavily supervised to ensure highest programming standards.

- Openness. Poseidon is going to be released under an open-source license and will support 3-rd party modules/apps the same as native plugins. From the very beginning, Poseidon will support OpenSocial apps and will treat them as plugins. Plugins developed by Unity members or even your own team would all seamlessly become parts of your site.

- Top-notch templating and language systems.

- Simplified licensing. Poseidon-based products would have a lot less hassle in terms of licensing than the current version of Dolphin, Orca and Ray.

- Built-in Ray Widgets. All, and some new, Ray widgets are going to become Poseidon plugins, without the need to buy extra licenses and without separate installation.

and a lot more

Here is the link

Sounds like quality stuff right?
Andrew Boon
What we're trying to achieve in Poseidon is the answer to most of the questions you hear now - how easy it is to upgrade? what's gonna happen to my mods? how about load-balancing? etc. Dolphin 7 is going to be close to Poseidon in terms of user-side layout and features implementation, but in the core you need something highly configurable, something that treats every little piece of functionality as a separate module, something like Lego-Blocks if you will - do what you need, upgrade, play, configure, see more change - it's still sturdy and usable. That's Poseidon.
I have been waiting for news like this. This is great :)
Keep it up. Looks very promising. Can't wait to play with it.
Brilliant news cannot wait, will there be an opportunity for members to be able to create seperate photo albums?
Andrew Boon
Yes, we're working on user albums for media too.
A nice move by Boonex by planning about version 7 release. This would avoid the troubles which were to be faced in case there were some intermediate versions like 6.2 . And no doubt, this version 7 would provide us a picture of how the Poseidon is going to be.

There are few requests from my side which need a little concentration from Boonex. I would be soon writing a separate blog post on that and hope that Boonex would try to work on them once they roll out the version 7 and take a satisfactory see more break ;)

Keep the good work coming!!!
Please change the directory names also in license version - it gives you link kind of advantage when it directory name RAY or ORCA - its like you have to put directory name dolphin even if you pay. Please I have no installed both of these just because of this
Andrew Boon
Good point, and yes, we'll be removing "Orca" and "Ray" references from Dolphin completely.
Woow Good Sound , I can't wait it ..

but please I want request from Boonex team .. please please can you make pay way by or Master card directe

because I can't pay by paypal cause the paypal not support my country .. so that I can buy the license in future

thank you so so much for the hard work and I'm waiting Dolphin 7

best regards
Andrew Boon
Unfortunately we can't accept anything but PayPal or Direct Bank Wire TRansfer at this point. You should have no problems with the latter, though.
this seems cool... will it have a function to upload multiple photos at once like facebook? i have had so many requests for this....
Andrew Boon
Good one, and yes - we're working on that too.
Uaaauuuuuu !!!!!!!! daily access, waiting for new posts boonex, and time for a few moments when I read that a new version of this dolphin to be released.
Boonex direction anxiously await the details of values, as recently launched my dolphin and already have to spend a little more, hopefully a good price:).

I await anxiously.
is a great gift

thanks boonex
Please contact those responsible to know more about buddypoke, and they told me that this application is compatible with OpenSocial.

Boonex says: Google Opensocial Integration.
If anyone knows answer: Is it possible to include in our applications such as dolphin ??????
All the experzzz should be excited about this hundreds of people payed thousands of dollars to custom mod their sites, and will pay more money to upgrade all that work to new dolphin
Andrew Boon
Some mods would definitely be affected, but that's not necessarily bad. Some new default features of Dolphin would make certain mods obsolete, while some mods would need very minor tweaks to work with v7. And there's a good chance that majority of mods would work just fine with the new Dolphin.
You might find an easy way to re-integrate your changes would be to do the following...

...1) Get a good source control system.
...2) Add the original script code to this system. That would be the code you originally modified but in its original form
...3) Create two user accounts or check out locations.
...4) Check out the source code under one location and apply your changes.
...5) Check out the original source code again under a new location and apply boonex changes.
...6) Check the boonex see more changes back in.
...7) Resolve conflicts/Integrate your changes in.

This does require a system that allows for multiple check outs and the ability to integrate and resolve conflicts when checking them back in.
I don't like the comment made by playasurge. He is sniggering at all the people who paid for mods, that will allbe usless if you use version 7.

Boonex can you tell me how this will effect our 6.1.4 site please?
Andrew Boon
See my reply to "playasurge" ;)
Boonex because we have made modifications to 6.1.4 does that mean V7 won't work for us?
Andrew Boon
See my reply to "playasurge" ;)
some of the mods also alter the database structure so when there is a new upgrade and structure changes you have to find out if your database has to change too if so then you have to pay the developer to also migrate your data. that add additional cost to the upgrade. That is what we were faced with and decided to not use the product any more.
Boonex can you create an email system like you have on here please
Andrew Boon
Unity email system is closer to what you will see in Poseidon. In fact, Unity is powered by very early iterations of Poseidon engine.

Dolphin 7 mail system is going to be improved dramatically, but it will still retain its old code for the most part.
how about a video mod that allows members to also embedded a video code from other sites or upload a video file they have, and they all appear on the video page....
Andrew Boon
This is one of the major improvements we're preparing now. Every media item can be added by different ways - Upload, Record, Embed, Link.
Please have the following as standard.

1. Multiple picture upload.
2. Albums
3. Photo tags
Very much agree with you there BunnyGirl.

Multiple Photo uploading, and creation of albums is a must!
I hope the Multiple Picture Upload is the advanced kind used by sites like MySpace and Facebook. These sites have uploaders that allow the user to batch select many files from a single browsing session. Whereas the Dolphin mods that are currently available still require the user to browse to a single file, select it, then browse to another file, select, it, repeat repeat repeat, then hit upload. This is an ancient method that people hate! Please please please take an example from MySpace. With see more their Uploader widget, not only can a user batch select files, but he/she can create new albums directly from the widget itself and tell the uploader to upload to the newly created album, among several other features.
Awesome!! Thanks for this. It's exactly what I needed. Thanks for all your hard work. You guys are super creative. It's awesome.
dolphin rules, I check my admin everyday for just this kind of news. Great work thanks
cool, Im new to the Dolphin World and I love it. Just one thing will it be more admin friendly on setting up payment via ccbill?
Great news, can wait to toy around this new version.Dolphin 6.1.4 is the most stable version by far , i cant imagine what 7 will be like.Question, would dolphin 6.1 users able to keep their template in 7?
Andrew Boon
re: template ... The v7 layout has changed a fair bit, so the template may need alteration as well.
I hope you reverted the join form and profile views back to 6.0.005, because 6.1 profiles suck.. thats why I use 6.0.005 and not 6.1.
Andrew Boon
No, we haven't reverted them, but changed/improved a lot. I mean A LOT.
Google OpenSocial integration.
From what i've read it works with Myspace, does it work with Facebook? Can anyone tell me please
Andrew Boon
Any OpenSocial widgets should work in Dolphin.
How will we easily be able to transfer our members from 6.1.4 to the new V7? Please answer this question
It have quite same system, don`t worry
YEAH, very very NICE!!!
Ok, great news .. BUT.. How long till launch, any chance of a countdown feature to when this will be done?
Andrew Boon
ASAP. Every single person in BoonEx works n v7 now, but this time it's not going to see the day of light until it's really ready.
I note that development is still underway so here are a few suggestions

it may be worth it for boonex developers to google "mixi" and look at their structure. It is the Japanese dominant social networking site (I will be able to provide a generic login detail if Boonex developers need it). It has

1. collapsable and
2. movable boxes etc which in my perspective, is needed for Dolphin 7 to allow for the user to define how their profile looks.
3. Advanced usabiliy (from the member see more perspective) and ability to allow for advert revenue (for Mixi's perpective).


4. allowing users to add css to their profile page as well as backgrounds etc... eg friendster and myspace

other points include

5. looking into the current complicated navigation system (dol 1.4). I do NOT find it complicated but less experienced webbers do find it complicated as all users of my site have stated so.

It is worth looking at the end user's perspective. People who buy the software from boonex (or use boonex products) are NOT the end user but are the service providers to the end user (the members of our individual communities). We buy boonex software because we intend to provide a flexible system to our members (aka end users) and although Dolphin is remarkable, it takes a keen end user to really master it (ie add blog, video, music, events, navigating through a site, etc) because at its current state/structure it is not as end-user friendly as other software/systems that power other SNS sites. This (I note from comments from my interviews with my users) has reduces the incentive for end users to return to the site.

Ray currently does not allow Japanese font to be input into its chat (via the standard way) so this excludes the Chinese and Japanese end users. This needs to be looked into as China is a major part of the world. I have tested the chat using Chinese/japanese characters and it does not allow it however, using other methods, one can input text to chat but such methods are not the norm for PC users in these countries and therefore acts as a disincentive to use ray chat.

I hope this helps. I am available for more information if needed Unoboonex.

Best regards,
I am sorry for double posting but I really want to assist in making dolphin as great as possible.

Notification via dolphin is extremely simplistic. This needs to improve.

End users need to be notified (or have the option to be notified) when their

1. forum post has been responded to
2. friends has written a new article, blog, event (without invitation), classified
3 friends (or users) add new videos, music, pictures etc

These help make people return to the site.

End users need

a. see more ability to rss blogs from external sites... some users already have blogs on external sites and do not want multiple blogs

b. ability to invite friends from outlook, hotmail, other social networking sites (SNS) with personalised messages and within such invitation a sample of their profile for their friends to see should be incorporated by default. Such sample of profile will include a screenshot of their profile page.

"b" above, increases the opportunity for more end users within communities

Service providers (us dolphin buyers and/or boonex's clients) need

a. the ability to CAP/restrict the page length... as it seems not to be capped. At present (via admin -> Builders -> Pages Builder) there is a CAP/restriction to the page width but not the page length.

b. a much better mass mailer system which can include pictures with ease. It would be great if it is based on a template system like what marketing companies use.

Thank you for reading this.
I agree with Iced, although sometimes email notifications for certain events can be annoying, they definately help people return to your site, which in turn will increase memberships and clicks on ads. is a great site, if language upgrades could be simpler and use of different langauges on chat etc. it would make Dolphin more popular.
Some changes like making upload sizes of photoes and videos easier to change would be appreciated.
Hope it will include the "upload from external link" like lycos for people who have the 2mb php limit.
Dolphin is the best!
yea, when it comes it comes, you know about it. in 2009 ok ;p
Awesome! Can we get couples profiles? Please?
Couple profiles always here, seems since 6.1
Couples profiles need to be an "OPTION" as 'male, female, OR couple'
with allowance as to modify profiles as such. You can create that option in dolphin 6.0.0005 yourself, but its hard to get description for both... In dolphin 6.1.4 the software was modified as to delete any "option" of joining 'as a couple'.. by putting the couple mod in 6.1.4 you HAVE to sign up as either male or female.. even if you select the couple join form... so a search for couples is virtually impossible... see more unless 7 improves or reverts the way you do profiles, I'll stick with 6.0.005.
Couple - it is not Sex field, try to understand. Sex can be male or female, not another (or maybe androgyne)
Couple just type of profile .. and can be - Single/Couple/Group/or other types ..
Not mix it
Features are great, but what i think is most important is cross-platform, cross-browser compatibility. Please make sure that the new version displays well in all major browsers and platforms, including the IE 6 legacy browser. I find that to often the answer to IE problems is "have your users upgrade" or "switch to Firefox". This is just not always possible or realistic.

I would like to see proper documentation for developers who need to make changes such as making Dolphin see more more "social" and less dating.

It would be nice to see a proper integration of PHP into custom blocks on the page builder.

Also while the page builder (6.+) looks cool, it is really to slow for developers who want to make quick changes and additions to their pages).
We follow next statistics:
.. seems IE6 become less and less popular.
Usually we can guarantee good work in IE7 and upper, FF and Safari browsers
and not to forget I had to go back to FF from Chrome each time I want to login on Unity as I found the login on unity does not work when using my Chrome
Dear Mr. Boone

I am looking forward to being an active participant tester of the newest beta releases.

I hope that the whole membership level/ affiliate/ invitation system will undergo a complete overhaul.

There should be a simple, quick and easy way to sign up new members, give them permissions according to their membership level, make them affiliates and allow them to invite all their friends from other social networks and their email programs and reward them for the number of new members see more who sign under them.

This whole system should easily be tracked and accounted both on their profiles and in admin areas and be accomplished as part of the initial registration process..

Thanks for all the good work.

YEAH, what he said.

More attention needs to be paid to marketing and processing new members, memberships, trials and expiration options with attached timed emails for each level of membership. Need this to create a marketing system as new members sign-up, go through a trail period and ultimatly expire if they don't become a paid member.

New features are great, but take a second seat to converting new users to paying members. This is the one area that needs most attention.

Refferal system see more for members with payouts is a must. Affiliate system needs an overhaul.

Email sending needs big overhaul. You must be able to manage profile email sending. Right now all you can do is delete the profile or change the email address if it is bad. If Yahoo, Hotmail, start to block your emails then marketing is all over for you. It took me a while to get whitelisted with Yahoo again.

My two cents worth ;->
Will there be any ecommerce integration like for oscommerce etc?
Is it possible to have the choice on the Join page of:

1. NickName
2. First Name block and Surname Block
Plus email verify block?

I am looking forward to this very much . But i hope that all the money i have poured into my community by adding al my sites Mods will not be going to waste. And i really hope that there is a mobile version tied into it aswell i have a mobile version of my community at the moment. We will just have to wait and see how this news affects all of us.
I agree with the MODS point. Though I have not added many MODS yet, I am at a standstill on moving forward with the construction of three sites I am working. Until I understand that direction, it's difficult to proceed. I assume a migration path for database content will be available, correct?

Otherwise, this is great news! Thank you.
I can hardly wait to get it :-)
My Community really needs above mentioned changes.

I love it and I'm happy to work with Boonex.

Cordially, Diddy
let me repeat esteems question, will the template system be compatible with 6.14?

we where about to buy a template, now im unsure what to do.
Coool!! i cant wait
and when is the release date?
and for those who already got a free license for testing the script about 2 years ago.... they will have to pay for the new license??

To echo Gazza's point, I'd like to vote for Magento integration. They are blowing up the open source commerce script world.
Amazing!!! Will be that have a patch upgrades too?

Amazing idea and really exciting to wait by the launch.
Will the new version allow admin bulk/batch uploads to add music, videos and photos to the general site as the admin for mass content additions to the site?

Maybe perhaps via FTP or something and allow the files to be added to the site via some kind of admin cron job or scan?
Oops! I meant to say group profiles, please. My bad!
Will the overflow problem in Orca and the ' flagged' menu problem on Unity be fixed?
how soon will introduce this release?
and what is the approximate price?
Please dont forget to reprogram the membership level where paid members can chat and send mail to free members ,standard and promotion members.Thanks.
i am very much excited to see the new version ... and i want to tell u that dolphin takes time to load ... so if they can make it less its going be useful

when it will be released ???
Will the site design go to a fluid width?

Presently, if the columns are too small, the tags module, and others do not present themselves correctly.
Guys, sorry post again ...

I have a VPS, my upload rate is about 400Kbps, I would like to know boonex, if you think of something to do with that dolphin faster charging, eg Gzip or something.
This will be great but only if the "Couples" profile option is FIXED! As of now the searches go off the "Sex" from the Join form. They need to only go off sex if the profile type is selected as "Single" then they can search for male and female. If "Couple" is selected as a profile type then that is what needs to be used for searches and not "Male", "Female", Ect.. Just Couple. Now when you sign up as a couple and you have your second profile see more field selection you can choose "Male", Female", "Couple" but what you need to have here is select your sex and not if your a couple because you already choose that in the profile type. This is where its messed up too. Because if you select your sex (eg. "Male") then when you do a search your profile will never show up if your a couple because the search goes off the Sex and not the profile type. If you wanted to show up in searches if your a couple you would had to have selected "Couple" in the sex field if you want your profile to show up in a couples search. The sex field should not even have "Couple" in it because this is where you put your individual information and not another entry for a profile type. This is not how it should be. Searches need to first look and see if you are a couple or single then if your a couple only search by the profile type as a couple but if your single then it needs to search for the respective SEX of "Male", " Female", Ect...

Please fix this for the next version as this has caused MANY people a ton of headaches.

I agree; If someone joins your site as a "couple" , then their profile should reflect "couple" and NOT male or female.
Amazing to see new things coming:)
I hope though at sometime boonex would be able to make artist sign up like musicians, producers and comedians etc. As many of us wish to have a similar look like myspace, I want more!! Excuse me for being greedy but please think of this, think of something like this for artist where there can sign up on their own music, comedic and film producer profile etc..
Happy holidays to all of you!!
you can do this yourself ive done it in 1 hr within only 3 days of using D 6.1.4
Do you think it will be possible to upgrade Dolphin 6.0005 to Dolphin 7???
How about split join forms and profile views for different profile types (personal, business, etc.) and the ability to add more profile types of our choice???
Any chance of a reply to my questions? We won't be buying anymore mods now.....and would suggest others don't too...until we know the answered to questions
How about having an admin setting that will let the site go down for maintenance - just in case you are working on something within the admin area that needs to have the site offline, but will allow only you access to the site while doing so?

I also think that the admin login should allow login into Dolphin itself, including the use of all functions at the same time.. rather than have a seperate login for admin as a regular user.
see moreI think this new version sounds great, but reads as though it's going to be quite a bit different from 6.1.4
I've just spent 2 weeks and about $200 on mods starting to get my website as I want it. I now feel pretty disillusioned with it all, as I guess the mods are now going to be pretty useless and the time I've spent integrating those mods wasted. OK! I've had a good Dolphin learning curve, but I honestly feel like giving up with it. Unless someone can convince I'm not going to have too many problems!!
see moreYou are not the only one, many are on the same boat but personally, I will set up a test site and import the database on the test site... whilst the live site keeps running. When I am sure that there are little or no problems,. I will then convert the test site to the live site and stop the live site.

The only thing I am worried about is MySQL data being irrelevant or duplicated if mods are to be installed by default in dolphin 7. I want to learn how to delete the mods' MySQL tables etc I installed
bobby, i agree....still no reply to my questions boonex!
How about from / to dates so that the events and other articles expire automatically rather then having to go through and delete the old ones.?
Oh! and a development manual so we can do our own development to enhance the product.
We are looking forward to this .
A development manual would be fantastic!
Hey! Having just paid for multiple licences i am not too sure what to think of this really, i noticed the mention of "Everyone who holds active licenses now will receive proper upgrade deals." but to be honest a "deal" isnt good enough when i havnt even had 6 months usage out of my current licences for a community script that to be fair, isnt totally compatible with IE7 and does have some issues.

i have no qualms about the upgrade itself, sounds great, lots of new features see more and stuff (to be honest a simple confirm email option would have done me, sick of having to activate peoples accounts when they "misstype" or "try to get into my site without having a valid email addy" heh) but please, have mercy on us that have been piling money into our sites, another licence fee to upgrade is a real sh*tter.

Lookin forward to it! (unless of course its gonna cost me $500 to upgrade :p )

Hugs n kisses

What about some kind of script that can extract ur database to default 6.14, i mean to get rid all tables and everything added by mods as everyone will like to upgrade from default database rather then modded database.


hope i am making sense
I'm looking forward to 7.0. I really hope the orca forum is either much improved or if not, the option of using another forum like phpBB3, vBulletin etc is given and one that WORKS. I can't use orca for my preferred forum at present, only groups because it is too basic. I am trying to use phpBB2 or 3 but the bridge module fails. phpBB is a very widely used forum and very powerfull, unlike orca as it stands.

Aside from that, I think this Dolphin is one of the best community applications I have see more tried out. Nice work and thank you :)
I really hope that there is a "Mobile Version" built into it and that then the Expertzz will develop Java games ringtones and other Mobile features also..
My question was never answered.kinda makes me disappointed when someone only responds to a select few. I also speak for those that have asked a question!!
It would be very polite if our answers received replies.
Andrew Boon
Sorry, echoman. We're trying to balance the time hoping to get the product working ASAP. We'll try to reply shortly though.
This is an awesome news guyz. dolphin 6 already rocks and with these integrations u guyz are gona do sumthing great best of luck guyz. yes and how long do u think it will take you guyz to launch 7 ?
Please integrate what you feel the basic things... You left so many things for other people to do. Please left to other people to do what are really extra.

Things like, option to delete profile comment do not come with basic dolphin. I personally feel this should come with the basic feature. This is not the only one, please take care of those.
Yes it is all very exciting. I haven't got my site site up yet so I'll be building from 0 with 7. Iced mentioned a Japanese site "MIXI". I use it as a member. It's very popular in Japan and you can access from any mobile phone because of a text only feature or i-mode. I want that and full Chinese charactor support too. Phones in Japan are very advanced. Imagine swimming with dolphin members in a sea of people in the center of Tokyo.
As both a programmer and a software user, I can relate to the original post and all the comments.

As a user I want all possible features and I want them now. So it's easy to relate to the posts requesting new features and asking when it will all be ready.

As a programmer I can greatly appreciate the Herculean effort to program all the features that unoboonex described.

If I were in his shoes I'd feel overwhelmed by all the requests for features in addition to what was originally targeted see more for 7.0. And not knowing how to respond, I'd probably be inclined to postpone responding.

The amount of time to add features is an interesting topic. Some features can be programmed quickly and do a huge amount of good for a lot of people. Other features might take a long time to program and won't make much difference to most people.

It's a management decision about what to include in a given release.

Software managers talk about a phenomenon called "feature creep." That's where you keep adding new features forever and never get the product out the door.

If it were up to me, I'd focus on the original plan for 7.0 and do it well. If there were an additional couple of features that were fast to program, and if they would have great benefit to a lot of people, I might add them to 7.0.

I would defer other features to 7.1 and beyond.

That's just my two cents worth.

My hat goes off to all of the heroes at BoonEx. Thank you for what you're doing.

And fellow users, your requests are all helpful. They let our BoonEx friends know what is wanted. That really helps their planning.

With gratitude,
Please can private photos be a standard feature?
Im running a free comunity with a tight budget.
I don't understand WHY people are suggesting new ideas, when they are about to release v.7. Shouldn't this be done before this GREAT NEWS.

I just can't to try to lastest version.
Thats fantastic news! Pretty sure you've been asked this question - On the admin panel, Builder Section, are we going to have the capability to create "Horizontal Rows"? We could easily use the space on our Home page to maximize appeal and structure better formats.
Hello Boonex Team
Glad to hear from your News

my first question
1:Why Dont You integrate all the Most Downloaded Mods to put them in the Dolphin software like point system-invite friend Im talking about the Important mods !!
2: I Always Dream about running a Difrent community
on 1 db That Will Be a Kick Ass Idea For All the Major Com&Dating Business exactly like adultfriendfiender
it a kind of White system You run many community on many website
but all the content is the samee (hope see more u understand)

3:Is all my member that i have on 6,1,4 will be erased with the dolphin 7
(telling you that because I whas running under 5,6 and I havent the choise to close the community no way to keep all the member in the dolphin 6
Thank you Very Mutch
nice idea wawadip... dolphin must already integrate all the better mod that is avalaible on expertzzz.... because anyway its always a cash loosing when you buy some pluggin.... because they are not always compatible with the future release of the dolphin script.... so why not simply add it directly to the main script of dolphin....
Honnestly I Hope That at Leeeeeeast We Will find a Contact Grabber On the Dolphin 7
This is a Major Point maybe One of the most important
for the fast growing of a Web site
Waiting forward to it but wanna ask a few things in advance so that i can easily choose between buing the new Dolphin 7 or keeping the way of a lonewolf!
a)I have already put a pretty big effort into understanding your platform and finding my way around the code and structural logic.Will all that change again?
b)Since nowadays most successful marketing rules imply aclear simplicity (on the user part at least), will at last the script become more AJAXy and less Flash-Widget driven ?
c)I also try see more to finish some of my templates for dolphin and now that these news are on-line i ain't sure if the existing template structure will be kept on the forgoing release.So...will they?
d)What will the cost of the new Dolphin be and are you interested in releasing an open-source naked edition that will allow further third party enhancements?
Thanx in advance
sweet.....cooliris compatible would be a really nice addon....if not i will work on it as soon as 7 comes out....

and hopefully a easier way to add the header section to 3rd party addons like phpbb3
A feature that would be great and very useful is "pages" (think Facebook)
guys i am deadly waiting for it ... can any one please please tell me when it will be released .... coz i have to continue with my website ... i presently stopped everything for it and kept website blank :(
ok i dont get any answer to my last question :(
so i ask it again...

1. The version 7 of dolphin will be available for download before christmas?
2. For the tester.... our free serial code will work with the new version?
3. The version 7 will be upgradable from the version 6.1??

Has anyone had a reply to their questions? I've had no reply to mine !!
I thought this thread was about the release of Dolphin 7. Now its become a feature request thread? I say come out with a well working base script then worry about extra features later.

Thats prolly why no feature requests are getting answered. They are off-topic!
1 year of experience using dolphin:
1. great software
2. tidy code, perfect too
3. free

1. dolphin so slowly
2. orca so slowly


The entire idea is good but you have to protect user personal picutre, profile view like facebook (you talked about wall like facebook) pictures and friends view.. Normaly any one can apply for another user password in dolphin old versions and without any confirmation ur software send a new password to victim and people can not upload their personal pictures to share with their friends and family only.
He's my inspiration! Thanks man!
I have a great idea to go along with the release of Dolphin 7.

How about a support forum, where people can post problems... and someone from dolphin addresses those problems.
Excellent idea Houstonlively!

What is the ETA on the beta? It has almost been 2 weeks. LOL
Does anyone actually have a release date for this?
When we can testing for beta version ?
Best regard !
Youre looking at next summer for a release date
You can't be serious ..... I can't wait that long! :-)
First of all...YEA!!!

I would like to suggest...
...1) You add Click Bank Support
...2) Make it easy, as in through the configuration menus, to link the membership levels with the payment settings such that when the user signs up they are taken through the process of signing up, paying, confirming through to a completed membership that they can immediately login to.
I have read all posts and answers on this blog post, but it doesn't answer the real question.

How many weeks or months, until the release of Dolphin 7, will it be in this year 2008, or 2009 ?

We only need a timeline to be able to build a social community with the Dolphin 6.1.4 or wait 2/3 weeks for Dolphin 7 :)

Thanks in advance :)
I thought the beta was a couple of weeks? You mean the release past the beta?
HyeFinder project hired Anton to add many missing features to Boonex. Anton did a great job and he is now selling these mods and we totally support him on this. None of these features got integrated into Boonex core so every time Boonex comes with an upgrade we have to go back to Anton to have him reintegrate it and also charge us more then Boonex cost to transfer the data into the new Boonex version.
We wish to see these features integrated into Boonex and Anton to be compensated in return. see more Without this integration we are no longer willing to support this project because there is no end to the costs of just keeping up with Boonex and the modules we added. Also Anton is now so busy we can hardly get him to even upgrade our systems...
Good luck to all of you, I hope you have deep pockets to keep up with this project.

listen to erichchipchase....

this is the nuts and bolts of "business growth"

A robust affiliate system is a core "must have" and without which will simply drive people away.
Add Contact Importer feature also
Yikes, ok sounds awsome.
Did I miss the estimated release date for Dolphin 7?
Also, Having not given a full launch to my live site yet, would it be best to wait until the New Release is out and stable, before I go any further?
Allthough, if 7 is going to be a big jump in improvement, maybe using the current install as the "beta" stage and 7 as the first big launch would not be a bad idea.
Sounds good.
Any possabilaty to make private photos a standard feature?
I'll have to remain neutral on this one. For one, I do think it's a great idea to add the features Unoboonex mentioned. However, I'm upset that the word was put out about the change, but no response are being made as to a more accurate timeframe. I imagine I'm not the only one in this situation, but I'm having to hold off buying the license because I don't want to buy one, plus all the mods needed, only to turn around and those mods be in the new version which I'll have to buy again.

Unoboonex, see more as a request, how about letting us know, from the source, when to expect the update. It would be much appreciated and help us plan things out.

Great news! I would like to see on next version:

- Facebook integration
- OpenId
- Upload picture alert if user hasn't uploaded pictures (just like 4ppl/Shark)

Thank you!! :)
is it possible to integrate Dolphin with several cms-es such as Wordpress or Joomla? I mean that could be a feature. A bridge or something between the CMS-es.
Personally--I like Drupal CMS. A Drupal integration would have a massive multiplier effect on both Boonex and Drupal.
When is dolphin 7.0 coming out. I cann't wait to buy it.
I have a few questions from a hosting providers point of view.

With new Ray features added this means a new RMS is boonex going to release this new RMS to hosting providers BEFORE Dolphin 7?

Being one of the very few hosting providers that provides Stand alone RMS access, for people who are hosted with other hosts that do not provide RMS services, I would hate to have to install the RMS on our 3 RMS servers and have to intergrate it with our bandwidth monitoring system and billing system on see more the day Boonex release Dolphin 7 to the public.

from past upgrades the RMS is released with the new Dolphin upgrade. we need time to install this before you release Dolphin7 to the public.
How about more member controlled privacy settings and the ability for members to create groups in addition to friends? I'm NOT talking about the groups feature that exists now.

In other words, members may want to create a group called 'colleagues' , or 'Family Members' , or 'private', etc. Members would then be able to add other members to these groups and be able to set the privacy setting so that certain content is only visible to members of these groups. This takes the suggestion of private see more albums a bit further. Every members needs are different, so I believe would be necessary for members to be able to create their own groups. There could be an admin function to set the maximum number of these types of groups a member could have.
That would be an awesome feature! I hope that it is taken into consideration.
Hi Boonex,

Ive heard of mid Jan 09 for release of 7 and an early summer 09 date for 8, is this accurate or rumour?

gonna mention 2 other things that i find alot of ppl asking for all the time

1. Profile Privacy (dif levels - friends only etc....)
2. Approve comments function - before they show up
gonna mention 2 other things that i find alot of ppl asking for all the time in dif dolphin forums

1. Profile Privacy (dif levels - friends only etc....)
2. Approve comments function - before they show up
will the beta be available for free versions of Dolphin?
I hope there is application like facebook. More great if there is poker application with connected to facebook....
fabulous! im sure you guys are working really hard to bring us an awesome dolphin 7, enjoy xmas....especially if your going to the beach lucky people!
I may have missed one of the comments, but all I can seem to find is requests for at least a general release time frame. However, I have yet to come across a single answer outside of a a couple of friendly users with some "thoughts" on it. As a new member to the dolphin "community," I'm certainly not feeling the love, as this is holding up an important business decision in regards to social networking. Shame on the administrators for focusing on "community" while see more failing to be a part of it. If I don't find an answer in short time, I'll refrain from even considering Dolphin as a choice out of mere principle. This is a horrible way to run a business.
You sound very business minded, so please accept this piece of business advice: don't count Dolphin out for anything. It is quite easliy the best piece of software on the planet for what it does. Free, pay, or otherwise, it beats all others. If you give it a try, you'll be sold. Not on promise, but on what it delivers.

As for the customer service end, show me any business, service, product, carrier, whatever, that hasn't had it's time on the mat in the service department. Like a see-saw, see more the better the product, the worse the service, and then the better the service, the worse (or lesser) the product. In short, don't toss the diamond with the coal chips.

Does Boonex, the company/service, need upgrading and tuning? Lots of users/members/followers would shout Yes, but don't we all? They are onto something Big. And if you refrain from considering Dolphin because of a misstep in service, well that would be...

"...a horrible way to run a business."
Can you add...

1. You can't changed from being a couple to being single and visa you have to stay as a couple
2. A better email system
3. Multiple picture upload
4. Picture tagging
waiting for its realease :( ....if any one know when it is going to be released then please reply me ...
in the updated version of this post.....

Oh... and yeah... when...? We're talking a couple of weeks, or so.

that was posted bout the 8th or yall should expect the beta to be coming soon.....but i wouldnt expect the release to soon and i imagine it would be hard to set a release date...beta testing is where they will find out how much need to be fixed and what errors they have....really all depends on how beta goes....
What is Dolphin 7's ETA?
How about a forum that actually works? Maybe you could base it on or at least try to emulate phpBB3 cause I must say that Orca is pants (that's the nicest word I could think of to say it's rubbish).

How about a blocking system that actually works?

How about the ability to keep profiles safe and unviewable to non-member's eyes?

How about support that actually replies to your questions instead of letting people watch all their hard work of building up a site since the days of 5.3 slowly fade see more away cause they can't get the help they need to fix it..........

Just wondering........actually!
I can't wait to see the new release of dolphin 7...i've been keeping track of the 2 weeks on my calendar now haha just cause i can't wait.
The more versions that have been getting released the less buggy they get.
Get a more in depth look at some of these features that are coming to 7.
Any Beta release for 7 pls?
In the process of building a community site for my readers and found Dolphin. Sounds like version 7 will be exactly what I will start with and I have been watching intently since this post first came online on November 23.

I became a member today just to post this short note, but the promise for a beta was 2 weeks and as of today we are starting on week #4 since that comment was made. It seems that 'just around the corner' has now become...not until after the new year since we are so close to see more the holiday season.

Boonex, the suspense is too much...where are you at with the current status of the beta for Dolphin 7?
Ok will the credits system be re-included? for membership
The iPhone App sounds like a great idea. I would only hope that there would be an Admin access for it as well. This would make it easier for me to do this on the fly when I'm not at home.

I'm also digging the idea of a Facebook Wall style feature. Hopefully, this would be part of the free features.
guys keep up the good work, i hope free license still there with limited functionality. Go go go and good luck...
oh .. and yeah .. when ??? Ok, so unoboonex, you said a couple of weeks, some of us have stopped all further development and work on our sites based on your promise to have something out there for us ........ Give us something, a beta even, something we can work on whilst you play catchup with all this stuff in this list .. You've made all those bold statements above about what the new version has and is .. well, give us a look at what's there ... Let us see if you're indeed doinf things the way see more we've asked !!!

unoboonex???? when we finnally get a reply on this blog... its been more than 2 weeks that i ask a question about the license and I still got no reply
Can we get video audio text chat rooms?
Please include complete instructions for various server integration like Linux, mb_string modifications to work with Linux.
Will it be multi-language capable?
he "BWC"

dolphin has a multi language sytem and video/audio chat is integrated in ray ;-)

2 boonex >>> give us a beta NOW! ;-)
I was going to install dolphin 6.1 but if dolphin 7 is almost ready..I'll just wait for this, any idea when you might be releasing it?
We're all hoping it wont be much longer, the way it's looking though is that it might be after christmas but don't count your chickens to soon cause they just might release it at the last min for xmas lol
I really needed something that would let me choose a screenshot for every video which I upload...
like if you upload a video to you edit the video, you can pause at any time and create a screenshot for the video by click the camera icon.
Couple = a male AND female... it seems that boonex doesn't like couples oriented web sites and so modded the software to never allow any couples searches... if someone signs up as a couple, they still must be referred as either a single male or single female...With about $800 or so tied up in licenses and mods for dolphin software, I should be looking elsewhere for better software where the designers considers couples and not mod their software to where you absolutely can not have a couples site.

Signing see more up as a couple on a website could allow description for both, but most importantly allow them to be viewed as a couple and not male or female...

I'd gladly purchase 7.0 if the profiles and profile views didnt have the 'couples' mod in it.. making it impossible to customize your site for couples.
I've tried and you cant even integrate profiles and profile views from 6.0.005 with any newer versions of dolphin.
Check out Swinglifestyle.Com or any other couples site "not using dolphin software.. and you'll see what I mean.
Dear Commuinty,

Please DON'T RUSH Boonex to realease their products. The biggest problem in the past year has been hastily thrown together coding. I am glad that they are taking their time and I think the whole community will be grateful for a QUALITY PRODUCT.

Another huge problem is that the XHTML coding Boonex is creating is NOT compliant with W3C Standards. For example , if you run the source code for the homepage through the W3C Markup Validation Service ( you see more will find 70 Markup Errors. When you compound this with the markup validation errors found in the homemade MODs from Expertzz you can start to understand why many of these MODs dont work very well. - Clearly Boonex needs to validate every page they create before releasing them.

All in all, this is great software and we should be thankful that Andrew and his team are VERY concientious and striving to get it right!

Absolutely agree..All the pages/mods.. should/must be validated
It's been a couple weeks (or so) so what's the word unoboonex?
Any demo or even screenshots?
Juker is right about that with previous versions.
When they've released previous versions i think they've released them rather quick as they've just modified the code by adding more onto it or breaking it down more by adding more functions, i realy don't know but that's my guess lol.
Unoboonex said it would be a couple of weeks or so as it is going into double time but i think he should or someone should put an update letting us know where they're at so we know if we should continue on with what see more we're doing.
He said it is coming within a couple of weeks. I been waiting, maybe I should go buy the script some where else. They don't answer any question straight forward.
I Agree that answers to questions should be answered in a decent time period anyways.
I've been getting very antsy myself checking the blog every 20 min or so.
Everyone has a down side and providing feedback could be improved.
If you've been using dolphin for awhile now, don't let something like this make you leave.
Do you have a current dolphin site in operation right now?
Well, not that they really care, but they just lost a customer here. I've contacted other script providers (social engine, phpfox, buddyzone) and all of them were heavily engaged in their customer forums and quick to respond. Not replying to these requests for updates is basically ignoring your customers and showing no concern. No matter how busy you are, there's always a couple of minutes in the day to shoot a quick update to your customers.
dolphin 6.1.4 & dolphin 7.0 freee license ?
Is it possible to integrate Dolphin with several CMS-es, creating a bridge or something. CMS-es like Wordpress or Joomla would really benefit.
why would you integrate dolphin with wordpress? dolphin has already a blogsystem... *dontunderstand*
I am a Drupal enthusiast and I believe there would be a benefit to users and to the Dolphin project to integrate with CMSes such as JOOMLA and Drupal and Wordpress.

1. Each of these CMSes have huge communities of users who would suddenly become interested in Dolphin.

2. All blogging systems are not created equal. The CMSes generally have more feature-rich blogging systems than do social networks. I can't speak to Dolphin's blogging system because I haven't used it. But I adore Drupal and Wordpress see more blogging system.

3. IMO, the CMSes (Drupal and JOOMLA, Wordpress) generally don't do Social networking well. So there is a great opportunity for Dolphin to specialize, if they integrate well with the existing CMSes. Specialization means the social networking bugs get fixed faster, and new features get added faster. We need to climb this social networking learning/implementation curves before it becomes passe. Eventually, something will eclipse it

4. The CMSes add a ton of new features (almost daily) beyond mere blogging. Dolphin could benefit from these without having to be responsible for developing and maintaining them.

5) I could go on....
When is this coming out? How many more months until the beta is out.
To Kidsick:

This was an announcement thread initially, not a feature request as it turned out to be.

Be patient and let Boonex finalize the beta so that we won't have to work with too many bugs..

Would you rather they focus on customers such as yourself without knowing what Dolphin 7 will offer, or have them focus their energy and efforts in creating a Dolphin 7 everyone dreams of?
Great.. but I have 2 questions :

1 - I just bought Dolphin & Ray Vid Player, Thoses licences will be available for the v7 ?

2 - If I start my community now, will be able to update the v6 to v7 without problem ?

Thanx for your answer.
is there a date of release for dolphin 7 ?
I'm sorry - I try to be patient, but this is B.S.

After all of the self congratulations, big talk, raising expectations - it's the same old thing. Nothing. Not even a general idea of what the hell is going on.

I'm guessing that Boonex is on vacation now - since the holiday's are upon us.

I will just assume that it will be 2010 or later since you choose to be so rude as to not say a frigging thing to anyone.

There has to be a better option than this.
I'm hoping to get Twitter badge into user profile in next version!
Really thought we would hear something further by now since the one month has past since the original Nov 23rd post. Any further updates here?

I really like dolphin and I'm about to start my new web community(, you know you like it ;) ). I have a few more touch ups, but other then that, I'm ready. Dolphin made it really easy. Obviously, we all wish for more but that's human nature. I'm quite content with what it offer, but I can't help but wonder what new goodies 7 will bring and if I should be patient, but I would at least like to see a demo or something to see how it works and what the features look like and so on. I see more wish I can at least take a look at Dolphin 7 and then I can decide if I can live with 6.1.4 or if I can wait for 7. My biggest fear is that I go live, and then Dolphin 7 comes out and I wish I waited a bit longer. I'm not sure how much of a hustle it would be to migrate to 7. Then again, I know how development cycles go (or don't go), and I wish you guys the best, but I hope you could be kind enough to put some of our worries at ease. One being, will there be tools to migrate? Another, can we take a sneak peak or get a more detailed description of the features? Finally, can we get some updates even if they were short and vague to say we're doomed, or it looks like it'll be another few days/weeks. Also, although there are a lot of complaints and feature requests, I'm sure people are just being brats about getting their new toy :). Keep up the good work, we all appreciate it.
This is great news.
I'd be happy to see the articles section improved with a kind of navigation once you are in that section. e.g. to have like a tree navigation (like in the blogs section.)
And- it would be very handy if the script can show the author's name and an option for an author description - just like the many articles websites. Plus - comment section to enable others to comment on the articles.

News section - Another one would be to enable comment in the site news. This would increase see more interaction greatly.
This is great news.
I'd be happy to see the articles section improved with a kind of navigation once you are in that section. e.g. to have like a tree navigation (like in the blogs section.)
And- it would be very handy if the script can show the author's name and an option for an author description - just like the many articles websites. Plus - comment section to enable others to comment on the articles.

News section - Another one would be to enable comment in the site news. This would increase see more interaction greatly.

Anyway this is great work you have done.
Thank you.
It would be nice if you gave people an idea of when the next version is coming. Not responding to your customers makes people angry!! I understand you are trying to develop a better version but atleast keep people updated spent 2 minutes of your time to let us know what's happening. My web host expiration is coming soon!! Please let people know what is happening.
We wish all a Very Happy Christmas and a Great New Year.
Does anybody have Any Idea when we can use Dolphin 7?
thanks a lot and if you need a frnech translation call me
Enough all ready. wow you lot. give it a rest.
Boonex stated that D7 would be out for beta testing soon on, it was said a couple of weeks, ok so its been 4 weeks, for them that are scared they'll need 10 fingers to count the weeks. grow up ffs.

Boonex made a huge mistake with the release of D6.1 they have learnt from that mistake, and if it takes longer to make sure D7 is more ready than D6.1 was when that came out, then so be it.

no matter what happens when D7 comes out, you cant see more download it and install it, it will be tested in Beta for at least a month before you get your hands on it. so please give it a rest. let the guys do their work in peace, no wonder they stopped replying here.

keep in mind, they said a few weeks at the 1st post on this thread, you posted 100+ requests for improvements and ideas, and they have looked at them and now ya bitching because you yourselfs have added to the wait because boonex are implementing some of them?

go buy some chill pills and wait. i promise you it will be worth it.

Keep up the good work Boonex and the Devs/pundits working so hard on D7.
With all due respect Sammie, the only fucking chill pill I need is some signs of life from unoboonex.

People aren't frustrated because they don't have Dolphin 7, they are frustrated because trying to get unoboonex to communicate with customers is virtually impossible. If all the guy did, was post a little reply to his own blog once a week to let people know he's still alive, it would go a long way.

Contrary to your statement, " wonder they stopped replying here.", there's absolutely see more no excuse for NOT communicating with customers. Non-responsiveness from boonex seems to be a way of life around here and people are tired of it.
Actually, there is still more to do on the preparation steps before even set up the Beta Demo version.

I hope you will understand this when the testing will begin.

As for now, we would highly appreciate your patience for a little while more.
Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!
In response to sammie before you go acting like the savior to Boonex keep in mind "TIME IS MONEY" and what you have just said makes me even more angry. I know exactly that they are working to make a better social network yada yada. I need to know when ''THE HELL IT'S AVAILABLE AND NOT SIT HERE WONDERING!!!''
So anyways i hope we atleast get a response and let us know something instead of ignoring valued customers that want an excellent product not having someone act as the savior to make see more themselves look good. I apologize to anyone who disagrees with me and normally do not get angry nor annoyed but like i said "TIME IS MONEY!"
As for unoboonex please excuse me if i sound rude just let people know something thanks!!
Happy New Years to all!
Hey people,

For the people asking about some info. This is what AndreyP said at the forum today:

We are working hard. Very many new changes and not so many time. Just try to understand that here will more changes than between 6.0 and 6.1, even more than from 5.6 to 6.1 :)

Many changes in pricing policy and licensing.
This is will really great product (as always)

So, we still have to have some patience.

Merry X-Mas
Very cool ! Congrats !
I think that could be good a script to integrate some know solutions and (don't take bad thoughts) but set the profiles with male, female, COUPLE and GAY / GLS.
Hello keep up the great work. I just got a few suggestions, include more of the features that we would normally have to buy. Also try to do something so that the add-on are more affordable, and limit the add-ons to only high quality add-ons, get rid of all the ones that aren't popular and look half assly made and cheap looking. Also add a hot or not, rate or hate, and meet me feature. incase you didn't know the meet me feauture is setup kinda like the hot or not feature except that when the picture see more shows up you click on yes if you like the person and want to meet them or no if you are not interested and don't care to meet them, and then the ones that you click yes on will go in a yes list that you could go back to and review and also the person that you clicked yes to will be notifed that you said yes to them. Also add a start a fight feature where you and another member can debate about a sertin topic, and also others that you approve of can join in the debate. Also also some of the top dating websites have the option of having a 3D vitural world that where members can login to and create a avitar and chat, there can also be the option of the person's photo apperaing when you move your curser on to them, and also there can be a feature where webcam and voice chat are possible, and inside the world you could explore other places inside there kinda like a regular video game, do you know of the game THE SIMS that's what the vitural world should be like, only the avitar isn't high matenance, and in vitural world you can do the same kinds of things that you could do in the real world like buy a house and drive a car. You could maybe even add an X rated part of the vitural world were members could be naked. Also you can have a feature of easily customizing and creating a template for your website. Also when you make templates for the new boonex script have more dating templates that look like some of the top dating websites. Also on the front page of the template don't have it so everything is showing up on there, have it like myspace where you don't see all that stuff, like the shoutbox and advaible blogs until you login, this will give it a cleaner and more professional look. Also have a tour setup for the vistiors and also have a demo part where the vistors can see what it will be like to be a member. Also have a pc-to-pc calling feature, also have audio recording greetings and emails. have animated avitars like photo option for the members main photo. Have biorhythm graph feature, Also have On-the-fly Photo Auto Scaling, Also have Detailed Site Statistics, also email verification, special invite friends feature where members can put their yahoo username and password and then all the contacts that are in the yahoo contact list will showup and easly help the member invite all of his yahoo contacts with just a couple clicks. Also have feature where members are able to create test and quizes, and ad wigets and completely customize their profile. Also have all the lauguages in the new script. Also have E-mails and Phone Numberes Filtering, and have special automatic features that do all the work like reviewing profile to make sure they are acceptable. Have stronger security, Also have vitural gifts that another member can give to other members, ebooks could be one of the gifts, also have a give love feature and have a love meter that shows the percentage of love you have gotten, also have a send a smile feature, and also have a feature where the members can buy one another as pets, and also have a feature were members can compaire each other with other memebers, can give winks, and can give someone a poke and the poke could be a funny animated image that says something really neat or does something really neat, and also have tags that could be images that say something like "dream date" and other things like that. Also have face off where members can debate on who has the best photo, also have a suggestion box, and have a part of the website like yours were members can answer each others questions and solve each others problems. Also have a feature where people can play virtual poker and make real bets and also have a virtual gambling part where people can do real gambling on sports and stuff like that.

I have read most of it, but you can better buy a commercial script with all these options. :-)
Man, you're not asking for much, huh?
Mate you have some good idea, i wish, but i get this feeling thats to much work in such little time
In future issues, once Dolphin 7 gets rolling, you might look at integration of Gigya - Gigya gives people the power to socialize and share content across the web, providing publishers and marketers with powerful tools for increasing audience reach and engagement online.
35 days left, hum how long its take time. i cant sleep until next relaease.

pls fasterrrrr.....
35 days left, hum how long its take time. i cant sleep until next relaease.

pls fasterrrrr.....
I think hasilath meant to say - "35 days have been gone" instead he said "35 days left" :D
35 days left until what?
I am very much excited to know that Dolphin 7 will be out soon.... Happy New Year....
It would be nice if unboonex could provid a rough timeline estimate in his updates e.g "expect beta release around jan 15th" or "expect beta release by end of jan" instead of saying "couple of weeks".

As you can see from previous comments that people are waiting for the release and it would be really nice if they know how long they need to wait. We all know "boonex" might be trying his best to make the sw bug-free and try to make it as stable as possible see more but all i want to stress is - please put a rough date estimate in your updates.

Thanks for the great work boonex team !!!
What is the time frame on this ? When is it going to be released.

Further: Will you offer more formatting at profile pages ?

Trying to stretch more in the Facebook-direction ?

Further, I have found many bugs in the 6.1 version. Do you work professional on removing all bugs from your solutions ?

Else its a very good solution, but I miss more possibilities to make a stunning social community. Ruby on Rails functionality to make photo uploading and such more fun.

We are currently using see more 6.1 at, but have thought lots about converting / finding a new community for the whole site.

Nice if you can comment on these questions specific.
Geotagging would also be awesome in this solution! has done many things right with their social community. Ruby on Rails is the future... Dynamic, fun and usefu interface to the visitors.
I'm realy keen to see D7 any chance of a accurate date when it will be ready to try out we have just perchased d 6.1 from you . we wont do anything untill we get the updated ver D 7.
How much longer do we have to wait to see Dolphin 7
How can I get into the beta of Dolphin 7
Hiya Boonex Wizkids
Any news on a release date?

Dolphin really works for me, just a few issues and most have been sorted out with various mods.
I have a member demographic of folks who were born well before the ipod generation and find Orca difficult to deal with. I have had numerous requests from them to bring back our old phpbb3 forum. I can do this with an iFrame and a db integration mod but would much prefer Orca with phpbb3 like functionality. i.e simple pic uploads, url links, signature see more and general forum layout
I am waiting when Dolphin 7 will released..... I hope it is more easy then wordpress and full of new templates and its full of complete os commerece joomla wordpress and many more then I thinkkkkkkkkkk.
Best of Luck
Please don't keep me waiting!
I cannot wait anymore for Dolphin 7. Please advise when it will be available as we need to start a social site very soon. Most important features I see not in 6 - activity points that we can assign for the community, which can be converted to prizes or other things (like more bandwidth, or classifieds) - and also more flexible advertising solutions - ie. ads appear based on age, demographic, hobbies - similar to what Facebook is doing. Thank you!!!
By the way, I'm Aussie too! Glad to see an Australian company doing well among (the many) social networking giants of other countries.
Hope that Cupid mail will work in this new version... and other Dating features to be improved.

I agree with you: no definitive date for the release. Better to focus on perfection rather than to focus on the calendar :-)

Any screenshot of the new cetacean's look ? :-))
Now united
We are combining Dolphin, Ray and Orca into one single package, with one single license. Dolphin 7 is nearly useless without Ray widgets, but we don't want to seem to trick you into buying another product - so all widgets will now become part of Dolphin, and the same is true for Orca. You'll be getting a single package, which encompasses Dolphin, Ray and Orca - all properly integrated - and all under the new single name - Dolphin 7.

Dolphin 7 Free will have less ads/links, and once see more you buy a license to remove them - no need to re-install. We're also developing a more flexible pricing structure for the package, but rest assured that it's going to be more affordable than now.

Everyone who holds active licenses now will receive proper upgrade deals.

I have so much more to tell, but let's do this step-by-step. Next time, I want to back up my words with a few demos, so get ready for the upcoming testing race and the excitement of a huge software update.

Oh... and yeah... when...? We're talking a couple of weeks, or so.

This was posted on 23 November 2008

How many people are **** off, and fed up with, 1. No reply to their postings? 2. The timing. They said a couple of weeks.

If so, please join and add to this thread
now in dolphin 6.1.4 if an user is in IM or Ray Chat after 5 mins it will be deleted from the online users list because he's not browsing site pages.
In the next release could be great to have on the online users list users using IM or Ray Chat too.
I wonder if this version will notify users of posts,comments etc,, i ask this with out reading all of the comments.... May have already been mentioned.
Let me start of by saying that i have just got into this and now run my own site with the software. Brilliant admin control but it does miss the odd thing or two which i hope will be on the new 7.0 when it comes out.

1.Facebook is the leading network site because of the home page and the changing status of everyone every time they log on. e.g. when someone adds a photo it arrives on the home page for all your added friends to see. The same for relationship status. That would be see more great fror boonex to have this. But i think you should be one step ahead of that, not sure what but if you were, i think boonex could be the next facebook with the right marketing.

2. The colour changing on admin background or in each field is confusing to change, i did manage it and changed it into the coding but for a novice i think this would be to hard.

3. Myspace has given users the choice to customise their profile in some minor ways. Let boonex members have alot more choice in customising their profiles.

4. The video, photo and music pages, maybe this needs updating, it's still very good but it should be updated to compete with utube etc.

5. I think when a friend ads a picture or a video or something that this can be sent to their email address to allow the other person know this has happened, or add it to a wall or hompage like Facebook.

6. I think more easy access to the very top bar should be given.

7. The rotating pictures on the home page are a good idea but i think we the admin should have some size control of it.

8. Adding google adsence in the html of a field doesn't work with explorer and only works with firefox.

9. Each member should have the choice of what they want friends to view on their profile.

10. The invite button at the top should be able to invite multible email addresses.

11. Photo tags for individual in the same picture should be there.

12. Game applications should be on boonex and admin should have a wide choice.

13. Finally this is good software and is almost there, it just needs that extra thing that the other social networking site dont have to push it all the way. I want to have my boonex site the leading one in the next couple of years all due to a uniqueness which is needed.
Let me start of by saying that i have just got into this and now run my own site with the software. Brilliant admin control but it does miss the odd thing or two which i hope will be on the new 7.0 when it comes out.

1.Facebook is the leading network site because of the home page and the changing status of everyone every time they log on. e.g. when someone adds a photo it arrives on the home page for all your added friends to see. The same for relationship status. That would be see more great fror boonex to have this. But i think you should be one step ahead of that, not sure what but if you were, i think boonex could be the next facebook with the right marketing.

2. The colour changing on admin background or in each field is confusing to change, i did manage it and changed it into the coding but for a novice i think this would be to hard.

3. Myspace has given users the choice to customise their profile in some minor ways. Let boonex members have alot more choice in customising their profiles.

4. The video, photo and music pages, maybe this needs updating, it's still very good but it should be updated to compete with utube etc.

5. I think when a friend ads a picture or a video or something that this can be sent to their email address to allow the other person know this has happened, or add it to a wall or hompage like Facebook.

6. I think more easy access to the very top bar should be given.

7. The rotating pictures on the home page are a good idea but i think we the admin should have some size control of it.

8. Adding google adsence in the html of a field doesn't work with explorer and only works with firefox.

9. Each member should have the choice of what they want friends to view on their profile.

10. The invite button at the top should be able to invite multible email addresses.

11. Photo tags for individual in the same picture should be there.

12. Game applications should be on boonex and admin should have a wide choice.

13. Finally this is good software and is almost there, it just needs that extra thing that the other social networking site dont have to push it all the way. I want to have my boonex site the leading one in the next couple of years all due to a uniqueness which is needed.
The top bar where it has profile, account, my mail etc it needs to be easier to notice, i get members asking me all the time where this is.
The search critera needs to be redone, i think it needs to be more preciced to what your searching for. Facebook searches schools etc.
hello how about the language ? Is old language file works with the new 7 ?
Could you guys set up 7 so that there is a friend feed like facebook? That is vital! Awesome job with 6, and I now I can't wait for 7!
I like to see more of a customizable profile. For instance the background of the page, background of the menu bar, background of your music gallery etc.......
For learning materials may be able to see &
Hmmmm, Nov. 23 to Jan. 6..... I could swear that's more than a month.

Any word about when Dolphin 7 is going to be released?
There is a site that has examples of aura camera systems at that prints aura photos. Has anyone experienced this system?
BETA ... ??????

Guys at Boonex, here's a thought, there's a good few of us that rely on your great (albeit) incomplete softwate to earn our keep, a lot of us are waiting to do ANYTHING to our sites based on your promise to have 7 here (although a little over your initial promised timescale) PLEASE could you let us have something, surely there must be at least one stable beta available to view at very least, guys, we have to have something to look forward, however, we need to know what you've promised see more is in fact being done .... let's have a look, make decisions together and move toward a package that will deliver as is stated on the tin !!!

Yours Faithfully
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