is to be closed in a few days. UPDATED

VictorT posted 14th of January 2010 in . 27 comments.

We announced the closing of site long ago. And the time has come. During the next few days we will be disabling its functionality gradually: sales/downloads, product postings, product comments, etc. The site will stay in read-only mode for some time after that.

The only thing which will be transferred is the Experts accounts points from to Unity accounts.

IMPORTANT NOTICE for Experts!! Your Experts points will be transferred if the email address, which is used for your accounts at and Unity, is the same. So, please make sure of it.


UPDATE: Just one more day is left before the final closing. This is your last chance to make sure if the email addresse is the same.

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thanks for the heads up.
For those who may have lost mods they've designed from their computer for whatever reason should download them from expertzzz?
Will all the scammer accounts be imported into this site? Yikes!
yes HL i am of the belief that all scammer accounts will transfer over. as we can see that KMD is now listed in the market selling mods.
Oh my god, so he will be allowed to sell his iframe inside an iframe inside an iframe that links back to his site with his adsense it in? And all those guys selling dolphin link removals? And the ones selling all the other peoples mods together in a zip? And the ones selling free stuff they found on the internet? So what is the point of closing expertzzz then??
Nothing is being transfered over except for points on accounts with matching email addresses. No accounts will be moved, and no mods are being moved.

Of course there is nothing to stop people from creating accounts here.

The difference is they have to buy access to sell here. Not much help of course, but as i said along time ago. You can't be a site that allows people to sell products, and expect all of those people to play nice. Every site that sells will have their share of scammers.

Now see more we will have to see how they deal with those scammers.
haha Houstonlively, I'm thinking the same thing. I hope they know what they're doing. :D
This is a good and bad thing. The AdSense has really helped my business by posting Ads right in front of people's faces for a small daily fee. I hope they integrate something similar into Unity :D
I wanted to get the french language pack for Dolphin 7, saw something on Expertzzz but not on the Market section of this site, or did I miss something?
When will you transfer the points to boonex? I just changed my email so it matches the email at
Please add an AdSense module for boonex marketplace, this is/was a great feature! And anyway it is other way for you to earn money ;)
I just love crap like this:

Only $20 ...... What a great deal!!!! Check out the demo:

Wow! Awesome!!!!! Only 20 bucks for an Iframe of this site:
I sure hope there are some bigger plans for the Market as far as categorizing. Right now, everything is all lumped together, and there's a ton of garbage mods being posted.
Hello, New to Unity,

We Hired KMD to do our site and they did a GREAT job for us. We have no frames as you state etc. And we also recieved the Jobs area as well.

It is not a frame, it is a complete site, Yes we had to join indeed for a partnership ID # where we can then select the jobs, areas etc that we want the feeds for but I assure you it is a site o program rather on our servers,

Anway, Just looking around for more mods and saw this Link on expertzzz then after seeing this I had see more to say something. Sure we are new here and may be overstepping bounds but that is what we have to say anyway.

KMD thanks for a Job WELL Done!
lsconnect looks familiar to me LOL I did the dolphin install with that site..But I will surely missed Kris
Isconnect, you must b e one of KMD's seeded comment robots.

How do you like MY job search page? It was free, and It only took 12 lines of code. This one is legal, because is does not iframe the search results on my own site, which is not what has in mind when the offer those FREE accounts you referred to

Indeed Affiliate Acceptable Use Policy - 4. Prohibited Activities.

(g) use frames, or otherwise alter the user experience, when a user clicks see more through to another website from the Indeed job search results;.

Bottom line: KMD's job search hack violates's IAAU, in the manner specified in Section 4, Prohibited Activities.

I think I will publish a blog to show everyone how to legally add job search to a site...... for FREE
But then again... people probably wouldn't want it, because it's a great way to get people to leave your site, and get them stuck on Why do you think they provide access to their data? KMD, gets someone to slop together a script that puts the search results into an iframe, and that problem is solved. Too bad it violates indeed's AAU.

Isconnect, what's the url of your site? I'd like to send it to the folks at for a second opinion. Just to make sure I'm right about see more this.
I had no idea the expertzzz site was closing, is another one re opening in its place, how will I get to know the details? I noticed to I was getting hacked into on the expertzz site my password was changed and some one was attempting to buy products under my user name and I never purchased anything at the time it was happening.
HL - I think it would be great if you publish a blog to show everyone how to legally add job search to a site, I think it would be a handy tool for a lot of sites.
spiritc4u - is closing down, there is not another site opening in it's place, that is what the new Market on here (unity) is for, it replaces
I would just like to ask, how I can download some of my purchases when it appears the user has been suspended. I am talking about dolphinmods here, why on earth he would be suspended is beyond me, he makes excellent mods for dolphin and has always provided a superb service.
clubbeyourself, you can buy his mods at It looks like the site is temporarily down. He was posting his mods at expertzzz under a new name.
its simple folks boonex wants to have full tight control of everything, i feel sorry for the majority of developers who had great products on expertzzz and was there main/part source of income. as well as the forum, and jobs section all will be gone, sure they can redo it on there, very time consuming for a much much poorer layout.
very sad day indeed.
I purchased a few mods from the and the creators/sellers of those mods have been suspended, is it possible for the site administrators to send or add a copy of those mods to our account on Boonex?
Why was my other post deleted without warning?? Mydatery's post is gone too?? I guess they don't want you to know how bad KMD is.. well it is FACT that he is selling some of my mods. His other mods are free scripts from the internet. Also if you pay him for work he outsources it to other programmers.
My 2 cents ... will miss expertzzz ... is it the easy solution to clean it up? just remove it? was always painful thinking you've found the mod your looking for and the account was suspended? hope that does not happen here.
Seems a lot of them over there started out good and end up taking on to much work. I Bought Mods from someone mentioned above as being a good expert (Not KMD) i also paid for the instantiation of the mods ..... Never got finished was left with unfinished mods full of bugs. how see more ever did write to me informing me of new mods he had done....I asked to have the others fixed but no answer.....
I Paid others that have posted above in this thread to fix bugs they took the money but never get back too me.....
So my 2 cents i think it would be great to start a holding account were i can pay into it the Expert can see i have paid but can not get the money until it is done.
Would stop so many of the @#$%(*& scammers.
Still have bugs to be fixed if anyone one is honest and wants to earn some money :)
Wanna be real? get your market post certified... and guys...tell everyone that certified plugins are the only way to go.... anywhere you go on the net is buyer beware.
Yep and I lost a shittt load of mods that I had bought, like worth a lot of money. so every one save who you got you mods from and the dates, save cart history to a pdf file.
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