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DolphinTemplate posted 24th of December 2010 in Community Voice. 14 comments.

We are very grateful to every single client we had and to every single visitor that browsed our website and finally to all Dolphin users who never put quantity over quality, to all of you with a great taste!


As promised a few weeks ago we have something special for you, 7 FREE TEMPLATES and 3 SUPER OFFERS for our best templates!


Go now to our website and start downloading or get our -50% special offers for the top 3 templates!

Happy Holidays!

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Nathan Paton
I should probably hide this and warn you, but if they (BoonEx) can run an advertisement for their ex-hosting provider in the blogs section, I see no reason why you can't advertise anything less than male enhancement pills.
Really? What are >personal< blogs for on the developer's website for? Talking about Christmas's history and how I love to make cookies? This is absurd..
Nathan Paton
@DolphinTemplate: The rules aren't very clear-cut, but this could probably be considered as an advertisement since you're including a link to your site with a half-off special for three of your templates.
I say DolphinTemplate has earned the right to be cut a little slack around here.
very nice templates. thanks a lot for the xmas gift.
@DolphinTemplate: wow dude..... thank you very much... i really appreciate you doing this. Your awesome :D
Seems like you have not configured the "Buy Now" option for Internet Star properly. When clicked it is asking for 39$ for "Quad (Orange) - Dolphin 7 Template" on paypal screen(Item No. - Id14_1).Please check this.
Thanks for such a great offer to all of us here.
Free Boonex Dolphin Templates here
Dolphin Template has NO SUPPORT for their templates! Even though he claims he offers "unlimited support" and "free customization tips" "within 24 hours", that is a total lie!! He takes your money, then disappears!!

I have tried for TWO WEEKS to get help with an error message and to tell me how to change font colors (simple stuff) ... yet NINE emails, and NO RESPONSE!! I even asked for a refund, since I cannot get help and this template has caused error with my site, see more but still NO RESPONSE. I have now filed a claim with PayPal to get my money back.

I have now wasted over TWO WEEKS on getting my membership site running, which has caused a loss of money to me too.

Save your money and your time ... DON'T purchase templates from Dolphin Template ... he does NOT offer support, as he promises all over his website. He just takes your money, then you're on your own with the template problems ...
same thing happening with me, 9 days since I opened a ticket about an error message. they give the saying, squeezing the nickel new meaning. so frustrated. The best I have gotten is being told to hire an agent to handle this. are you freaking kidding me? I thought my money bought the support. Thumbs down to off shore software.
I have learned there is no such things as free in the land of boonex. NO support and even the smallest module or code change ultimately costs money.
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