FREE Templates on 1st December!

DolphinTemplate posted 1st of December 2010 in Community Voice. 15 comments.

Romanian Flag


We at are very proud of our Romanian origin and today it's our nations "birthday" :)

To show our gratitude to all our Dolphin friends we selected the blue, yellow and red colors from the Friends collection to be available for free for the next 24 hours! Probably more ;)


EDIT: The special occasion is over, but remember.. the Christmas is near ;) So stay close!


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Thank you Adrian, you are the best ;-)
Happy 1st december :-))

Thanks Michel, thanks for always being a good friend :)

Adrian M.
amazing template one thing is it possible to remove the background image of the people my sites for adults
Nathan Paton
@imoverhere: You'll just need to edit one of the template's CSS files. You can figure out which file to edit through either your preferred browser's developers tools, or Firefox with the Firebug extension. You'll need caching and compression disabled temporarily to get accurate results.
hi @magnussoft i found a problem when i removed the background image of the people it also removed the outline on the boader, so when the image is removes the boarder goes as well because its part of the image. i provide a simple screenshot here i realy like this template
Nathan Paton
@imoverhere: If that's the case, then you can either keep the background image as-is, or create a background image that adds those borders.
@Magnussoft thanks for your help i think i will need to give up on this i cant recreate the effect im not very good at css nor have the software to recreate the effect thankyou for your time.
Nathan Paton
@imoverhere: You could cut the content surrounding the border and add your own content/color. It's actually not that hard since the only overlapping area is the quotes box. Of course, there's no reason to force a template on someone, either. :)
@Magnussoft already tried this only problem there is no shadow as the picture covers it good idear tho i just get a gray line when trying to recreate your idear.
It's quite easy to customize these beautiful templates as all Photoshop source images are provided in the packages...
If any problem, just ask DolphinTemplate, he is also offering a very fast and professional quality service ;-)
@imoverhere You will need to edit one css file to remove the background of the layer, then you need to modify about 2 height values and one distance from the top put the content closer to the top edge and remove the empty space..
Please contact me by email and I will help you
i sent a email thankyou for replying

Where do i download this .. Anybody with a download link please.

Dolphin Template has NO SUPPORT for their templates! Even though he claims he offers "unlimited support" and "free customization tips" "within 24 hours", that is a total lie!! He takes your money, then disappears!!

I have tried for TWO WEEKS to get help with an error message and to tell me how to change font colors (simple stuff) ... yet NINE emails, and NO RESPONSE!! I even asked for a refund, since I cannot get help and this template has caused error with my site, see more but still NO RESPONSE. I have now filed a claim with PayPal to get my money back.

I have now wasted over TWO WEEKS on getting my membership site running, which has caused a loss of money to me too.

Save your money and your time ... DON'T purchase templates from Dolphin Template ... he does NOT offer support, as he promises all over his website. He just takes your money, then you're on your own with the template problems ...
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