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CALTRADE posted 21st of December 2009 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

This will probably again make me a pariah here but I think Facebook is a really lousy system.  Where do I start?  When I first joined Facebook there was some information I wanted to get out on the San Francisco network (bulletin board).  To do this, I was told I had to "join" that network, but I could only do that if I "unjoined" the San Diego network - where I live.  Further, I wouldn't be able to go back for three months - those were the rules!  I immediately realized this was a site for children - adults don't usually put up with that kind of crap.  Still, there was no denying this was a social phenomenon - Facebook has hundreds of millions of members now.

To understand why adults don't always like Facebook, younger people need to know that we didn't grow up with it.  When I left college, like others of my generation, I knew there were many people who I would never see again - and yes, it was rather sad.  The concepts of "friends" was different then.  "When you die, if you've got five real friends, you've had a great life" auto industry executive Lee Iacocca said.  I made my first mistake with Facebook when I let it read my mail address book, and I quickly checked off the people I thought I liked.  Not only were these people not my "friends" - in at least one case I accidentally invited someone from my "do not contact" list who could almost be called an enemy - causing a bit of drama that would be too much of a digression to go into now.

The net result of this, is that when I go to my Facebook page now, I get this psychotic collection of political rants, baby pictures, mournful song lyrics, business advice, game invitations, sale pitches, and activity updates I just don't care about - i.e. "just had a hamburger".  It is a colossal time waster.  I happen to be left leaning in my politics, so when I see some right wing rant right in front of me, I can't seem to resist jumping in - and several times needless drama has resulted.  More and more, I am learning more about people's personal lives then I really care to know - or should know.  Individually, I think everyone on my "friend" list is nice, but collectively, they make my Facebook homepage look like a deranged nuthouse!

When I do feel like posting something, I often need a paragraph or two to make my point.  Facebook won't let me- I am only allowed a sentence or two before it cuts me off, almost guaranteeing superficiality.  Every once in a while, Facebook will recommend that someone- say "Joe Jones" be my "friend".  When I go to Joe's profile, however, it will say "Joe only shares some of his profile information with everyone. If you know Joe, send him a message or add him as a friend".  Arrrghhh - a Catch 22 - as almost all the profiles on Facebook are mostly hidden.  Even when they are not, the profiles are dismal - ugly, and give almost no useful information.  At least for me - I long ago stopped caring what High School of College people went to- or what there religion is.  My profile there is completely public, but it doesn't present me the way I want to be presented.

I could keep going, but I think that is enough for now.  I probably should say that there are good things about Facebook- it has certainly helped many long lost friends reconnect.  I myself was fixed up for some dates with a very nice lady by someone I had dated 20 years ago - who herself is now married with children.  That doesn't mean that Facebook is "good", however, it just means it is "big".  It is too bad, but they may have what economists call "a natural monopoly".

As I visit my psychotic Facebook page everyday now, I am increasingly dissatisfied.  It is not a good site to meet women for dating, it is not all that good socially in my opinion, it is terrible for business, and it really isn't even all that entertaining.  It is not much good at anything.  Maybe people here can come up with something better.

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And many agree with you. I log into my facebook about once every 6 months. I have little to no use for the site beyond progamming and SNS comparisons.
I think Facebook and Myspace are both worthless.. which is why it amazes me that so many people want to copy them exactly (i.e. mybookface.com???)??

I think they both cater to the "drama" generation (am I part of that?) that LOVE to constantly stir things up. Myspace has caused so many bad things over the years, for a while they were on the news daily. Now fast forward to Facebook, one of the most BORING looking sites I have ever seen. I can't logon without seeing a page full of Farmville see more and Yoville updates from people who are my "friends", but in reality my closest friends wouldn't touch Facebook with a 10-foot pole, nevermind play "yoville". I have one friend whos MOM is on Facebook 24/7 playing Yoville?? She is also one of the people you mention who posts EVERYTHING she does.. "just woke up".. "going to the store!".. "home, time for Yoville!".. WHO CARES!?

I think both those sites cater to people with very simple minds who are easily amused (no offense to the 10 billion people who fall into that category!).
I actually use that site. I am a vampire wars player and i play farmville too.

I am even working on a set of facebook connect mods for dolphin to interface with facebook.

Ok, so call me wacked, nut i like facebook. Well....., some of it.
easy fix, dont go there if it has you conjuring up those negative feelings about its presentation. i for one dont frequent MS or FB, dont have any need to. unity is enough drama for me, and i am here to help people.

i guess in order to understand these two sites you would have to understand the engine behind them, and that is youth. yes more and more middle-aged groupies are gathering up on there discussing their hamburgers and laundry loads, and for them, that breaks the monotony of the day, see more its their entertainment.

i recall my addiction to yahoo games back 10 years ago or so. i played chess, spades, hearts, literati, there wasnt a player on there with any type of rating that i hadnt played. i had a lot of fun, met a lot of people, and it was entertainment (waste of flipping time) but entertainment.

i havent been to ygames in some years now, find the whole class of people who frequent that portal are very different now, and have different interests.
i use mine for family and close friends.

old school friends who i cant remember, or who were never really my freind is the annoying bit for me... its like ...'erm who are you!'
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