Firefox vs I.E. x !?

shaneed posted 9th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

First of all hello because my mom learned me so.

Well, guys. Is a major problem about this incompatibility between Firefox and I.E. x.

Most of us are using Firefox, and we know why. But hello!? Most of users are still sticking with I.E. . For instance, if i add more blocks on the homepage the layout of goes over the background. In Firefox is ok. In I.E. HTML Blocks cannot be saved no matter what. I didn't tested yet being a user and browsing Dolphin with I.E.7. But i'm sure that many things won't work for users. Imagine that there are mods made under the same technique that Dolphin is using. Move, drag, save... We, as developers, designers, masters, coders, we do use Firefox.

But imagine (example) my single aunt which knows only to check her e-mail and surf websites, having I.E7 from default on her PC, looking for a man... what she will do if she sees chaos on my website? Do you think she will say "Oh, let me switch to Firefox and install it..." Common, she will move on thinking "i wont waste my time with this ugly website". There must be something to fix this problem, even if it comes to a compromise, so the I.E. browser wont give errors on load and work smoothly.
Thank you all for reading, i wait for your replies.

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i use Internet Explorer

sometimes for Internet Explorer you have to delete cookies and browser cache and sometimes this method can help.
Yeah, you said right. "can help" but not for sure. And do you think members would like this? Let's see... "Dear members, welcome to xxxxx. A wonderful and original website, accessible only if you delete your cookies and the cache from your browser. Enjoy!" Sounds interesting. :D
1 step at a time

* you quoted in your BLOG abouve the following *

I didn't tested yet being a user and browsing Dolphin with I.E.7. But i'm sure that many things won't work for users.

Basically your not sure is what your saying about I.E. 7

please try it out install DOLPHIN and log on using another computer so you can join as a user and maybe you will see it works fine afterall :)

I.E.7 most people are using this now adays,
so if there not then thats not your fault see more ..

they will just have to install updates for windows and then they can come to your site with no problems or any site to this matter

I always do updates to keep my security on line safer

good luck and tell me how it goes
There are no impossible problem to solve and your Dolphin site can look pretty same while browsing it with Firefox (and Mozilla like) or IE...
Just find the CSS tag which in causing problem in IE and add just after it the value which will be read by IE only (* html) ;-)
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