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Stuart038 posted 25th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

Check this out. Freekii put Google adsense type adverts on your website and your earnings are paid into your paypal account on a daily basis subject to a minimum US$10. - - no I am not connected with this company! (I wish I were!!)

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good stuff if it actually pans out, especially since i was one of the ones kicked off google adsense. guess why, making money if you can believe that.

thanks stu, good find.

Have you guys actually signed up and tried this? If so I am wondering about what kind of $ per click you can expect. If it's only $.02-$.05 that is going to take forever to make anything.

Only thing that gets me is there main page:

And a link on the page goes to here:

Other than that just a little details of the program are lacking. Not saying it's not legit or anything. I am just wondering if you guys have tried this out and what your opinion see more is of the actual program.
I am using it. I (early days) seem to get about .03 cents a click...

They are a new startup and they do seem genuine. Living in Asia as I do, they seem to have few adverts. They are based in Canada. Paying directly into PayPal is a bonus. Google is a pain with its company account only policy and check payments. They take six weeks to clear over here.
Thanks for the input stuart. Google can be a pain, but some of there clicks are $.30-$.50 per click which is kind of nice. The $100 minimum with google can sometimes take a while though. I would imagine even at $.03 per click to hit a $10 would take a while too. Do they have image adds to or only the text ads?

Anyway I'll keep an eye on them and check them out better when I get more time. Thanks!!
Hey folks, I tried them and found a load delay which makes my site seem slow to load. Perhaps it's an isolated case. Am interested in your experiences however. Pls do share.
I have freekii ads seems to be ok as long as u have alot of traffic. still dont have alot but its getting there and definetly starting to see a difference i get about 7 cents a seems like the more traffic u have the higher ur cpc goes. it does tak a couple secs to load thou, but i think thier working on that.
you can check mine out at
Why would you want to give freekii a cut of your (already small) profits?

Put your own adsense on your site and make ALL your money instead of sharing with 3rd party .....

Google adsense slows you down enough already so why add another server to go through for even slooooower loads .....
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