Charisma posted 28th of June 2008 in Community Voice. 8 comments.

Hi there, I have an issue when creating an HTML BLOCK,

when i create an new HTML Block and go to the website

it says "Couldn't execte query!"

how can I fix this please?

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Don't know if that can help you...

As for me (Dolphin 6.1.1) I can create an HTML block within the Builders in Admin Panel... but I have then to insert the content of this new block within my database (if my memory is not wrong, the new HTML block can be found in the table PageCompose)...
I vaguely remember someone posting on this saying they had to delete the block causing the error in the database. After doing so a new block could be created without any issue. I don't remember where I read this and I never had the problem, but maybe search for the block in phpmyadmin causing the issue and remove it. Then try a new one.
Hi, I had a similar problem. I went in to builders and created a new block. I added this and deleted the old one. If yours is the same problem it may well be the url info is incorrect.
Hmmm, Still not resolved.

HTML Blocks & RSS Feeds can not be created :(

Is there a writeup somewhere of all the components that go into these 2 features?

Any help would be fantastic
ya the same problem is with me when i create html block and go to the website i see there is no html block

but if i create RSS feed box then its showing

whats the problem with the builder i think its a bug
What browser are you using? It works for me in Firefox, but not in IE.
Go to your phpmyadmin and remove the _html block(s) and the ones you renamed then leave at least one and the one with number 1 in column description.

All the ones with 0 in column description must be deleted.

This has helped me.
This is definitly a bug in the script, I am unable to create a html block as well. Where in PHPAdmin is _html block so I may look at it there?
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