How to avoid problems with PayPal

IgorL posted 16th of February 2010 in Community Voice. 10 comments.

Sometimes we receive complaints from Unity members stating that they do not receive the goods they paid for (status, market items, etc.). The same complaints are also received by site administrators from site members. I would like to describe the two most common problems here:

1) Please note that when your members pay by e-check, this payment needs to be cleared. This usually takes up to two weeks. So, before this payment gets clarified, their membership won't get updated. The same problem may be encountered on Unity, so if you want your status/membership get updated sooner, you need to use your current PayPal balance or credit/debit cards for payments.

2) There's also another problem: if your PayPal account doesn't automatically accept some currencies (like EUR), your members will not get updated unless you "accept" their payments made in a different currency, i.e. the currency not connected to your PayPal account. To avoid your manual interference into this process, you need to enable the following setting:
My Account -> Profile -> Payment Receiving Preferences -> Block payments sent to me in a currency I do not hold-> No, accept them and convert them to Euros (instead of Euros you will see your primary currency).

You can also pre-create additional currencies in My Account -> Profile -> Currency Balances.

Please contact me if you need more detailed clarifications.

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... and a way cheaper and faster than PayPal, in fact the cheapest of all, very fast, reliable, verified accounts only, secure, top rated ...
Yes, the best way to deal with PayPal is to BOYCOTT PayPal.

I'll NEVER accept or use PayPal for ANY PURPOSE!

They are horrible..... to the point of being called evil and/or fraudulent.

What do we accept?

ANYTHING but PayPal.
Nathan Paton
I personally have never had any issues with PayPal and have always had quick and effortless transactions with them.

There's my two-and-a-quarter cents.
Yea I've gotta say Magnussoft I too have never had ANY PayPal issues over a 6 year period - except perhaps as a merchant trying to navigate a clunky site - but it works, it's simple and from both a merchant and end-user perspective a great solution. I have used other services including a very expensive banking gateway system charging me about AUD$2k/year just to be connected!!

How can anyone say PayPal are 'fraudulent'? - The financial institutions of the world would be down on them like a ton see more of bricks!!

C'mon BruceWagner - think before you shoot from the lip!! :-) I think you read too much forum rubbish without doing your own research first!
brucewagner must have had a bad experience with paypal.

I have never had a problem.
its not all be cream and cherries with me and paypal, however, they are still a good well known option for processing payments. google checkout is another one that has not really had any light shown on it. the reason i like google checkout is that unlike paypal, they send the payments to your checking account.


I found a post for those wishing to use the euro currency with paypal and it works great. must of course go on its knowledge database. Thank you to Shin find that the trick!

You need to go to your mysql-database via phpmyadmin

1. Go to table sys_options

2. then look for entry pmt_default_currency_code

3. Change to all EURO EUR accept Paypal Because the word as correct code EUR

Save and finish. Now I can send my cart to paypal with euro appreciation:)
I have personally had paypal lock up my account and in one instance actually kept the money that was in the account. At the time it was considered a "suspicious transaction" when a friend sent me fifty dollars for a gift. Living in a different country and without any credit cards and a different bank account, they could not "prove" that I was me and kept about 350 bucks. For small deals, I still use paypal because of the name recognition and the ease of use. However, they are see more not a registered financial institution and are not governed by the same laws. All they are is a payment processor rather like an armored car driver taking money from one location to another. To say that the banks would come down on them is also a misconception and a misstatement. As for me, I always keep two business accounts up and running in case one is shut down and the money "locked up for up to six months" (which has already been proven "legal" for them to do in the courts) and when I get my net income back up where it is worthwhile, I will switch back to a merchant account that accepts paypal payments.

That being said, this is still a cool trick! Thanks for the information as it may come in handy soon!
Whether someone likes PayPal or hates PayPal is a moot point for a huge number of us. We can't use the Payments module at all.

Currently the Payments module only works with PayPal for memberships. But there are countless people who cannot use PayPal, because they do not like anything close to 'adult' sites.

PLEASE finish the payments module right away, with a payment processor that handles (a) Recurring Payments, (b) Adult sites, (c) Both Memberships AND is the last major part see more of my site I need to finish. If I need to I will pay you something if you will finish that. Thank you.
I have several merchant accounts. Paypal, Chase and BofA. Is there any way at all that I can disregard the paypal on my site and go strictly with the other 2. Being as the other 2 are much cheaper in fees than paypal.
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