Nomination Of SIMION For Moderator

Juker posted 25th of May 2009 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

I Would Like To Nominate SIMION For Moderator

This gentleman is an Expert Class Webmanager and is worthy of respect for his expertise. He is a proven Boonex soldier and he brings to the table the type of mindset that all of us can appreciate.

As a webmanager myself, I want a Blog/Forum Moderator who is focused upon issues concerning my profession and who will encourage the cultivation of Blogs useful to me and to my fellow webmanagers.

I sincerely hope that he has the time for this challange because I know we will all benefit if he accepts.



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I have the same comment as the one I posted in

We need to get a few things set up first (like agreed rules, escalation procedures and a mechanism for handling moderator complaints) before we come to the issue of who the Moderator should be.

I'm afraid we will simply set up the Moderator to fail (ie bogged down in plenty of disputes) if we don't have the other things in place first. It will be like putting the cart see more before the horse.
i think a moderator has to be someone active here.
the last Moderator we had here that sold stuff to the community abused his position and deleted and suspended users post and account to hide his scam and the building number of complaints.

i am not saying Simon is a scammer or anything like that, what i am saying is a Moderator should be someone with no conflict of interests.

JamesT does not sell mods and brings his own customers here, not the other way around.

there needs to be some see more protection built in before people that sell to the community are allowed to be mods here, or we will just have a repeat of what CyberXing did, and stole over $10,000 from people.

as a person Simon would get my vote, but as a seller, he wont unless there is some protection for the users. this applies to all sellers, not just Simon in my view
i would vote for this person, however, understand that moderators are moderated as well.

if a person has the ability to offer assistance to those looking for it, then by all means, have them sign up and provide a short mission statement.

Thank you for the nomination and the comments that followed. I will be happy to help :)

As for the comments. I certainly understand your concerns because I am a provider, however Fair is Fair. I am not in the business to make problems or ruin my reputation. I would expect that IF I was to do something out of line ( like delete something out of spite for example) then not only would my position be removed, but I would also damage my companies reputation in which I take HIGHLY SERIOUSLY. My family see more depends on me in order to survive, so it would be not only letting myself down, you down, but my family as well ( Not to mention the 15 other programmers that rely on us to give them work)... So yes, I have allot to lose as well as some to gain.

so I will take the role VERY seriously and handle it to the best of my ability.

Thank you all again
Simion is awesome I vouch for him..
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