I have a rather urgent question about database tables

annabel posted 14th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 6 comments.
I backed up the database of my 6.0005 version and deleted the script from my server.

Now I installed the 6.1 version from scratch with a new database and I started translating the English language file into Dutch through the admin panel (as it should be).

Now I need to import database tables from the 6.0005 version but I do not want to import everything. F.e. not the ones where keys were translated in Dutch.

So can anyone tell me which tables I need to import to make the database work without errors AND to have all the members data again ?
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After backing up the database, you deleted whole of your 6.0.0005 script? Even the folders containing media files uploaded by the members?
I am with gkcgautam on this one..

If you deleted your media dir, then you lost your pics, and what ever else.

A bit more information on what exaclty you deleted and didnt would assist in answering your question.

If you did delete all of your files without a full backup and just want to insert the necessary db files, it sounds like you may want to just add the database tables required for user logins and identification.

No, of course I saved the media folder. I have been that stupid once, and I remember my stupidities :-)))))
Maybe it's better just to tell me which tables NOT to import.

I just don't need the tables with language strings in it.

I think it's the LocalizationStrings table but I'm not sure whether there are other tables.
I succeeded by deleting the 6.1 script, re-install the 6.00005 script and then upgrade to 6.1

(Nearly) Everything works fine now.
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