My Nomination to Become Moderator.

Dwain posted 28th of May 2009 in Community Voice. 35 comments.


I know you are asking yourself "Who is this guy?"

My name is Dwain Slaven and I am from a small town north of Tampa, Florida USA.

This will be informal as I am a quiet blue jeans kind of guy.

When I saw my name on the list of pundits I was surprised and admittedly wondered what I possibly had to offer in that regard. As I thought more about it I decided to draw upon my life experiences dealing with people and offer my service as one of your moderators, a job I know I can do well.

I don't profess to be a web wizard nor do I have an impressive technical background. I am not here to sell you anything, host your websites or design the coolest logo ever on the web. I have no agenda nor ulterior motives. I am here to serve the community.

I started at Boonex as a beginner, a complete novice to the world of Dolphin, Ray and Orca.

I am especially aware of how difficult it can be for some one like myself to fit in with expertzzzz and webmasters who tire easily of hearing the same questions over and over. I have a good understanding of the frustration people who are considering purchasing community software feel when they realize they are in over their head, but driven by the desire to have the perfect social networking community or dating site uniquely their very own.

I have recent experience as admin of a forum dedicated to Philippine Tourism with 15,000 members.

I am in the surveillance systems buisness and have owned and managed a company with 25 employees for many years. At present I am semi retired and deligate authority to my valued employees.

I enjoy gardening and photography and I write content. I hope to one day retire and spend my days exploring and writing about and photographing my adventures,

I am a volunteer.

I have experience as a guardian ad litem for the county court system, I have taught anger management classes for the county and councelled spouse abuse victims at the local women's shelter.

I have managed little league baseball.

Each year I am involved building shelter for the poorest of the poor in the Philippines with Gawad Kalinga which is very similar to Habitat for Humanity.

In my opinion a moderator should be some one who is level headed, fair minded, decisive, logical and calm.

Some one not prone to emotional outbursts or predjudicial thinking. Some one even tempered, tolerant, yet firm with a positive can do attitude. A good moderator should be low key and passive, totaly invisible to  members until needed and whenever possible fix problems unnoticed.

My goal will be to make every one feel welcome, an equal and valuable part of this thing we call Unity.

If called I will be proud to serve the community to the best of my abilities.

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I'm from the Philippines. A help to my country gives you one vote from me.
Salamat Po!

Ingat! Kaawaan ka ng Dios!
Hi Dwain

I have seen you fighting for answers to questions that others were afraid to ask. I have seen you persisting where others would have simply given up. I believe you would be a fair moderator.

You get my vote. Good luck!
Thanks for your vote Profesize
got my vote too :-)
Thank you tyke I appreciate your vote.
My vote you have.. :)
Your endorsement is much appreciated.
\/ you got it cap'n

dwain, as we embark upon this exciting new path, should you require any assistance from me, please know i am always available for you, not only you but any member who needs help, we do hope that you utilize the forums that we have here, but if you are just not able to find what you are looking for, my PM box is open to all. (well not the gift baskets), but to all who need help or assistance.

Dolphin Moderator
Thank you DasDawg I expect we will be having a lot of future conversations. Good luck to you as well.

One of the Proverbs says "A soft answer turns away wrath", and I think a rational voice like yours will complement the Moderator team. I think you are the best choice to moderate the Newbie Forum.

I say "YES"!

Thank you Juker for your vote and the kind words.
Thank you Mrpowless for your vote and especially for your wonderful tutorials, they have helped me more than you know.
you got my vote.

keep up the good work and thank you for helping my country.
Salamat Po FreePinoy for your vote.

I have a deep love and respect for Filipinos and I can't wait to get back and see more of the Islands.

Thank you and thanks for all of all of the good tips you have posted in the past many of which answered my specific questions.
You have my vote Dwain.
James your vote means a lot to me. If I am chosen I'll especially look forward to working with you as you have helped me more than any one via your website.
Vote Dwain! :)
Boonex can do no mistake in choosing him as moderator..
Never once have i voted for anyone on here, but you have come across to me like a fair play kinda of guy, my judgement might be wrong but Im willing to give you the chance to help up around here when needed, just hopefully you will keep calm and collective, that will be the only way to handle matters, so yes my thumb goes up dwain :)
Thanks Technoman.
Yes, I believe in fair play and I also believe there is no "I" in "team" and when the team wins we ALL win. When one part of the team starts thinking they are the "star" the whole team loses focus.
Thank you very much Houston.
pleasee advise how I can get this in my "profile" I had this before in a blog and somebody must have deleted the blog.So I entered it again.I was advised to join this site and pay money for a more up market site e.g without advertising.My first experiences were not too good and I will now wait with spending money.I am not used to be called spammer.I am a retired person having computers a s a hobby and music.I can not see anything wrong in what I have entered as "a blog " and if see more your organization is of a different opinion. Pleas feel free to write me an E-mail to explain what you and others fin d so wrong. I am not a commercial entity only a genius if you know what that means. Looking forward to your reply.

Clogz14 Johannes Martinus Maria Verweerde Double citizen of the Netherlands and New Zealand again no commercial entity all my masterworks are for free if anybody find a reason to become a member that will be fine I do not care as I do not earn any money from your lot I am Very RICH
Pleas send your full E-mail explanation including the purpose from your "website" and what is allowed or not allowed To: copy to copy to

Thank you very much for your efforts and congratulations with your promotion to MODERATOR whtever that may mean!!!

Johannes Martinus Maria Verweerde NEW ZEALAND
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