OO App for iPhone v1.3 Available Now!

Andrew Boon posted 24th of March 2011 in Dolphin.pro News. 24 comments.

Following the recent release of the Android App, we have updated the iPhone App, too. Both apps are very similar now and we plan to continue improving them concurrently.

OO App for iPhone v1.3 - iTunes Link




What's new in OO App for iPhone v1.3

- new UI design

- new home screen

- images are optimized for retina display

- asynchronous loading for images

- automatic website redirects (www and non-www)

- enhanced image viewer

- enhanced video viewer

- images are re-sized before uploading



Screenshots from the iTunes profile.

Source code and iTunes page are available now. Please, try it and review it in iTunes. Early versions had a bumpy start, but this one is a lot more polished. With your support and feedback it will keep getting better.

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Who do we need to contact for the iPhone rebranding and submission to the app store?
Andrew Boon
If you have a license and have questions, submit a ticket in Support area.
My screen cracked today so i am having trouble entering my password for itunes but ill get it some way some how !
I'll also try and make a better video of it this time around so other users can see it in action.
Our Boonex sites are setup for business not dating. Are the iPhone and Android apps more for dating sites (sex, looking for, etc.) or are they as generic as the screenshots above appear to be? We are thinking about adding this to our current platforms but the business clients don't want to be using an application that screams "I want to get laid."
Dolphin Jay... use a keyboard for the iPad, it works
and when will it be possible to CHAT with the app... member wont only see photo of the others but also talk with them on the iphone....
Andrew Boon
Members can exchange messages now, but we're also working on modules support, which will bring many new features to the app.
ok cool nice to hear that... and what about the live chat function?
I quickly downloaded this App, and was delighted at the changes! Thank you Andrew! It's a keeper!
The app does look much better now. Would still like to see a wall on it someday. Just a heads up it does not show results of the info button when I click it. Question, is there a way in the future if one buys the Premium License they can incorporate third party mods in the app? Prob a long shot but i had to ask :) All in all the iphone app is a big step up from its predecessor.
I do like the new look.

Yet, it would be great if we could specify which blocks show up on the iPhone app, like we have control over which blocks show up on a Dolphin website page.

For example, to make the mobile app usable for a wider variety of type of sites, say for a tourism destination, it would be great to be able to change the "Friends" block to "Attractions." Any chance that this is possible now (but may not be clear how to do) or, if not, that such adaptability see more could be available in the near future?
Looks good, I'm doing several mods on this now. Keep it going Andrew!
Where is the source code for this? it advertises it but i dont see a link for it.
You can download new source code in "Prime" section of your account - if you purchased "Prime" before,
or in "Licenses" section if you purchased "Mobile Rebranding" license before.
ok now my iphone is repair... so i finally check out the new iphone app... visually... VERY interesting...but still missing the instant messager unstead of the email sender... also... music and video browser?? member should not see the media content only from each member individually but all the media from the network.... also... unstead of the icon Info... that i think is very not useful... why you dont change it by and ICON... Whos online... with the list from nearest to farest.... unstead of making see more a search from... this is one of the most useful button on iphone app social network... Whos online and whos NEAR...
Looks great specially the GUI, But it crashes when we do the search. Yup it crashed almost every time
Please can you provide your site url, sample login and search criteria via PM when app is crashed - I will try to reproduce the problem.
Its http://www.boonex.us website and the app is the boonex app on iTunes.
follow this steps. login to member page, click search > select search near me > hit search. then you will get the search results.
Then go back by clicking search form button on the left,
Then finally hit "back" button, then it will crash the app. Search is fine, but cannot go back to search page.

Thank you for the information, I was able to reproduce it, will fix it in next version.
Maybe some day, it will even be affordable for site owners to offer their members a rebranded iPhone app. $1300 is a high price to pay for a rebranded app, considering it is missing the most important thing of all.... an activity feed. $1600 for an rebranded iPhone app + rebranded android app...wowser!

You guys at Boonex really should offer a separate mobile app license. I don't understand your logic on this one. Can someone explain it to me one more time?
Another thing. I cannot send messages to friends or members at all. it says " error message send failed " I think this is a major issue as there's no point of this app unless members cannot send messages. Please try to fix the functional stuff as soon as possible before release the app as a product. Else you can release a beta version with few members and collect bugs first. I think this app is really good if it works .

The App is good, but i miss the german language. I dont will pay so much money for the translation. You have a many users outer the English language area.

And i have a tip for the app. When i click on the Location button, this show only me. But i know where i am. I will see where are my friends, or where are a interesting location in the near.

When you need a translator for the language file, send it me, i will do my best.
i have mentioned that the app does not send messages. Actual it does in my own installation. But not in the boonex.us site.
So please remove my above post. sorry for the misunderstanding.
can member edit their profile from within the app?
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